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  1. I am not sure what's wrong here. I can check a bit later.. it maybe a complication with the CAS files and how they display in WW or something. This could be an easy thing to fix, or difficult. I haven't played too much with the version of the mod that doesn't put the penis on the male frame. If the penis only shows when using WW it could also be something that might need to be adjusted in WW, and I don't work on any programming stuff in relation to WW, I just do this mod only, which is pretty basic. Currently I've been busy so I'm not here too often. So I do apologize for that. I'm hoping to work again on this soon. I want to come back and do some updates with this mod, obviously, but I'd like to get another project out of the way so I can dedicate proper time to everything. ***** For everyone else asking about installation, you need the CAS files for WW to work. You need the defaults for everything outside of WW to work. If you use WW, you should use both packages (CAS and Default) just to ensure everything shows up. If you do not use WW, you shouldn't require the CAS file package, although you may as well install both. I used to just have them set as one package, but separate packages were a request. I feel like my main post could benefit from a bit of reorganizing, some people seem to get confused with my installation instructions, so I'll see if I can make a better layout for it in a future update.
  2. The vampire problem is because the base game human skintones are missing the occult: vampire tag. The tags are pretty easy to add in sims 4 studio if you are familiar with it. Yea, I'm dumb and didn't even notice that! I fixed it now, so they should work. Also obviously I've been gone for a while. I haven't been on social media much at all over January because of issues related to family and my cat so I'm sorry for missing some of the posts here. Especially since the Vampire issue was super easy to fix and only took a few minutes. So that's sucky. :/ I need to go through the the posts and I hope I didn't miss much else. People seem to have an issue with the Penis showing black still. Just remember that it will show black if you use skin defaults that are not mine. So if you want to use different CC defaults(as a lot of people do) use the tattoo texture files in the correct colour and everything should work properly. I'll try to get some creators to give me permission to create compatible versions of theirs skins for this mod in the future. I'm actually going to be able to link a compatible version of Luumia's skins hopefully soon. If there are CCskins that people REALLY want that are pretty popular, let me know here and I'll see if I can get permission. It just takes a little bit because some popular creators don't have a public email or have PMs open for obvious reasons.
  3. -Vampire Tattoo skins are up. -Fixed the alien skin set. I am annoyed though, because I actually did the alien fix totally correctly a few days ago, but I found out the reason it wasn't working was because a sneaky mod was hiding in my folder making them crash. So I actually recreated the file for no reason. lol omg lame. Also, in case people are wondering, the default vampire skins are already updated. I updated them a few days ago. They are added to the "basegame" default skins. That's probably why some people were confused. Just re-download the BASEGAME default skin tones if you don't have them in your game and then they should show up. Also if anyone PM'd me, I have yet to go through my messages. I haven't had the time to go through them yet.
  4. I am not too sure why this happens exactly. It happens in WickedWhims oddly. My files without WW installed do not actually do that, so I'm not to sure how exactly that can be fixed. I'm not the person who can really fix it. If you prefer, you can set your female sims to "does not have penis" in WW and use my hide accessory to manually put the penis on the female sim. You'll have to turn off all "undressing" in WW and manually set up a "hard outfit" and equip it before sex, however, which is kind of inconvenient. The blacked out penis happens if you are using CC skins that are not mine. You can fix it by either uninstalling all default overlay files and using only mine skins, or,if you want to keep your own custom skins, just use the tattoo texture files and equip the right skin texture for your sim. That will fix any blacked out penis issues.
  5. Thanks so much. Hopefully it's something that goes away. Okay so I spent a while fiddling with the alien skins... and for some reason, regardless of everything I tried, they keep crashing the game. Which is just weird, because I got the base game and vampire skins to work okay. I have no clue what's going on. I'm going to wait and see if cmar has any info when skininator is updated, but there isn't much I can do right now. In the meanwhile, uninstall the alien skins and just use the tattoo textures. At least that will work. :/
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to do right now. They figured out that her ataxia is being caused by something on her neck at the base of her skull, but they cannot figure out what it is unless they do an MRI. The MRI will cost around 4-5k. And if they find something there and she needs surgery, that will be at least another 2k. That's insane, and I have no where near that amount of money. Right now she has been improving a lot on the prescription medication(prednisone). So if it continues to improve her condition and she gets another check up, things MAY be alright and she's heal on her own. But if she gets worse at any point I've no idea what I'll do. I wish I knew exactly what it was. It's very odd because she is very young (only 6) and an indoor cat, so there is no way she could have caught anything. So far her bloodwork and x-rays showed nothing serious except for a blood cell count that indicated that she was probably fighting... something. :/
  7. Sorry, I'm testing the alien Skins atm. I actually didn't properly test them yet. The regular skins and vampire skins should be working though. If you are using Wicked Whims, you don't need to use my accessory. The penis should show if you check off "has a penis" in CAS. My Accessory version is just for people to use if they don't install WW. If you use both WW and the accessory, then the double penis thing will happen.
  8. Okay guys. The files are working in my game. I tested it with only my mod installed. I removed ALL of my other script mods, including WW. The skin tone files don't seem to be causing any issue in my game with only my files installed now. What was a problem was the male hard model causing the bottoms to vanish. I fixed this today. So please redownload my main model files and try testing the game with ONLY my mods installed. Just to see if I missed anything. Because they just added vampires and toddlers I'm sure a lot of other people's script mods are not working right, so you need to make sure you know exactly if it's my mod that's the issue. In my testing in-game and in CAS I've not seen any issue after my current fix, but I did only test it briefly. Also I do not have tattoo files or skin files to match the new vampire skins. So I'll try to upload those soon.
  9. goddamn it.... I assume back to tattoos until I check things out and find a fix? So sorry guys. BTW ty, for pointing out the "TONE" issue. at least I'll know where to look.
  10. New Update came out while I was ..unfortunately occupied. I'm installing the update now ATM to have a look! I'm not frequenting any social media ATM because my very sweet 6y/o cat/(only child I'll ever have) is extremely ill. I'm an extremely broke artist so I'm terrified of her diagnosis due to financial reasons.and the obvious. I've been researching vets since new years. We finally found a good and reasonably priced veterinarian but he referred us to a neurology specialist. She has ataxia and we don't know what could be causing it. She is seeing the specialist tomorrow... so we'll know then soon. On top of that, I've been working on other "non-adult" modding projects like crazy. If worst case scenario happens I'd like to ask for donations, but as much as I adore this mod, it's not something I can broadly portfolio. So SO sorry guys Gotta add this:
  11. Yea, I had some of the sort layers as the wrong numbers! I missed that a while back, but it was a REALLY silly thing to miss, So I'm glad you pointed it out! I have been more preoccupied with the actual skin texture overlays, so I've not really checked much in-game regarding the tattoo files. It SHOULD be totally fixed now, and the textures should be layered at the tattoo level as they are supposed to! Sorry it took a while. I just got back to working on things last night! So just redownload to Tattoo files and the problem should hopefully be gone forever.
  12. That's a bit odd. I can change the tattoo layering and see if that fixes any issue. I'll change layering in the next update and perhaps that will fix it. I hadn't seen this happen yet personally, although I do not have much CC clothing. The top though, is very odd. The creator must have mapped the top to the extra pants section as that's the only way the texture could appear on the collar. It shouldn't appear on clothing period though, so I'll change layering regardless. yea sorry running a bit late on things, xmas time has been very busy. Hopefully I'll get around to things soon. *hugs back* Yea just apologies if I missed any questions that were super important. I'm just a little behind on checking things online cuz christmas. But holidays should be over soon and I can get back to checking/updating a little more regularly afterwards.
  13. Sorry I have not made a Circumcised version. I made the uncut mostly because Cmar had already made a cut version and I just had a preference for uncut due to the fact that I sometimes use sims that would look a bit silly if they were circumcised. lol. I actually can add that option later on, but it may be a little bit, just because I've been a bit busy recently.
  14. I was in the same situation. This is what I have in my mods folder to get it working. Also, I am not saying you have, but if you have got a pirated version, i'm not sure it will work. I have attached an image: Take out all of Cmars bottom default. All of them. Only use the nipples and Cmar's Female EADetails skin v2: http://cmarnyc.blogs...dult-skins.html Then install all of my files EXCEPT you need to choose between one of my packages in the folders "001FMaleFrame Penis" OR "001FMaleFrame Vag". Don't worry if you accidentally put them both in because they have the same name and will override each other. I'd suggest just putting in 001FMaleFrame Penis because that's the one I officially had tested most. The only difference is whether the penis will show on "female with male frame". Nothing else changes.
  15. No, you do not sound rude at all. The default textures are just the EAMAXIS textures, I just added the mapping for the penis, so I understand many people like to use other CC defaults. You can download the tattoo textures. They match every official skin colour in the game, so if you use a different skinset, just make sure you equip the tattoo of the correct colour match to a the sim you use. The penis will just show black until you add the tattoo texture is all. It's just a little bit of extra work to add it to each sim you use. I'm pretty sure my mods have been added to WW. So they should be recognized if you install it. If you mean to say, you want me to personally make my defaults behave like in WW without using WW, then I'm sorry, that's something I am unable to do.
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