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Latest Update:10-30-2016


This a a pack of most of the SlaveTats that were available when I made it all scaled down to 2048x2048 if they were larger. I did this to help conserve hard drive space and maybe even speed things up in game if they were in fact doing so (not that I noticed it happening). It just seemed kind of strange to me that a large number of the slavetats were larger than 2048x2048 when most armor or follower mods seem to at the very least provide an option to use 2k textures instead of 4k. testing in game they seem to work fine still as far as I can tell, however if there are any problems that are somehow from reducing the textures please let me know.


If It was not already obvious I did not make the tattoos myself I simply reduced the textures. Inside the zip there is a folder called source credits(featured in the display image for this download) that shows the name of the original download packs.


Also, if a pack is missing it is either because I haven't bothered adding it yet or I may not plan on ever adding it. At a a later date I may add a separate file to the download section that includes the ones I don't plan on adding to the main pack. Note: the reason they would not be added to the main pack is not that I am deeming them "bad" or "unworthy" simply that they are either mainly something like numbers or symbols or contain mainly a fetish or fetishes that are violent(such as apropos wear&tear) or related to waste(pee&Poo).


Lastly, Do not expect frequent updates as I have other priorities and really, after I finish adding those I missed further updates would not be needed until the original packs updated.


Warning: File Sizes are still pretty large when unzipped! Currently 10.9GB/4.57GB


About the Plus Version:

The main file has now jumped from around 6GB when unzipped to a whopping 10.9GB and so I created another version that has the three largest packs reduced even further so that they are no larger than 1024x1024. doing this means that the new version, which I simply dubbed Plus for lack of a better title, is now only 4.57GB unzipped, 6GB less!
Note: The packs further reduced were Body Graffiti, BistroSlaveTats, and Glevtats 2.








Awesome! Those mini packs were really clogging up my load order. Although, if I wanted to remove certain packs from this overall pack, is it possible?

Answer: Yes it is easily possible and part of the reason I felt confidant enough to make and post this pack to begin with is because it is so easy. Simply open the pack with 7Zip and then under "Data\textures\Actors\Character\slavetats\" delete the folder and JSON file corresponding to the pack you want to remove. If you want to keep the original 7z pack complete then just install Slavetats AIO manually or with a mod manager and do the same as I said above just in the skyrim data folder. (Mod Organizer Users would just go to the Slavetats AIO Mod folder instead of the skyrim data folder.)




Are there plans for a UUNP version? This one seems to be CBBE.


Not at the moment, I don't even know how many of the original packs even have textures for that and unless I am mistaken I believe some of the packs I included fail to say what body they are for period, so that would make things extremely difficult. On the other hand if any of them due have body specific Tattoos I may at some point decide to add separate files for each body that has a good number of Slavetat Packs Specifically labeled for them. however, this would be a low priority really so it may be better for you to make the pack yourself as just as I showed removing packs was easy above combining them is almost as easy you just need to keep the folder structure of "Data\textures\Actors\Character\slavetats\". using my pack as a reference you should be able to see how it needs to be organized. also to reduce the textures you can just use the same tool I used, Optimizer Textures (Ordenador) by AdPipino.




What's New in Version v1.1


  • 10/30/2016 -
  • Changes;
  • Added: BistroSlaveTats_1_1
  • Added: Body Graffiti 160904
  • Files;
  • SlaveTats AIO v1.1
  • SlaveTats AIO v1.1Plus

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