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Add the functionality to record equipped devices in the "Save Character" option.
In the "Switch Character" option, include features to check devices, record them, unequip, and reequip.

When switching characters using PROTEUS, check if there are equipped devices. If the character is wearing a quest device, abort the character switch. For regular devices, save the equipped devices to individual JSON files (separate from PROTEUS items). Then, unequip all devices from the character and switch characters. Check if the switched character has a record of previously worn devices, and if so, reequip them.


Important notes:
There won't be a check for whether the worn toys are mission items (I still don't know how to check for quest toys...)
If the switched character or the target character has worn toys (you may encounter messages about missing toy assets when switching), you must enter the Toys MCM > Hotkey & Debug to Force Player Reset




Devious Devices 5.2

Deviously cursed loot

(option) Toys and Love 2.62

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