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Fully Custom Voiced Companion - Vermillion the Succubus 0.2 (Sexlab Integreation) 0,2

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About This File



All Donations are used for more Voice Lines and Additions.


Donations are appreciated!
This is Special for Loverslab! If you want News and or Updates pls check the Nexus Modpage. Current next VA Update is planned for Jan/Feb 2024 unless i reach 50€ faster until then somehow. Pls read the Mod Descriptions, it shows how much i need for the Voice Actress and all that.
Several other Files are on the Nexus Page aswell.
Also iam looking for help, if you know how to add Armor to Companions, and or Sexlab Knowledge specificly, or just Stuff my Mod could benefit from please add me on Discord: vermillion7315
Thanks for your Help and Interests in Advance!

Direct Paypal Donations

Fresh Patreon Account

My Patreon also has the Script with the Voice Lines that the VA got if you want to take a look.

Location: Riverwood Trader

Voice Preview

Voice Line Preview 1
Voice Line Preview 2
Voice Line Preview 3


Requirements Skyrim SE\AE

XP32 Maximum Skeleton lite


The Mod currently has Zeroed Sliders so it works perfectly with OBody. But i also included an Optional File for People that dont use Obody.

Please read the rest of the Description. Very important yes yes.

Iam personally playing on the NSFW Modlist called Nefaram!
Here is a Link to the Content of the Modlist - Nefaram Loadorder/Modlist

Nefaram NSFW Modlist (1400Mods+)

If you want her to looks exactly like in the Picture you need the Lighting Mods that Nefaram uses and Picho ENB.
To take the Pictures i used Halos Poser Mod and Photo Mode.



- Sexlab Integration ( You can ask her to have Sex with you but only if you have Sexlab from LL )

- Recruitable and Dismissable

- You can trade Items with her

- She will always be abit Stronger then you (50%)

- She has a small Arsenal of Spells

- She shouldn`t trigger Traps

- Good in One Handed, Dual Wielding and Destruction, can heal abit too. Also very resistent against Spells

- She is not spamming you with comments.

- She has Goodbye and Hello Voice Lines

- She has alot of Voice lines regarding Combat

- Teleport Spell

Her Story so far

Born in the ethereal realm of Moonshadow, Azura's Plane in Oblivion, she is a creature of mystique and allure. However, she is not your typical Succubus; she belongs to a rare and enigmatic lineage known as the Obsidian Succubi. Little is known about her early life, shrouded in mystery, but it is said that her existence has been marked by a sense of wanderlust from the very beginning.

In her arsenal, she wields the typical destructive spells favored by her kind, but she has also delved deep into the art of illusion, mastering its subtleties to manipulate the minds of those who dare to cross her path. Her most unique ability is a self-created teleportation spell, allowing her to traverse great distances in an instant, a skill that only adds to her air of unpredictability.

Her alignment is a chaotic neutrality; she is beholden to no moral code but her own, and her decisions are guided solely by her self-interest. The world is her playground, and she navigates it with a cunning and adaptable mindset.

Her primary goal is twofold: first, to find a soul mate who can match her intellect and spirit, someone who can quench her eternal thirst for adventure and knowledge. Second, she yearns to uncover the deepest secrets that the world, especially Skyrim, has to offer. It's a quest for power, intrigue, and the thrill of the unknown that propels her forward.

As she steps foot in the rugged and ancient land of Skyrim, she is a solitary figure, devoid of relationships or affiliations with any faction. Her arrival heralds a new chapter in her enigmatic existence, as she sets forth to carve her own destiny, weaving her allure, her powers, and her insatiable curiosity into the tapestry of this harsh and unforgiving world. The people of Skyrim would be wise to keep their wits about them, for the Obsidian Succubus has arrived, and her story has only just begun.


Mods used for Vermillion the Succubus

- Racemenu is absolutely mandatory!

- Hair included is from KS Hairdos SSE

- Body Textures included are BnP 2.0 4k Textures

- Eye Textures are from immyneedscakes

If you want the HORN Mod and the TAIL mod i will link them BELOW

Bloody Spell Succubus Clothing

Witchys Lost Ark Horns

Keep in MIND this Mod is still a Work in Progress and will 100% get more UPDATES.

Recommended Mods

BnP - Female Skin
Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
Expressive Facegen Morphs SE
Nether's Follower Framework
OBody NG - OStim and Standalone Version


Future Plans

- 0.2 is supposed to have Comments from the Companion to the Player
- 0.2 is also supposed to have even more Voice Lines. 600 more Words each Update are planned if the Amount of Money for the VA is reached.

- 0.3 Since 0.2 is out, for 0.3 i wanted to take a look at Enemy specific Taunts and maybe a small Introduction Quest.

Please post Ideas you would like to see on the Patreon or the Nexus Comments Section! This is very important!



Author - Vermilllion

Thanks to Joy for giving this Companion an incredebile Unique Voice!
Voice Actress Joy

Many Thanks to Shadowman2777, without his Help on literally adding the Scripts, the Mod wouldn`t be here!
Scripts and Ideas - Shadowman2777

Thanks to Swagmeister for cutting the Voice Lines into Pieces and also testing the Mod!
Cutting and Testing - Swagmeister

Many Thanks to nazarethblood, netherworks and JobiWan for answering all my countless Questions!

Also thanks to Netherwork who helped me in person to figure out some grave Problems!

Outstanding Help - nazarethblood 

Getting my Ball rolling - Netherworks

Outstanding Help - JOBIWANUK

Thanks for Coldsun for inviting me into the Discord so i could even met these People and ask all my Questions!


The OG Beta Tester - NineTails1mod

And thanks to NineTails, the fastest and most detailed beta tester i have ever seen! 


Edited by xxvvxx

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