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Another to add to my tiny obscure mods.  This allows you to move the camera around to view your PC - or view your surroundings - while in 3rd person during excavation with Legacy of the Dragonborn.  I did this about 1.5 years ago because I liked Mining 360 and Woodchop Freecam.  Maybe someone else did it too, I never bothered to look.


If you use the above two mentioned mods, I'm sure you know sometimes it's glitchy.  I also use Improved Camera SE, and everything seems to work as intended, with occasional normal glitches such as the animation not starting while my PC stands there.  Sometimes I can activate it again to get it going, more rarely, I need to reload.  Mining and Woodchop above have the same issues, probably a vanilla bug, but I don't know.  If I'm not in a hurry, I just save before excavating just in case.


Should work with just about any LotD version, only edits one record that'll probably never be changed.  ESP in ESL format and won't take up a load order slot.


I also use Mouse wheel zoom during object animations fix 1.0.0 - might be useful if you like to zoom in and out but the game won't let you.

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