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Another location overhaul


This is a beta release and includes several changes to locations, reverts some landscape changes, adds exterior navmesh. My intent is to blend everything together nicely and provide a little more usefulness to several hubs.


For now includes changes to:

Julianos School, Eastmarch Gentlemen Club, Yogrim Overlook, Witch Hunter Guild, Vampire Lair, Syndicate Distribution Center, The Nook, North-Jerall Coven, Riften Bank and Mineral Exchange, Hunting Lodge, Exiles Cave, Oblivion, Conjuring Cave, Illegal Brothel, The Ratway, The High Tide, Dragon Cult, Hidden Cellar, Carius Estate.


Don't install in the middle a of playthrough, this add-on requires a new game to work properly.

Safe to update from 1.1x to 2.0.

Safe to update from 2.0 to 3.0. If you visited the cell recently there will be issues with moveable items, those get resolved when the cell resets.


Please report any issue you see. I've tested it to the best of my abilities and available time. 

Any ideas and feedback welcome. 


In more detail:


While Dealing with Daedra is an awesome mod with so many interesting additions, multiple people were reeing and complaining about the design choices. I was already playing around with the Gentlemen Club so I decided to do more locations.

- The locations are finished, navmeshes, cluttered. The plugin has been cleaned and has no deleted navmeshes.

- Some terrain changes were reversed to vanilla and the building relocated to a more convenient place. But you will be perfectly able to find them following the original directions.

- Some NPCs have been given proper names and a simple new facegen

- Some NPCs were given AI packages so they will interact with the world around them.

- Julianos School: Extensive rework interior and exterior. Lighting, clutter and furniture. Replaced some teleport markers as it was not possible to climb down the ladder in it's original state. New tower with training and studying facilities. Enchanting and alchemy stations. Exterior has a garden and the custom crafting stations are easily accessed. 4 New students with custom schedules and housing. Hidden room for perverts. There's an empty house outside. I have to yet decide if it will be a groundskeeper house or guardhouse (if you are using Demonic Creatures, there's a falmer patrol that spawns at night so I'm leaning into adding guards).

- Yogrim Overlook: is has only been modified lightly. There are more storage stations, visual FX, sound markers, lighting and the navmesh was redone by hand. The creatures now perform a short patrol movement instead of staying in a fixed place forever. New faces for the resident cultists to go along the mood. 

Eastmarch Gentlemen Club: Extensive changes, names, faces, location moved slightly north alongside the road. So now doesn't interferes with the Mammoth herd nor you will spawn into a road encounter zone. Now houses a medium size bathhouse and sauna. Ai packages and girl will not work 24/7 anymore. 3 new patrons to add more flavor (They don't work like the other patrons to not compromise the mod functionality). New face for Carsten.

- Witch Hunter Guild: Extensive changes too. Exterior navmesh added so now you can travel inside with followers. If you have mods like Extended Encounters, the tavern will spawn travelers and other visitants. 5 New random NPCs that train and add the sense of Guild to the place. Some NPCs have more detailed schedules, like training sessions. All the crafting stations were moved inside and the outside was redone to be more unique. There's plenty of beds and markers to house a medium follower party if using a framework like Nether's.

- Vampire Lair: Interior layout overhaul but preserving most of the design like spawn points and points of interest. Reworked the cave with DLC assets. Added enchanting & alchemy crafting stations. Mannequins and displays. Oy need to pay attention when you come back from a mission as items like keys and other things will start appearing while you progress.

Syndicate Distribution Center: Cluttered to look like a small busy place. Works as mini hub with some crafting stations and basic storage accessible after performing basic work and services. 

- The Nook: Minimal changes, lighting, clutter and ambient stuff.

- North-Jerall Coven: Lighting, FX, flora and minor changes inside. No markers were moved. On the exterior cell the missing piece of mountain was restored among the clutter on the ground. The place is a spawn point for Immersive Creatures so I had to revert the terrain to ensure compatibility, luckily it wasn't that much.

- Riften Bank and Mineral Exchange: Location moved slightly towards the mountain side as other Dwemer locations. Extensive changes to the outside and navmesh redone. Reverted changes to the pervious location, including a mining site. Changes to the reception cell, redesigned the entrance. Added clutter and furniture. Some guards now perform patrols but the place is still locked tight. Now you can watch some pieces of the collection behind the curator. Gaps and zfighting resolved. The owner room remain the same, as it's pretty nice already. Added a couple miners that hang around the place.

- Hunting Lodge: Completely exterior redone, remains in the same exterior cell but the building now matches the hold style and the main mod description. It still can function as temporal house. The basement has been reduced to match the house above but no markers were changed. This interior cell is not navmeshed to prevent followers from entering. The basement entrance is "minimal use" door to also prevent npcs from using it.

- Exiles Cave: Lighing, flora, some clutter and interior navmesh redone to blend better with the outside.

- Oblivion: Changes the location to be a small labyrinth, adds some buildings and trigger boxes. Still no navmesh for the same reasons as the Hunting Lodge.

- Conjuring Cave: Clutter and lighting changes. Fixed a floating piece of mountain outside. Navmesh remains the same to prevent issues with the summon.

- Illegal Brothel: Now it uses DLC assets and changes the place without interfering with the functionality. Instead of Riften sets it uses Dunmer assets to better reflect where you are.

- Ratway Vaults: Minor changes, some light sources to highlight npcs and objectives. Blacksmith now has a very basic workshop. Deleted npcs in the Ratway vault have been disabled properly and replaced with non hostile variants. Minor navmesh adjustements to allow the vanilla battle with the Thalmor to work smoothly.

- Sadren's Sarethi House: Changed the house lower floor distribution, new clutter for every room, with proper lighting and vanilla sound markers that were missing. Added more containers, with two custom containers for alchemy ingredients and enchanting supplies. New face for Sadren Sarethi, he's no longer Drevis' twin. House clutter and items now change depending of what needs to be done, both in the house exterior and interior. Exterior and interior navmesh completed.

- Carius Estate: Interior realigned and gaps/zfighting eliminated.  Additional mannequin and other decoration will become visible when the place starts running again. Exterior patio redone to look like the cursed mansion it says in the notes. Location moved a little bit inside the same exterior cell. Restoring the vanilla landscape to hopefully be more compatible with other mods.

- Cult of the Return: Flora restoration. Exterior is almost the same, just placed navcuts where the ruins are interfering with the navmesh. The interior entrance has been modified to match the outside. The place is vastly bigger with more rubble and blocked segments. The leader was using the basic nord face so I have him a new unique one. Added more beggars with custom Ai. Merchants now have schedules. Made some custom crafting stations as having a full smelter inside a cave or ruin is absurd. Added a few planters and containers.

- Hidden Cellar: New exterior entrance a bit concealed behind the trees. The interior is no longer a copy of Anise cellar preserving the crafting station with a usable "bed". The terrain outside has been restored to be compatible with The Ancient Profession, previously the Night Cave entrance was hidden under the ground making difficult to find it. All trees were restored.

- The High Tide: New interior decoration with a few changes in the distribution. Now features a kitchen and a captain room. Previously all doors to the sides were blocked. Not every ship-inn resident has his own cabin. There are new containers for the player in the room and in the kitchen. Every resident but the captain has a sleep package, so they do not stay up all night. 



Requirements & Recommended Mods


Dealing with Daedra 0.9 or 9.03.

Dealing with Sexual Daedra (Optional as it was made with it in mind).

Diziet's Player Home Bath (For optional patch.)

SexLab Compatible Noble Bed Double 02 LE/SE 1.1 (Not mandatory but you will get trapped inside some bed frames without it.)





- The changes in the Ratway don't interfere with Vigilant or house mods.

- Compatible with CC Tilted Scales (Studded Dragonscale Armor).


Known Issues


The bookshelves and weapon holders in the Carius Estate are bugged for some reason I ignore. In theory there's nothing wrong with them as I have done them before with the old CK but now with the Anniversary CK they refuse to work properly even when copied or duplicated from existing ones. Try not to use them for now.




- LE? Cathedral Assets Optimizer should do the work.

- No ESL? It might bring some issues since it pushes the master plugins to the top. But you are free to experiment yourself at your own risk.













Insanity Sorrow & Nerf of Prey



Do what thou wilt. Change, port it, merge, fix, patch it etc.

Edited by xtrange988
New version 3.0

What's New in Version 3.0


Fixed terrain gap outside Hunter's lodge.
Yorgrim Overlook:
New entrance to the crypt, compatible with CC Tilted Scales (Studded Dragonscale Armor) and Interesting NPCs.
Cultists inside Yorgrim have unique faces.

Restored skeleton ambush.
Cult of the Return:
Expanded temple architecture.
More vagrants & Ai Schedules for vendors.
Usable planters & complete crafting station.
Min-use entrance door to prevent followers and npcs from going in.
Landscape & flora restored + navcuts.
Cult leader unique face.
Carius Estate:

Restored landscape & flora
New Exterior patio + navmesh.
Hidden Cellar (Rift forest):
Landscape restored for compatibility with The Ancient Profession.
New entrance + interior redone.
School of Julianos:

Fixed trespassing.

Better patrol Ai and Groundskeeper packages.
Fixed students rooms and guardhouse ownerships.
Expanded library size.
Fixed NPC training marker and School Tower doorframe.
The High Tide (Solstheim):
Expanded interior design, new navmesh and accessible rooms.
Unique NPC faces and Ai packages.

More player storage and cooking station with oven.

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