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UPDATE for 0.18b: The achievements mod is now part of the base game! Downloading this mod is no longer necessary. I'll continue working with Aphrodite to add new achievements when sensible, particularly as new content is added to the game. I'll be releasing a guide on adding achievements to the base game soon.


Adds an achievement system and menu to X-Change Life, as well as support for mod achievements! As of Nov 13, 2023, the mod contains 45 total achievements. Of these 45, currently 34 are visible by default, and the remaining 11 are secret achievements, which need to be discovered organically. Every hidden achievement also increases your XP multiplier, so if you want to improve your future playthrus, find as many achievements as possible and keep carrying them over! Note that using Cheat functions will disabled achievements on a given save, so make sure not to use the cheat menu on a save you care about.

Achievements are unlocked in the background as you progress through the game normally. Any achievements you unlock will be presented at the end of the day, as well as any rewards you might have earned for your efforts. Some achievements are hidden -- you'll just have to try and find them by playing the game in new ways! All visible achievements can be completed in the same save, if you're willing to grind. Achievements persist between save files; if you don't have them all, try restarting the game and playing in a new style! Additionally, the tip jar at the mall offers hints on some rarer achievements. Lastly, notifications (if enabled) will always occur the first time you unlock an achievement in a given save file, so you're never missing out on a reward from any achievements.

Installation: Use the modloader to add the Achievement Mod zip file to your game.


Base game passages edited:

:: menu

:: load button

:: save game button

Edited by datdude69
Explained new achievements count and mechanics for XP

What's New in Version 1.1.4   See changelog


Bugfix for the X-Change Trading Card related achievements; they'll now properly trigger.

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