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Paradise Mall Potion Shop [0.17b] [DISCONTINUED] 1.0.0

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About This File

Adds an unusual new potion shop to the Paradise Mall!


Current amenities include a method for you to sell your stats in exchange for money in a pinch. Careful though -- buying them back never nets you as much as you've lost!


However, the "Essence" you've traded in can be useful to alleviate frustrating side effects such as the Live In Maid, Brainless Bimbo, or People Pleaser side effects.


Any pill can be extended for 24 hours, if you have the essence but not the money!


Trapped on a pill you don't like? Any pill can have its duration shortened by paying in essence! This should include pills added through mods; as long as it uses a generic pill timer, it can have its timeline accelerated.


Trapped as female, permanently? No fear! If you can save up enough essence, you can undo a permanent female transformation. This treatment isn't cheap, but with enough time and patience you can afford it.


Try going to the shop as both male and female versions of yourself; prices and rewards can vary wildly in their values.


Future plans include an introduction sequence, lactation minigames for essence, permanent upgrades available, broader options for rewards, support for removal of mod side effects, more images, and sex scenes of dubious consent featuring the mysterious domme shopkeeper.


Many thanks to Aphrodite herself for helping out with the image generation for the mod!


DISCONTINUED due to being included in the base game now!

Edited by datdude69

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