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About This File

Requires Armorsmith Extended http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/2228/?
If you want to attach legendary mods you need http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/4042/?


You can attach just about any other armor mod as well as ballistic weave (though you need to unlock that via the railroad quest or use console command).


Ported to Fallout 4 from JackGa's Skyrim model.

  • Uses CBBE body model (important to note for textures)
  • Craftable at Armorsmith Workbench under casual wear. If you want to use console, the id is xx00080a
  • Single equippable item as under armor.
  • Uses biped 33 (body) so you can use other potential mods for visuals.

No BodySlide because it looked really ugly when morphed in any direction.

What's New in Version v0.5


  • v0.5 changed to only require biped 33 (full body base)
  • v0.5 Recompiled nif from scratch due to some possible internal corruption.
  • v0.4 removed bipeds for arms. don't have gloves so don't need them used.
  • v0.3 first upload

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