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About This File

All my conversions in one place. Usually I do them for myself or to learn on how to create proper conversions, but I thought I'd share them. Bare with me though, I'm fairly inexperienced with Outfit Studio ;)


To check the current conversion status, please see the Github issues which I set up to remind myself of what I have to do. Some might have some clipping issues, or simply miss some slider data for UNP Variants, BreastSSH etc.


It can happen that a mirror is missing some conversion(s). Give me some time!


Mods converted:

  1. UUNP - French Maid
  2. UUNP - Goma - MiniBikini
  3. UUNP - Goma - RevampedDSArmor
  4. UUNP - Goma - TsunTsun
  5. UUNP - Insanitys Servator Mashup
  6. UUNP - Lich Queen Armor
  7. UUNP - ME3 Reckoner Knight
  8. UUNP - Nezzars Lingerie Collection
  9. UUNP - PeroPero Armor Pack 2
  10. UUNP - Slutty Christmas Mashup
  11. UUNP - Zekamasi Cosplay

What's New in Version 1.01


  • Added "UUNP - Goma - MiniBikini"

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