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Preset for TeraElin Remastered - Adelia the Shortstack Goblin 1.0.0

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This is the preset for the Tera Elin Remastered
but sry, Not available with the newest ver yet so I added old one's URL

Character appearance is based on this artist's OC, the shortstack goblin Adelia.

Supports TRX futa ver with my custom veiny texture, if you want to download it for vanilla char, pls check this



Futa ver preview (NSFW)





TeraElinRace Remastered (1.2.3~1.2.5)

Bodyslide and outfit studio





Schlongs of skyrim & TRX futa addon (only if you want to play as futa)



1. Choose the FOMOD options to finish installation

2. Start a game with Tera Elin and load the preset and head part in racemenu

3. You can also build outfits with sliderpreset "Adelia.xml" if you want a shortstack bodyshape

4. After all, use Additemmenu to acquire 2 types of hair wig




If you adjust her face privately, the face expressions might be shown unnatural.

This mod replaces standard textures/meshes/morphers, so some of mods related to TeraElin will be affected.(especially other presets, NPCs)

Most of players already know but shortstack bodyshape will occurs clippings to outfit.

Sometimes the head size will be loaded too small, you should fix it with racemenu slider personally.

Sometimes the face complexion, eye color could be loaded wrong depending on your mod environment. If that happens, then you should find correct things in racemenu personally.


-Special Thanks to-

Changbe the Meat for providing his OC design, mod testing & feedback

Acro for based race mod and CBBE 3BA

AbyssLeo, the original author of hair resource
And me *LOL*



Edited by Boombox52

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