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  • This mod may not be suitable for you if:
    • You are not legally 18 years old
    • You can not distinguish fantasy from reality
  • This is my first time modding, expect slow progress and possible errors.
  • This mod features content involving rape, beastiality, and other paraphilias. Including these concepts in a mod does not translate to an endorsement of said concepts.


Statement of Purpose.

        Wild Party (WP) is a Crusader Kings II (ck2) mod centering around beastiality. I was dissatisfied with the stagnation of most ck2 mods, and decided "well, someone has to do it." I had previous experience with changing existing mods, but this is my first time making a mod from scratch. One of my goals was to make the Character have a reasonable 'decent' into becoming a zoophile, rather than any one event. 


        Currently, this mod is fairly bare-bones. It has the option to:

  • go to the market and buy animals, candy, baubles, and sex toys
  • have a female ruler be approached by a male dog and introduced to beastiality.
  • have a male ruler be approached by a female dog and introduced to beastiality **work in progress**
  • become a 'zoophile' by having a trait for it.

Planned Content.

        I am fairly ambitious with my plans for the mod. I'd like to add:

  • The option for a male or female ruler to have sex with a variety of common animals (and a few exotic ones)
  • The option to host zoophile parties
  • The option to whore out animals
  • A zoophilia cult?
  • Crown laws involving the legality of beastiality and the status of animals?


We have a discord



  1. Delete all files from previously installed updates of this mod. (First time installers can skip this step)
  2. Download the attached zip file (you must be logged in to LoversLab to download files)
  3. Unzip the file using a free application such as 7zip
  4. Open the unzipped file
  5. Move both the files to C:\Users\User\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod
  6. Enable the mod in the "Mods" section of the Paradox Launcher


        I'll be real with you, I haven't tested much in terms of compatibility. I'd recommend having this mod and only this mod installed the first time you try it, and then expanding your mod list to test which work and which don't. I am not sure how to code for compatibility, but I am sure I can work something out.


        MajikBean - Coder and main developer

        Asteroth - Wrote the erotic content and gave ideas. 


Most Recent Edit 11/17/2022

Edited by MajikBean
content update

What's New in Version 1.3


Added framework for male ruler + female dog introduction to zoophilia

        -still lacking event pictures

        -the option names are too long for the option boxes

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