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QuinSims - Posture Sentinel (Obedience and Discipline) (WIP) 3.43

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                Posture Sentinel - Obedience and Discipline


 You can get a better description and explanation covering all features here.

1. Introduction

Hey, welcome. This is my bondage device. Something i'm working on patiently. So it's a WIP, that means it's a Work in Progress content as it will receive many updates in the future with new functions and interactions. It's not my plan create objects, but i like the idea of interactive objects like this.  It's not my first version of this device, so if you have my old PostureSentinel.package, delete it and replace with this new version (beware the names are different bacause i needed to include the creator name in the file name so you need to delete the old). If you have the old version placed in ay household, don't worry, it will remain in the same place.  

2. Idle Animations

The object mesh has been completely redone. There was a kneeling animation in the previous version, now it have four idle animations in this public version. You place the object in the wall with it's base in the floor and can perform a interaction on it or make someone perform instead. If you want some sim to leave the object, just click on it and select "Get Out".
The four animations: Kneeling, Sitting, Standing and Bending.

 699859537_Semttulo.png.89a80feec391ab513447ccc2d7f86b3f.png  812463370_Semttulo3.png.351943e88b82e5bd87665f6a158808cb.png


3. Interactions for Bending position

With a sim using this object in the Bending position, you can select one of the punishment interactions for the butt. The Kodenu Paddle is required. Click on him/her and select the menu Punishment or Funishment. There are six interactions for the Punishment Menu, three animations with two variants each (Light, Moderated and Vigorous) and two (or three) interactions for the Funishment menu (Light and Moderate Anal Penetration) (and Light Vaginal Penetration if you are using Patreon Version).

         PUBLIC VERSION                        PATREON VERSION 
 297171673_Semttulo6.png.d62dfc551bc29e242d451b20221144b3.png      297171673_Semttulo6.png.d62dfc551bc29e242d451b20221144b3.png     




          PUBLIC VERSION                     PATREON VERSION
Funishment.png.4c869f8abdd59265b3a4a81e2cb93fb1.png              vaginalnewbending.png.19c3dabf885580faaee5e0f66155cb0c.png

--> Click in the Spoiler below to see a example of Butt Punishment (this is the Moderate Paddle).



--> Click in the Spoiler below to see a example of Funishment (this is the Anal/Pegging Moderate).




4. Interactions for Standing position (v343 and v350)


With a sim using this object in the Standing position, you can select one of the punishment interactions for the back. My Flexible Cane is required (it's upload together with the Sentinel, so don't forget to download it). Click on him/her and select the menu Punishment. There are four interactions for the Punishment Menu, two animations with two variants each (Light and Moderated). The third level of bruises and buffs for the standing punishments are a new feature, so it's on Patreon Early Access.

--> Click in the Spoiler below to see a example of Back Punishment (this is the Moderate Caning).



5. Custom Buffs and Optional Overlays (Public)

Each performed interaction will work together with a buff/overlay system. If you keep paddling or using more intense punishment options you will incrense the effect on your submissive sim. The butt bruises are progressive from level one to level five and the way it will affect the sim humor will depends if that sim is a kink sim or a vanilla. Exactly something that happens in real bdsm life. The butt bruises are created by JennaMods and are optional, you can still perform the actions without it, but in case you want it, check the link below. The non cummulative level (consequence of the light paddle) will allow you to play without increase the bruises marks on your sims butts and the cummulative levels (moderate paddle at least) will starts in the level one until level five. 
The back bruises are created my me and the back buffs are progressive from level one to three.



And how my submissive sim will feel about it? 

If your sim have any of the kink/bdsm traits listed in the subject bellow he/she will receive a flirty moodlet all the way, but if your sim dosn't have any of the traits he/she will start feeling fine and will become unconfortable in the way if you start to paddle in a intense way, because that sim is a vanilla (not a kink sim).

And how my dominant sim will feel about it?

Your dominant sim will receive a confident moodlet (Steady Hand), and that can be worked in a better way in the future.


What file i need for the bruises?

You will need Jenna Bruised Ass for Women, by Jenna Mods. We will use the same for any gender. The interaction will apply the corresponding bruise automatically. If you don't want any bruise, don't download it, it's optional. You will need the file BruisedAssV3JennaMods.package.

--> Spoiler showing the bruised applied (don't forget Jenna Bruised Ass file).




6. Aftercare (Public)

A basic interaction is available for Aftercare for now, it's a Self-Aftercare interaction, available in any shower. If your sim have a bruise (butt or back) and want to remove it, click on any shower and select Self-Aftercare. You will require XML injector V4.

7. More:

Patreon Early Access features:

If possible, consider supporting me on Patreon if you like my work, this mod is under development and the Patreon Version is one verion (one month) ahead in comparisson with public version. Current patreon version brings the third level of back punishment and the vaginal interaction. For full new features available in the newest version, check the changelog in this thread or check my website https://www.quinsims.com/posture-sentinel.

Custom Outcomes

Besides the punishment and funishment buffs, the sim will have a custom moodlet just for using the object, it can be fine/neutral, flirty or embarrassed. If you have any of the traits listed below it will works well. Because it's the sim traits that will define the buff following this hierarchy:


1- Wicked Whims (Nudity Enthusiast or Exhibitionist), Ella Noir, Nisak and/or FalseHope (Any Slave or Submissive Trait) -> Flirty
3- Base Game (Unflirty) or Wicked Whims (Sexually Abstinent) -> Embarassed
4- None of the above -> Fine



Wicked Whims Animations

This object was originaly designed for a few of my Wicked Whims animations. Some animations are available for public access already (they are not new) and can be found in my animations thread here. You will find idle animations, and anal animations. Some others WW animations (caning) are available for Patreons in this moment.


Next step of this project is the butt slapping and more spanking animations. Different traits will allow different outcomes for the submissive and the dominant sim so it will possible have a very nice compatibilly with Wicked Whims, Nisa Wicked Perversions and Ella Noir Flirty Fetishes traits.

I'm finally being able to work with my Sentinel project, womething i always wanted to do. I have studied many many many different projects and looked for many tutorials all overs the platforms we have on the the internet. So my thanks to Necrodog (his amazing tutorial <3), Scumbumbo, Sacrificial, TurboDriver and Kritical.


Edited by QuinSims

What's New in Version 3.43   See changelog


Version 3.43:

- Created two levels for punishment in the back (kink and vanilla sims alternatives).
- Created bruises for back punishment, levels one and two (more to come).
- Created the buffs with full description for those levels.
- Created the text for the back punishment menu options.
- Updated the moderate anal penetration with animated anus feature.

- Added motives gain (fun and social) for the dominant in all bending interactions.
- Standing punishment interactions now will progress for the dominant just like the bending ones (steady, strong and sadist hands).
- Created a stool prop for future animations (it's hidden, you will not see it)
- Removed the decoration style (so your sims will no react to the sentinel like he/she did not liked the decoration, you know "oh no, a bondage device using mediterranean style, could be a urban design to fit well with my armchairs")
- Removed unecessary strings for other languages and spelling.

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