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QueueSD11's Devourment Refactor Addons for Skyrim SE / AE (9/29/22)

About This File

Any updates for my mods should be installed on a clean save for them to work properly. (A clean save = a save without the mod installed. No need for a new game)


Feedback is appreciated. Everything in my mods are toggleable / configurable since we all have our preferences.

And PLEASE let me know if an update to Devourment Refactor breaks any of my mods.


You'll need Devourment Refactor and it's hard / soft dependencies for any of these to work, found here. 

For the AE version, it's found here. Remember to also grab Crash Logger for AE bug reporting.

Devourment World Interactions


- Npcs will look and react to the player (or followers) if they're currently digesting prey (Could be praise, confusion, disgust, etc. You determine in the MCM) (Excludes followers since they'd be used to it)
- Npcs will also respond should the player defecate nearby (Usually negative)
- Npcs will taunt prey as they digest them. They'll taunt npc prey more than animals and creatures. 
- Taunts will vary between friendly and hostile npcs.
- Struggling has an 8% chance to stagger the pred that ate you. They'll have responses here as well. (MCM configurable) (Player Only)
- 200+ responses using vanilla voice lines. Some unique npcs are included as well, but really it's mostly Serana.
- MCM included to tweak how frequently NPCs will comment, what they comment on, how long after commenting can they comment again, or if they'll make comments at all.

- Human and creature / animal audio are both mcm configurable.


- Npcs swallowed by any pred will vocalize their struggle. (Lethal, non-willing vore only)
- Npcs have a %chance each tick of digestion to speak. As their health gets lower, their voicelines will grow more scared / defeated. Npcs will also speak as they die to their pred. (MCM Configurable)
- Npc lines take into account hostilities, race, and faction relations. (Civilians will cry out for mercy more than a bandit, who'll just angrily struggle.)
- 200+ responses using muffled vanilla voice lines so it sounds like it's coming from a stomach. The only unique npc included is Serana.

- When arrested, stolen swallowed goods will be confiscated and other goods will be re-added to your inventory. Consider it the guards being more thorough. (Mcm Toggleable) (Followers included)
- When arrested, live prey will be let out where you were arrested. When sent to jail, dead prey will also be let out. Also consider this the guards being more thorough. (Followers included) (Mcm Toggleable)


- Predator Titles will be removed from non hostile unique npcs after a few in game hours. (Lydia won't be known as Lydia [BanditsBane] forever) (MCM Toggleable)


Here is a link for 80% of the edited / unedited audio you'll hear prey say. I ran every voiceline through a Low Pass Filter in audacity with 400.0 as the frequency and 12db rolloff.


Notes and Bugs:


- Npc dialogue has an internal timer like the rest of Skyrim's dialogue, meaning that individual npcs could exhaust all their voice lines for a few in-game hours. I try to balance between 'giving npcs enough to say' and 'repeating the same voicelines.'
- I recommended enabling either Positive + Neutral or Neutral + Negative voicelines for npcs, but really it's up to you.
- Npc voicelines were picked with their tone in mind. Prey sound like they're actively struggling for their lives, preds keep their voices down as they smugly talk down to their prey, etc. There's some leniency when it came to which voicelines to use. If I were to use every voiceline available to me, sure, there'd be more to use, but it'd sound jarring.

- Getting arrested and being forced to spit out digesting prey will result in a duplicate skull being found on prey if you have reformation enabled. I'll try and work around this in the future.

Future Plans:
- Potentially open up to using xVaSynth for more voice lines.


Video of prey audio in action in an early version of the mod. Subtitles were disabled in the test, dialogue chance was set to a high value.


Devourment Indigestion

- Percent chance when digesting prey to get indigestion. (Player Only)
- Indigestion increases the time it takes to digest prey, any prey that get swallowed during indigestion increases its duration and severity.
- Indigestion has a chance to damage you every few seconds depending on severity. A higher severity means a higher chance for damage.
- Indigestion will eventually go away with time or if you're currently not digesting any more prey.

- The pressure from indigestion makes holding in excretable prey harm you. (Toggleable)
- Daedra / Dwemer / Undead are 2.0x as likely to give indigestion. (MCM configurable)
- MCM included to tweak Indigestion chance, duration, damage, and how much it's reduced every 10 Pred levels. Your Indigestion chance is shown in the MCM.
- Sounds included for both male and female players of any race. Pick them in the MCM. (Also included sounds for people using the Kunoichi Female Voice mod)


Devourment Flatulence

- Makes Devourment compatible with the Baked Beans of Skyrim mod.
- How much flatulence prey will give the player and the % chance prey will give gas is all configurable in an MCM menu.
- NPCs are also prone to comment on the player in this mod (MCM Toggleable).
- Gas will no longer affect stealth. (removed from the original mod.)
- Gas can bloat the belly / default locus (the speed this happens depends on your Devourment Digestion Speed, which you set in this mod's MCM)
- MCM options to determine when flatulence ends. The choices are after all prey are excreted, after all prey are digested, or after a bit of time.
- MCM options to enable flatulence for the player, followers, and or npcs. Disabling them at any time clears their gas.
- Added a lot of fart sound effects. Made the Fart spell from Devourment use audio from this mod.

- Visuals for gas (I need Nifskope help to make them look better) (If Gameplay Edits is installed, visuals for the Fart spell can work.)

Devourment Misc Morphs

-Gives you more control over how your character looks during oral / anal vore.
-MCM options to determine how much the breasts are pushed up from vore to fix any clipping issues.
- MCM options to scale the stomach a bit during vore (Helps make it look like the fat around the stomach stretches with prey.)
-Morphs scale off the Max Belly Size, which is set in the MCM. Setting this higher means the morphs will increase in strength the bigger the belly. (Default is 1.0, for roughly 1 humanoid sized prey.)
-Morphs can be multiplied by your current Vanilla or Devourment weight. (Small boobs at low weights would be affected less than bigger boobs at higher weights)
-Morphs can be applied to followers and or npcs. An MCM page for followers and npcs is included.
-Morphs are inputted by you and can be copied between pages.
-Every character looks different, so play around with the sliders and toggles while you have a full stomach at different weights to see what looks best.


Notes and Bugs:


- Adding sliders in my mod follows the same rules as they do in the main devourment mod. The slider's name must be from Outfit Studio, NOT Bodyslide. (Breast Pushup in Bodyslide would be inputted as Pushup.)

- Morphs for followers apply when they're CURRENTLY following you. If they're not, they'll fall under npc morphs.
- Morphs work for male / female players, but only female npcs and followers. (I have to do some performance testing with this)


Video of the morphs in action in an earlier version. My character's breasts and stomach were both modified using weight-multiplied/ non weight-multiplied morphs.




Devourment Sounds Plus
A few quality of life changes for devourment's audio.
This WILL OVERWRITE some of Refactor (Compatible with Refactor version 10.11.21. Could work with future versions)

- Digestion audio will now get quieter as time goes on. When a predator has fully digested their meal, digestion audio will be 0% of it's max volume.
- Stomach sloshes will get quieter as time goes on. Same rules as above, but some sloshing can be heard still.
- Stomach audio is paused in some menus. (See Notes: if you want to disable this)
- Burps are less intense later on in digestion. (Added a lot of shorter burps with this.)
- Added two new stomach ambients. Replaced female bones defecate sound. Added some unused burps and gurgles included with Devourment (I used ones of the same quality that's in the original mod)
- Edited a few sounds that had microphone rubbing / static


Notes and Bugs:


- If you're using a mod like SkyrimSouls or want digestion audio to stay unpaused in menus, type 'Set DevourmentSound_Pause to 0' into the console while outside of a menu. To re enable, type 'Set DevourmentSound_Pause to 1' into the console while outside of a menu. I felt this mod didn't need a full MCM for this.


If you find any good audio effects for devourment, let me know. If they sound good enough I'll include them.


Devourment Gameplay Edits
Personal Gameplay changes I've made for devourment.
This WILL OVERWRITE some of Refactor (Compatible with SE Refactor version 10.11.21, the AE Version is compatible with AE Refactor Version 2.0A1)
Soft requirements: Custom Skill Framework to see the pred/prey perk trees. Inventory Functions SE / AE so npcs can use the poisons in combat. Spell Perk Item Distributor so npcs can use the perks.

I always thought it'd make sense if swallowing took stamina, and I wasn't a fan of using RNG for determining if I could swallow something or not.

Enabling this gives the player a 100% swallow chance at the cost of stamina. Remember to play with Refactor's Minimum Swallow Chance and Npc Swallow Chance Multiplier for npcs.
- Combat vore attempts require 50% of your stamina. (Player Only) (MCM Configurable)
- Stamina cost is halved for stealthy swallows and corpses.
- Every point into Voracious after level 1 on the Pred skill tree reduces the stamina cost by 20%. (MCM Configurable)
- This only works with the lethal vore, Endo is untouched.

Macromancy (SE only):

Set macromancy scaling in Devourment's VFX Settings to 1.0. It doesn't affect capacity and makes things more visually consistent.
- Size changing spells also scale your stomach dynamically. (Growing bigger with a belly full of prey will see that belly shrink.) (Toggleable)
- Size changing spells can have their effects run out during live digestion. (Prey that were shrunk can regrow to their original size in the belly.) (Toggleable)
- Size changing spells will have their effects restored after prey are spat out.
- Changed costs and durations of various spells / potions. Diminution is capped at 10% for most circumstances. Moved Augmentation to the Vore Magic 1 perk.
- Added Greater Augmentation and Greater Diminution. Scales the user by 40%. Added to the Vore Magic 2 perk.
- Fixed some macromancy bugs. (Movement speed, ring enchantments.)
- Non unique pred npcs can use macromancy potions and poisons in combat. At higher levels they'll use stronger potions. (MCM configurable)
- Non unique pred npcs have some macromancy potions added to their inventories (MCM configurable)

- The struggle bar will slowly go down if you don't press anything for a while. (MCM Toggleable) 

- Struggle bumps scale with the size of prey.


- The health and stamina regeneration preds receive from digesting live prey is reduced (Toggleable)
-  Preds will digest all food/ingredients and or potions from their prey. (Configurable)
- The effects of a prey's consumables occur over time (So you don't get 10+ effects at once)

Weight Gain/Loss (SE Only):
- Weight loss after waiting/sleeping/fast travelling accounts for total time passed, not just the first hour.  
- Weight gain after waiting/sleeping/fast travelling while digesting is now accounted for. (Player Only)
- Weight gain for followers and or npcs can be multiplied.
- Weight gain is determined by prey size (0.2 - 2.0 multiplier. Could change later.)
- Rapid digestion increases weight gain.
- Exercise can reduce your weight. Sprinting burns more calories than walking, and exercise is more effective at higher weights. (MCM configurable) (Player Only)
- Weight loss from Reformation increased slightly.

- Food is digested over time.
- Skeleton Scaling now affects capacity dynamically. Skeleton scaling now shrinks you below 0.0 weight (at half the strength)
- Notifications for weight gain enabled for followers. Other npcs are toggleable.


- Digested npcs will count towards feeding. You'll get a notification when you've gotten a werewolf perk point.
- Creatures will count towards feeding if you have the Savage Feeding perk.
- Digesting prey while in beast form will extend the timer.

Perks / Spells:
- Added to the Pred / Prey perk trees. SPID file included which gives some perks and spells to npcs.
- Second Wind: Struggling in a stomach below a certain health threshhold will heal you for 30% of your hp and give you a few seconds of 100% acid resistance. Once per day. Requires: Prey Level 30.
- Front Loaded: Having a full stomach will let you block attacks naturally. This effect goes away the smaller your stomach. Requires: Pred level 60
- OverIndulge - The effects of Augmentation spells and potions won't run out if a pred has a relatively full stomach. Requires: Pred level 30

- Smelting down items with Digest Items is now automatic. (MCM Toggleable)
- Digest items won't destroy unique / quest items. You might get leather strips from the weapons / armor you break down. 
- Greater Gasses FX change.

- Added a stuffing spell - Noxious Bloat: Encumber preds by forcing them to digest toxic calories, dealing more poison damage the more they digest. Less effective on all other targets.



- Corpses have a % chance of being eaten by npcs / followers periodically. (MCM Toggleable)
- Swallowing objects is faster and doesn't play an animation. Vomiting on an empty stomach's animation now toggleable
- Vomiting only knocks down actors if its another living actor. Still, prey escaping dead preds won't knock anyone down.
- Your voice / ability is no longer unequipped after being spat out by a pred.
- Burping / farting speeding up digestion can be toggled
- You can now get a bounty for swallowing objects that don't belong to you. AKA Stealing.
- Bugfixing with followers not doing vore based on their gender.

- You can reset your pred / prey skill to 10.0 in the MCM

- Npcs wont aggro onto the player while they're swallowed.

- Digesting dragons has some fx.


Notes and Bugs:


- Front Loaded sets the experience multiplier for blocking to 0.81 / 8.1 if blocking with the stomach / regularly. If you use mods that modify exp gain, open this addon in the creation kit and set BlockSkillUseMult property in DevourmentBellyScaling to a value you like.
- Npcs spat out with macromancy effects aren't resized from a magic effect, but from a script temporarily.

- With True Directional Movement, the 'Face Crosshair when Blocking' will behave weird. Either disable it or set movement mode for unsheathed weapons to Vanilla.


I've also uploaded my addons to Google Drive and Mega, but use the loverslab links since I can see how many people download my addons.


Galmar -- for the code responsible for getting npcs to look at their bellies when they speak in World Interactions and for some help with getting prey audio working.
Monster_Chow -- for the two new stomach ambients in Sounds Plus. (They didn't make them for the mod, I just grabbed them.)

Dakarz -- Made the functions for weight loss and exercise.

Autumn Hill -- Added / Edited Bellyport / Mass Bellyport and a little more with Devourment's spells.

Gaz -- Coding advice

All of my code is free to view and use in the future (It's a little messy though since I wanna keep adding on to it.)




-Bugfixing with gas not building from eating something immediately after defecating prey.
Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing with Bellyport's effect archetype being changed from Grab Actor. It works the same though
- Bugfixing with swallowing not taking stamina
- Bugfixing with Weight Loss occuring twice for the player
- Bugfixing with npc corpse vore working for dead preds.



- Some fx added
- You'll need to defecate as soon as you can during indigestion, or take consistent damage. (Toggleable)
- Script performance improved
- More variety in indigestion notifications. Some reflect recent prey
Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing with Digest Items from digesting devourment skulls if Skulls Separate was enabled.
- Bugfixing with follower / npc weight multipliers also multiplying the weight they lost.
- Bugfixing with Default Locus not being recognized during swallow attempts
- MCM option for Non follower Npc weight gain notifications.
- MCM options to choose if you want to digest food/ingredients, potions, or both reworked.
- Npcs can gain digest and gain the effects of food/potions in prey inventories.
- The Player's inventory is excluded from being digested by preds.
- Gave Noxious Bloat to 25% of Forsworn, Necromancers, Thalmor, and Warlocks through SPID.
- Noxious Bloat now adds to the weight of pred targets.



Sounds Plus

- Added more gurgles

Gameplay Edits 
- Removed Vanilla Weight Gain due to bugs. (Updating vanilla weight could mess with visuals / bellyscaling and combat. Looking for ways to fix this.)
- Fixed bug where preds would drink a macromancy potion before combat.  
- The player won't be aggro'd onto when swallowed. (A little imperfect but will be improved in the future.)
- Weight gain from digestion takes into account the size of prey. Gain less weight from small prey and more weight from bigger prey. (0.2 to 1.75 multiplier.)
- Digesting dragons will give fx / audio.
- Weight gain from waiting bugfixing.
- Added a stuffing spell: Noxious Bloat. Encumber preds by forcing them to digest toxic calories, poisons all other targets.



Gameplay Edits

- Fixed Item digestion not working for certain defecation settings




- Gas works for npcs as well. Added a toggle for npcs in the MCM.

Gameplay Edits

Macromancy bugfixing with diminution poisons and shrinking.




- Bugfixing audio not playing for the Fart spell.

- With Gameplay Edits installed, gas visuals can occur during the Fart spell.

Gameplay Edits

Macromancy bugfixing



World Interactions
- Followers can receive comments from npcs (MCM Toggleable)
- Added some voicelines
- Script speed improvements
- Surrendered prey won't speak while digesting
- Removed Libfire dependencies for AE compatibility

- Removed Unofficial patch dependencies for AE compatibility
- Removed Libfire dependencies for AE compatibility

- Removed Unofficial patch dependencies for AE compatibility
- Added visuals for gas. (looks OK, could be better with nifskope help) (MCM Toggleable) 
- Edited some sounds
- Improved script performance
- Bugfixing sounds not playing.
- Removed Libfire dependencies for AE compatibility

- Removed Unofficial patch dependencies for AE compatibility
Misc Morphs
- Improved script performance
- Removed Libfire dependencies for AE compatibility

- Removed Unofficial patch dependencies for AE compatibility
Sounds Plus
- Removed Libfire dependencies for AE compatibility

- Removed Unofficial patch dependencies for AE compatibility
Gameplay Edits
- Gold from Digest Items can go straight to your inventory (MCM Toggleable
- Macromancy Bugfixing
- Improved script performance

- Removed Libfire dependencies

- Removed Unofficial patch dependencies
Gameplay Edits AE
- Added



Gameplay Edits

- Bugfixing with Npc Corpse Vore. They'll eat draugr / dwemer / daedra if they have the perks to do so. 
- Gives Digestion 1 to Lydia, Uthgerd the Unbroken, Farkas, Serana. (Remember to use SPID and Devourment Refactor / Gameplay Edit's DISTR file to give / remove the Digestion perks.) 
- Bugfixing with OverIndulge not working.
- Bugfixing with Macromancy movement speed from spells



World Interactions

-Bugfixing with prey audio



Gameplay Edits

- Pred / Prey skill can be reset to 10.0 in the MCM. Added Debugging page to the MCM.
- Bugfixing for follower/npc corpse vore. They won't eat any skeletons.
- Follower/Npcs won't eat any corpses if they're digesting a big meal already.
- Follower/Npc corpse Vore has a cooldown of 90 seconds (MCM Configurable)



World Interactions
- Code refactoring
- Bugfixing with subtitles staying stuck on the screen.

- Followers taunt their prey 2/3 of the time.
- Follower taunts can be disabled in the MCM
Sounds Plus  

- Bugfixing with preds burping when they're swallowed

Gameplay Edits

- Edited Fatal Surrender / Seduction's durations. I'll work on them further in the future.
- Bugfixing for macromancy's speed bonus / penalty doubling with dual casted spells.
- Follower / Npc corpse vore is significantly more consistent due to now using AI Packages



Gameplay Edits

- Digest Items breaks down hide / scaled / light imperial armor into leather
- Added Vore Magic 3 with Mass Bellyport, Fatal Surrender, and Force Feeding



World Interactions
- Bugfixing
- Creature Prey Audio now MCM Configurable
- Added prey audio for Draugr, Dwemer automations, Falmer, Hagravens, Mudcrabs, Chickens, Chaurus, Skeevers, Wolves, and Werewolves.
- Improved the logic for Prey dialogue some more.
- Grunts from indigestion have a 1/2 chance to play
Misc Morphs
- Lets you copy and paste morphs between pages.
Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing overall.

- Bugfixing with the perk CounterVore
- Added some spells made by Autumn Hill. Edited Bellyport, Fatal Surrender. Added Mass Bellyport.
- Digest Items gives more accurate ore for Elven, Glass, and Scaled armor and weapons. Unique / Quest items are ignored better.
- Rapid digestion increases weight gain.
- The stamina meter flashes when you don't have enough stamina for vore.
- Follower corpse vore toggleable. 
- Followers can teleport to the corpses they eat. (MCM Toggleable) (Skyrim's AI prevents followers from walking to the corpses. Could be fixed with some follower ai mods.)
- Npcs look at the corpses they devour consistently.



Gameplay Edits

- Corpses have a %chance of being eaten by followers and or npcs periodically.
- Macromancy movespeed changes aren't that drastic. At most your movespeed will be affected by 40%-50%
- Movement speed buffs / debuffs apply to skeleton scaling.
- Skeleton Scaling will affect stomach capacity for devourment dynamically.
- Fixed skeleton scaling growing people below 0.0 weight. Skeleton scaling now half as strong below 0.0.
- Weight gain / loss is consistent after time passing.
- Devourment can affect an actor's devourment weight or vanilla weight. 

- Hid console messages for weight gain for non followers.
- Second Wind's cooldown reduced (still a long time tho) 
- Food digests and adds weight over time.



Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing for compatibilities with Sounds Plus
Sounds Plus
- Bugfixing overall. Burps should play when swallowing dead prey again. (And a chance when swallowing live prey.)



Gameplay Edits

- Digest Items changed due to Lua scripting errors. It takes as long as your normal digestion time.
- Removed Digest Items FX (Since you don't need an indicator for when it activated with the new system.)
- Bugfixing with Front Loaded and sprinting. More compatibilities with movement mods hopefully.
- Bugfixing with item digestion presets. The effects poisons should now properly apply to preds. ( No more random "Would you like to poison X" menus)
- Macromancy bugfixing with diminution and diminution poisons.
- Gave the perk Front Loaded to Farkas
- Bugfixing with npcs doing corpse vore during combat.



Gameplay Edits

- Bugfixing with burping / farting not speeding digestion.
- Burping / farting's ability to speed up digestion can now be toggled.
- Digest Items no longer 'destroys' items without a material to give back.
- Digesting Dwarven items will yield dwarven ingots instead.
- Digest Items might yield a leather strip.
- Digest Items won't destroy items it can't replace. (Helpful for those with modded weapons of unique materials)
- Digest Items won't break down unique / rare items. (some work to be done but I think I got them)
- Added FX for Digest Items



World Interactions
- Removed swallowing items being seen as a crime. Moved to DevourmentGameplayEdits for smoother code integration.
Sounds Plus  
- Added more gurgles and burps
Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing with Macromancy that caused willing prey to suddenly struggle.
- Bugfixing with digesting food from dead prey.
- Bugfixing with Front Loaded and some sprint keybinds.
- Bugfixing with Reformation. It now works with Front Loaded.
- Bugfixing with follower pseudoAI.
- Front loaded now works with reformation
- Weight gain for Followers and or Npcs can be increased. (MCM Configurable)  
- You can now gain weight from food dead prey had in their inventories.
- Digestion of potions now toggleable.
- Added bounties for swallowing objects that don't belong to you (AKA Stealing) from World Interactions. Removed some restrictions (Before, you couldn't be in combat and had to stand still to eat an item).
- Swallowing objects is faster
- Removed notification: 'Player Struggling Added.' 
- The cough animation that plays if you try to regurgitate on an empty stomach can be disabled.
- Changed some FX for Greater Gasses (Farting uses poison gas vfx) 
- You no longer automatically get Greater Gasses after unlocking Unrelenting Force
- Gave the perk Front Loaded to Lydia, Legate Rikke, and Uthgerd the Unbroken
- Getting spat up after being swallowed no longer unequips your shout / voice power
- Prey escaping their dead preds no longer knock down other actors. 
- Vomitting anything other than another live actor won't knock you or anyone else down.
- Npc corpse vore in combat now toggleable
- Changed Digest Items. Smelting down items in the stomach is now automatic after X in game hours (default is 1.5)
- Updated descriptions of Digest Items. Moved the Digest Items ability to Digest Items 3



Misc Morphs
- Bugfixing 
Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing  with reformation using Phylactery
- Bugfixing with weight gain from endo'd prey using Macromancy.
- Removed drinking sounds from npcs using potions. Increased fx duration of Macromancy for npcs.
- Reformation weight loss multiplied by 1.75 instead of 2.0
- Fixed typos



Gameplay Edits
- Removed sound for failed vore attempts since they played twice.
- Bugfixing with diminution movement speed at smaller sizes
- Caps diminution at 10% under most circumstances.
- Added Vfx for Macromancy.
- Added mcm control for enemy preds using macromancy potions and poisons / having these poisons dropped by them.
- Added perks to perk tree.
- Added perks to npcs through Spell Perk Item Distributor.
- Added smarter weight loss from waiting.
- Added exercise from walking / sprinting.
- Added weight gain from waiting while digesting.
- Multiplied reformation's weight loss by 2.0.
- Reduced skill exp for Force Feeding, only gives exp after a succcessful cast. Only works on valid predators (less accidents)

Sounds Plus
- Added some stomach gurgles included with devourment / found online.
- Edited the volume of some softer burps.



Gameplay Edits

- Fixed movespeed bugs with diminution with higher prey counts
- Fixed the player's macromancy effects taking too long to run out when swallowed.
- Remove text boxes (Forgot to take them out)



World Interactions
- Fixed a bug with leveled actors (aka Bandits that could spawn at like level 1 or 50) not saying prey voice lines



World Interactions
- Hopefully fixed a bug regarding sounds
Gameplay Edits
- Prey's macromancy speed effects are now preserved after being spat out by a pred.
- Increased duration of Augmentation (self) and Diminution (self) spell slightly
- Moved Augmentation Self to VoreMagic 1 from VoreMagic 2 
- Added spell Greater Augmentation.
- Added spell Greater Diminution.
- Fixed bug with resizing prey remains
- Changed some typos in macromancy spell descriptions.
- Added Perk: OverIndulge
- Added movement speed effects for Macromancy potions 
- The Macromancy Added' notification in the top left is now hidden for Macromancy Spells.
Sounds Plus
- Stomach audio gets quieter on a slight exponential scale.
- Reduced sloshing audio slightly.
- Fixed two burps playing at the same time sometimes.
- Slightly adjusted the duration of 2 belly footstep audio files (It helps with getting the audio to get quieter)
- Removed 2 burps added last update (Didn't sound as good as I remembered)


World Interactions
- Bugfixing: Prey audio frequency adjustments, Made some dialogue more common, fixed missing dialogue. Improved logic.
Misc Morphs
- Made MCM easier to use
- Gave more morphs to start with.
- Fixed crouching to fart not working sometimes.
- Fixed gas not working with one of the Gas End Presets. 
Sounds Plus  
- Digestion audio pauses in some menus
- Compatible with reformation.
- Replaced bones noise with the default defecation sound.
- Burps will differ depending on stomach size.
- Fixed a bug in main devourment where burping after eating dead prey won't give a facial animation.
Gameplay Edits
- Added sound effect for if you don't have enough stamina when you try to swallow an enemy.
- Edited digestion of organic items so that it'll happen throughout digestion instead of everything at once, like originally intended.
- Struggle bumps better reflect the size of the stomach. (Smaller prey won't bulge the stomach as much) (Works as intended with oral/anal vore, negligible otherwise)
- Added better macromancy synergy.



World Interactions
- Bugfixing: Prey audio frequency adjustments, Made some dialogue more common, fixed missing dialogue. Improved logic.

Misc Morphs
- Made MCM easier to use
- Gave more morphs to start with.

- Fixed crouching to fart not working sometimes.
- Fixed gas not working with one of the Gas End Presets. 

Sounds Plus  
- Digestion audio pauses in some menus
- Compatible with reformation.
- Replaced bones noise with the default defecation sound.
- Burps will differ depending on stomach size.
- Fixed a bug in main devourment where burping after eating dead prey won't give a facial animation.

Gameplay Edits
- Added sound effect for if you don't have enough stamina when you try to swallow an enemy.
- Edited digestion of organic items so that it'll happen throughout digestion instead of everything at once, like originally intended.
- Struggle bumps better reflect the size of the stomach. (Smaller prey won't bulge the stomach as much) (Works as intended with oral/anal vore, negligible otherwise)
- Added better macromancy synergy.



World Interactions
- Fixed prey dialogue, again. (The creation kit's a pain to work with)
- Some dialogue rearrangement
- Preds are 1/3 as likely to comment on animals and creatures

- Bugfixing with one of the presets 

Gameplay Edits
- Perk: Front Loaded: added
- Digesting still alive prey gives reduced health and stamina. (Toggleable)

Sounds Plus  
- Reorganizing, so the code overwrites less from base devourment.



World Interactions
- Fixed Prey death dialogue not being played.
- Improved the logic for selecting the correct prey death dialogue. NPCs without unique prey death audio will just play the death audio you selected in Devourment's MCM until I add them.
- Added prey audio for Rieklings
- Added prey audio for Dremora
- Added a lot more prey voicelines. 
- Added some predator voicelines.
- Improved npc dialogue logic. Npcs won't comment on the player if they're in combat. Predators won't taunt their prey while in active combat, and are 1/4 as likely to taunt non npcs.
- Fixed some audio files not playing.

- Added some more sounds
- Fixed a bug with one of the Gas Ends Presets which would clog up the mod.

Sounds Plus  
- Fixed bug regarding how the sounds reflect the amount of prey being digested. Smaller / larger prey will have appropriate sounds during live digestion.

Gameplay Edits
- Allowed devourment to mingle with lycanthropy more.
- Digested humanoid prey will count towards feeding. You'll get a notification when you've gotten a werewolf perk point.
- Creatures will count towards feeding if you have the Savage Feeding perk.
- Devouring prey while in beast form will extend the timer.

- Predators will digest organic items and potions from their prey. BUT the player may gain the effects of these digested items. (3 separate toggles)
- Consumeables digested this way won't affect your weight. Lets say that everything isn't digesting properly as it's going through a pred's intestines. (This may be down to preference) 
- The effects of a prey's consumeables occur over time (So you don't get 10+ effects at once)



World Interactions

-Fixed prey dialogue stopping after a while

-Fixed subtitles for prey dialogue (subtitles from general npc reactions are still bugged, it's difficult to find a solution)


Sounds Plus

-Removed some of the burps added in the last update, didn't sound as nice as I remembered.



World Interactions

-Uploaded new links actually containing the files (I forgot them in the initial update)



World Interactions
- Added prey audio and a lot of voice lines
- Added the option for new prey death sounds.

-Sounds Plus
- Bugfixing
- Added new burps


11/20/21 -1

Sounds Plus

-removed unused files, added a maintenance function in the code



Sounds Plus
- Sloshes from footsteps will now get quieter throughout digestion. (Reduced them by -4 db each instance in Audacity.)
- Fixed footsteps to work with no equippable belly.
- Edited stomach ambient 7 and 8.


- Added a few voicelines.
Misc Morphs
- Changed the system to allow you to add / remove the morphs you want. You have 16 slots for this for Player / Follower / Npcs.
- Performance increase due to changing to the new system?

World Interactions
- Actually added the Predator Titles toggle in the MCM
- Enabling the Predator Titles toggle in the MCM will clear nearby Npcs of their titles.

World Interactions
- Lets you know the scale of your biggest locus in the MCM. (The one the npcs will notice for comments)
- Bugfixing - Allowed for any vore type to be used to trigger an npc response. (It uses the Current Burden in the MCM)
- Bugfixing - Fixed struggling to work with Devourment 10.11.21
- A max of 2 npcs will comment on you at the same time. This is down from 3.
- Removes titles from predators after a while. (Happens after a few in game hours after they ate someone. Won't clear name if they recently digested someone. Only on non hostile unique npcs)
- Adds a cooldown to npcs after they say their voiceline. With this, you're likely to hear different npcs talk. (MCM configurable)
- Improved overall logic for getting npcs to say their voicelines.
- You can select your voicetype in the MCM incase you aren't using your race's default voices.
- Indigestion voicelines will be as loud as you set the 'Voices' slider to be. (In your game settings)
- Added a slider to let you determine the %chance Prey will make a predator gassy.
- Made the fart spell from devourment use sounds from the mod.
- Removed a lot of debug traces from the original mod. (This didn't affect performance but could bloat your papyrus log if you were going to look through that.)
- Added MCM Slider to bloat the stomach by X % after gas begins to build up from Devourment (This works nicely with higher Devourment Digestion Speeds).
Misc Morphs
- Changed a bit of the code behind the scenes.
Sounds Plus
- Edited a few sounds that had noise / microphone rubbing.
- Added two new stomach ambients.
- Removed one burp: b9 (it's already used in the mod)
- Added some unused burps and gurgles already packaged with refactor. (I tried to include those that sounded of good quality.)
Gameplay Edits
- The struggle bar will now slowly get lowered if you don't struggle for a few seconds. (MCM Toggleable)
- Perk :Second Wind: Struggling in a stomach below a certain health threshhold will heal you for 20% of your hp and give you a few seconds of 100% acid resistance. Once per day. You can select this perk in the MCM when your prey skill is 40. You could also refund this perk if you want.
- Edible items dead prey have in their inventory will be digested by their preds (Food, Ingredients, Potions.) (Won't digest Unique items) (MCM Toggleable)

Gameplay Edits
-Bugfixing: Fixed swallowing for npcs.

Gameplay Edits
- Bugfixing: Fixed Devourment Refactor's MCM from not showing certain pages or showing up at all.

Gameplay Edits
- Uploaded
- Bugfixing

Misc Morphs
- Bugfixing

Misc Morphs
- Updated to work with Devourment 10.9.21 and up

World Interactions
- Struggling while being digested by a pred might stagger them. Npcs will usually grunt in response to this. Default is 8% (Player Only) (MCM Configurable)
- Guards will be more thorough after arresting you. If you were only arrested, live prey will be let out where you were arrested and swallowed goods will be searched. If sent to jail, everything you've eaten will be let out. (MCM Configurable)
- Made object vore be recognized as a crime (MCM Configurable)
- Added toggles for various npc responses for vore: Positive (Approval / Praise), Neutral (Joking / Questioning / Surprise) Negative (Disgust / Shock).
- Daedra / Dwemer / Undead are 2.0x as likely to give indigestion (MCM Configurable)
Misc Morphs
- Allowed the morphs to be applied to followers. A new MCM page for followers is introduced.
- Allowed the morphs to be applied to npcs. A new MCM page for npcs is introduced.
Sounds Plus
- Recompiled the code to be better.

Sounds Plus
- Uploaded

World Interactions
- Removed subtitles from all spoken dialogue due to a bug. I'll figure out how to utilize it later.
- Fixed a bug where gas wouldn't clear for defecation if an item was still being digested.

World Interactions
- Made npc responses more reliable, giving you more control from your mcm settings
- NPCs will now stop commenting if you don't have a noticable belly (MCM toggleable.) (Default is 17.5%.)
- Increased the number of total responses from 40 to about 200.
- Npcs will now taunt prey as they digest them. They usually taunt npc prey more than animals though. (MCM Toggleable.)
- Npcs will also taunt their prey if they die in their stomachs. (MCM Toggleable.)
- Npc taunts will vary between friendly and hostile npcs.
- Npcs taunting their prey will look at their stomachs.
- When sent to jail, any living npcs you've swallowed will be let out. (The same applies to your followers.) (MCM Toggleable)

- Indigestion audio will now play the correct hurt noises for Orc, Elf, khajiit, and Argonian players. I also included grunts for the Kunoichi female audio mod if anyone's using that.
- Note: changing your gender / race during indigestion will result in the incorrect sounds being played for the remainder of indigestion. (rare scenario to consider)

- Added MCM options to determine when gas ends prematurely. The choices are after all prey are excreted, after all prey are digested, or never.
- Made it so stopping gas for the player/follower is more reliable.
- High aftershock chances will no longer delay gas being stopped.
- Crouching while standing still might pass gas at higher gas levels.
- Added MCM option to let the player or followers make facial reactions from their own gas. (I highly recommend that it stays enabled)
- Added more audio

Misc Morphs
- Uploaded

- Added MCM slider to determine how much longer indigestion lasts should you begin to digest additional prey.
- Added MCM slider to reduce Indigestion chance by X every 10 pred levels.
- The MCM will now show your current indigestion chance when it's calculated with your indigestion reduction.
- Added flavor text for if you're digesting prey in your stomach or not.
- Sleeping will now relieve you of your indigestion.
- Fixed an issue with certain followers not being affected. This fix also fixes most issues with mod followers not being affected.
- Fixed a bug with new followers not being accounted for.

- Uploaded


Other Stuff:

Sychovorlick's TAWOBA Remastered Armor Conversion

Makes The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Remastered compatible with Devourment's body sliders. REQUIRES the original from here


Cacame's Devourment addons
Has made a few addons as well, and their Acid Level addon changes gameplay with devourment noteably, and makes eating low health prey more interesting since they don't die immediately.


Custom Skills Menu
Lets you see the pred and prey perk trees through the same menu you can see your normal skill trees.


If you're not a fan of the elimination locus inflating the butt, change the Slider from 'ChubbyButt' to something like 'Giant Belly (coldsteelj).' Just don't make it 'Vore Prey Belly' for script related reasons.
Play around with scaling and maximum to get a value you like (also because the default will balloon the belly a lot.)




Also, I've been trying to get weight gain to work on the face (click below) (I Need Help)




I took a bit of time to learn how to create new bodyslide sliders so characters could gain weight around their face.


Build a morph a 3d program -> Import to NifSkope -> Import to outfit studio -> Save as new slider presets.

These were the steps that lets anyone import new sliders. It's worked for the body, and I created a preset that moves the neck seam.

But the head tri exported from outfit studio crashes the game without fail. Without this, it's not really possible to create sliders that affect the head?


could have played with head tris some more and made face weight scale with the weight slider, but besides the workload, there are mods which change FemaleHead.tri so that'll be a mess not to mention how it works only with the weight slider, which is fine for some but annoying for others.


If you want to take a crack at it, go ahead. Here is the head and body objs as well as the head and body nifs.

And the original and edited head tri. (The original tri is from Expressive Facial Animation Female, which is downloaded so you can actually open your mouth to burp)

(The seams on the head also needs some work, and the sliders affect the forehead and hairline too much)


If you can get sliders to work with the Female Head, let me know, and I'll clean them up a bit and get face weight gain working through your method.

Until then, I'll probably shelve this idea until there's a breakthrough


Edited by QueueSD11

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