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Follower Niku Version 1.5 (New Appearance)

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About This File

 Hello Everyone!


This is my very first mod on LL, I have made a simple follower mod based on a character I play with, it has some dialogue and light scripting for sexlab her name is Niku Ashton and she is intended to be the player characters Mother.


I made this mod over the weekend and I am still learning how to script and do other things on skyrim though I decided to upload it anyway, because I wanted people to share it if people wanted to use it, it's intended to be an Incest mod, You can find Niku standing around in the Winking Skeever (Solitude).


Requirements For now


Skyrim Special Edition



Fuz-Ro-Doh (Not required but Recommended)



Story (WIP)


While out on your adventures you stop to think about your mother a Breton woman who mysteriously disappeared while you were younger, you remember how close and protective she was of you, you also remember her bright locks of hair and her unusual pointy ears. Mom rarely spoke about her past, you aren't even sure who or what your other parent was, but you remember how much she cared for you, so it was strange of her to disappear without saying a word. Years have passed and rumor has it that a half-elven breton woman travels around the Tamriel fighting her way across the land just to find her lost child. Her last whereabouts was in Solitude.


What does Mom do?

  • Be a Follower. - Take mom with you on your adventures.
  • Dialogue - Hear her comment about the places you visit and find out what your mom has been doing since she left. (WIP I'll try to expand on this with a few simple quests when I have more time and I learn how to.)
  • Incest - Feeling tense? mom knows just the thing to help (I have added dialogue for sexlab animations depending on dialogue/tag)
    • (New/Testing) - or at times mom will request to do some family bonding with you (At random times within the week she will approach you for sex, this was initially a bit buggy but after patching it up and testing it with my friend it didn't have any issues after just thought I would mention since I might replace this with something else if others have issues.)
  • Milk if you ask
  • Combat - Mom is a Spellblade, she's good with a sword can wear light or heavy armor and knows various spells to aid her in melee combat while using ranged weapons to close the gap between herself and her enemies.
  • Xvasynth Dialogue - Due to popular request most of her dialogues have been converted to have voices with the use of xvasynth! fair warning it's a bit robotic so for people who don't want to use it i've added a voiceless version.


It's very bare I admit, but I will try to expand on it when I have the time I am busy at work most of the time. I just recently learned about scripting in CK with Sexlab


Appearance / Breton only?

I'm sorry but I don't have time and know-how to add other races depending on the character for this mod, if you install her your character would just have to be half-breton, for now I don't have any plans to change this, that goes for the appearance too. I have seen people want a character with various appearances, but I have also seen people who like what I made. I will continue to work on her head, but please understand that I intended to make this character half-elven looking. I play her with men/mer. I have seen people change her to fit their own tastes so have fun! but I am happy with what I am making.


What's with the dialogue? / Will you add quests?

If I had more time, I plan to add a quest related to some of the things she said and to sort of advance her relationship with the player, for now I wanted to get the basic version of this incest/follower mod out.


Do I need?/does she use? 'High Poly Head' or any other cosmetic mods?

Nope! aside from Racemenu she shouldn't have any cosmetic requirements I tried to make this mod independent from other cosmetic mods as best as I could but if a bug happens please see below.


Purple Hair?

If this is happening it probably means that some textures are missing that are from HG Hairdo's you can download that mod to fix it if you get this, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but do check out the mod it is great.


AE/LE Compatibility

  • AE - I am working on this mod on SE, but the scripts I use are quite simple I have heard that she works on AE for some people but I can't confirm.
  • LE - Sir Will has put some backwards compatible versions in the comments (thank you!) the appearance is different but the rest of the mod functions the same. 


Things I would Implement -if- I had more time and know-how (also big maybe, learning takes time and effort)

  • Starting quest/quests to advance relationship with the character and more interactions.
  • Integration with Sexlab Aroused or other mods.
  • xvasynth adjustments.


Special Thanks to Bluegunk for testing my mod and giving me some neat exporting advice, Dovahnurse and Rishinc for giving me the idea of the journal and giving me some writing/grammar advice for some of the stuff I put out, Sir will for the useful Combat advice and the LE conversion. (if you have an issue with your name being here do tell!)


Also! this is my first mod, I have not tested how it would work on other computers so if something is missing please do tell like Dialogue, Scripts, Faces, etc. I have not tried exporting a mod before. also please note I am making/playing this on a really old laptop.


Mod/Development Announcement

  • I completed the basic/follower version of Niku Ashton, I will be taking a step back from this mod for a bit, I will be engaging/reading the comments less frequently I understand that there are things people want me to do or change, but please understand that there are things I want to do too, and I am working within my own capacity/knowledge/time, if you liked my mod Thank you very much! for the nice comments it motivated me to keep working on it.
  • My laptop is old and broken it's a 10 years old laptop recently the back snapped and skyrim refuses to work at times. My laptop tends to freeze up too, so this has hampered my development on it, a lot of time is spent with me fixing my laptop than doing anything else.
  • Does this mean I'm stopping development? No I'm doing this as a hobby, I will be working on this from time to time and put some of the stuff I want to put in, but it will take a while before I update it again, if I ever get in the mood to, not to mention work that I have to deal with and family/friends I want to spend time with.


Edited by Gyuniku
Niku Ashton, Basic is completed.

What's New in Version Version 1.5 (New Appearance)


Niku Ashton Version 1.5 Mothers Day (New Appearance)

Mini-Update: Changed Niku's Appearance to fit some of my own preferences


Niku Ashton version 1.5 (Complete basic follower version)

>50+ misc Dialogues have been added, Niku will now comment on some of the places you visit with her, along with some motherly comments about the player, fair warning it sounds a bit robotic still.

>Minor dialogue to ask her some questions (I was originally planning to connect these to a quest, but couldn't find a place where it would fit and I was still trying to figure out quest making instead of cutting it I added it as a question, you can find it in Riften and Solitude)

>Added a "Childhood Journal" about the player their mother, to give some backstory and some info about her current whereabouts.

>Adjusted her appearance among some of the small changes her pointy ears to look more subtle between her hairs, if you put a helmet on her it will be more clear.

>Fixed the "..." issue for followers with the Eventoned voice like Lydia.


(and an announcement on the mod description)


Niku Follower Version 1 Hotfix

Fixed hair so that it would no longer Require HG Hairdo's (hopefully!)


Niku Follower "Version 1"

>When meeting Niku she should hand you a book and a new spell to summon her wherever you are in the world.

>New Appearance with racemenu also to reflect her half-elven looks.

>New Combat style, she is now a spellsword she will use ranged weapons to close the gap between herself and her enemies before using spells to buff herself in melee combat, she can use either Heavy or Light armor.

>Mom Will now ask you for sex at random

>New Motherly Dialogues that she will say at random

>Voices for most Dialogue with xVasynth

>Added a "Mothers Ring" item, this could be something I will use later so please ignore it.

>Fixed her package so she will free roam now more often.

>Fixes for her hair


Niku Mod Version 0

>Mod released

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Great mod! I'm looking forward to the next updates.

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A very nice mod that caters to it's specific niche. I look forward to future content. :)

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