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About This File

Hello there!



Once I came upon this and left heavily inspired (and with heavily heated up head) I created a few models for nude female skin. Then I shared pictures of my creations and eventually I was asked to share the model. I did share, but not all the models. So I thought a bit, and now I release it fully and with a small bonus.



There are models of:

  • Futanari with humanish erect penis
  • Futanari with humanish flaccid penis
  • Futanari with horse penis
  • Female features

The textures for models are matching the skin included in archive. Use it!

"How to" is said in instruction.


How to install:

1. Download the archive

2. Open "read me.txt"

3. Follow it!


Also, there is my suggestion in addition to play with my models: a cool resource pack

Minimal Armour! - to show that villagers what you have!

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