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Remember the CTAddPose series of non-animated poses in Oblivion? Well, this is basically the same thing, but for Skyrim.


Based on the discussion in omega13's thread FNIS Hentai -repack-, without which I would have never learned about the monster rape poses available for FNIS. Mod has been uploaded with permission from the pose creator - speaking of which, Brainsperm hopes that everyone is enjoying his pose mods :)Permission has been granted to create a mod for Oden's set as well.


- Scope

This mod is a simple add-on to FNIS which incorporates loose static poses that were originally intended to overwrite the object animation files in the vanilla FNIS Idle Spell Add-On; the problem with that approach was that there are only 18 slots to overwrite in the vanilla spell and (as of the writing of this description) close to 70 loose poses and animations available. This mod is simply a standalone idle spell that should not conflict with other FNIS-based mods and makes all 81 animation/pose slots object animation slots.


I will be keeping an eye out for new loose poses/animations to incorporate into this mod, but I would appreciate any help in locating them. Just point me in the direction of where you found it and I'll go use my terrible Japanese to ask for permission.


- All credits and thanks go to:

fore - creator of Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS

精子脳-さん - creator of the poses (http://brainsperm.blog.fc2.com/)

おでん大明神さん - creator of the poses (http://da-moment.ldblog.jp/)

diarawr - creator of Horny Dogs of Skyrim

Halofarm - creator of Pinup Poser S (http://mod.dysintropi.me/)

Bethesda - creators of Skyrim


- Requirements:

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11811)

SKSE (http://skse.silverlock.org/)

Horny Dogs of Skyrim (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13014-horny-dogs-of-skyrim-husky-dog-wolf-deathhound/) (for the textures, don't need to activate the companion)

Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs (possibly, previous Skyrim updates already included the textures of some of the creatures into vanilla Skyrim, so you might not need the DLCs yet)


- Installation (If you're installing with NMM, make sure to go into its settings and uncheck "Don't extract ReadMe files" first):

1) Extract this archive into your Skyrim directory or install through a mod manager like NMM

2) Navigate to \skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\

3) Run "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe"

4) Click "Update FNIS Behavior"


- Use:

This mod is only for creating poses to take screenshots with, it basically just summons stuffed creatures to pose with and does not alter creature behavior in any way.


As of version 1.4 rings for selecting poses and applying poses to the PC will be automatically added to the inventory (if you lose the rings, open the console with the ~ key and type "Help [FNIS]" without the quotes for the item codes), while a spell to apply the poses to NPCs will appear in the Illusion category of the spell list. When applying poses, make sure to match the ring/spell to the corrospending select ring.


Two console commands to keep in mind are "tai" and "tfc"; tai will toggle AI, which prevents all NPCs from wandering away or starting combat (if they're already in combat use tcai to turn combat AI off, they'll remain in combat poses but won't continue swinging), while tfc lets you move the camera about freely. Note that NPCs who normally attack you won't accept the new idles for whatever reason, so just use them as background audience for your scenes.


Included with Brainsperm's collection are the "armor" props 3DMG and Ghost of Spriggan; to get these items just type into the console "player.additem xx0012C6" for the 3DMG and "player.additem xx000d66", "player.additem xx000d67", "player.additem xx000d68", and "player.additem xx000d69" for the Ghost of Spriggan tentacles (where xx is the respective mods' load order).


"FNIS EIS - Miscellaneous" is a "blank" mod with placeholders, it's there for you to add poses/animations that I do not have permission to upload without having to do it over and over again every time I update the other mods.


- Known Issues:

Skeleton: the poses were made using the default skeleton, so there are some minor alignment issues if you use a skeleton like XP32 and possibly others.

Body: the poses were made using CBBE and have room for breast sizes slightly larger than the default max weight for CBBE, but there will be clipping with customized bodies sporting large thighs/buttocks and/or breasts. Some of Oden's poses have bukkakke meant for slightly larger heads, so they will float a bit above standard heads, and his poses were made with UNP (with smaller breasts).


- Permissions:

Do whatever you want with this mod. 99.9% of it is the work of the fore and the pose creator(s) whose assets I've included. All I did was just the tedious stuff, so I'm not going to say what anyone can do with it. Naturally if you want to use individual assets for your own projects, you'll have to get permission from the creator(s) of said assets.


- Optional Files:

Nine solo erotic poses (just rename and toss into the FNISSpells_Ecchi folder): http://skup.dip.jp/up/up04179.zip

AnimObjects Ero Motion 1.7 (just rename and toss into whichever FNISSpells_Ero has free slots): http://www.loverslab.com/topic/11765-%E3%80%90poppo%E3%80%91anime-object-ero-motion-re-pack-version/

What's New in Version 14-02-02   See changelog


  • 14/02/02 - Updated Oden's and Brainsperm's poses.
  • 13/11/01 - Added "FNIS EIS - Oden v1.0"; added "FNIS EIS - Miscellaneous v1.0"
  • 13/10/30 - Original mod renamed to "FNIS EIS - Brainsperm v1.5"

Other Files from Pandaman

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