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PandaOutfit_AmbientOcclusion converted to UNPCM TBBP UNPB TBBP MANGA TBBP MANGA DM TBBP CHSBHC BBP+ re-texture

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About This File

This is a UNPCM TBBP plus belly node re-texture conversion of Skirmish's panda outfit. Their page can be found here. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16693-skirmishs-mods/


The armor does not come with a body when worn they will be placed on your actual body so to use this mod you will need Halofarm's UNPCM or a UNP body that is close to UNPCM or you might get clipping the bodies also need to have TBBP plus belly node. If you use Halofarm's UNPCM body you will need to use Gerra6's mesh rigger tool found in the modders resource section to add TBBP and a belly node to the body since the body doesn't come with any TBBP/BPP. I also replaced the feet mesh that were in the shoes as there was something wrong with the feet mesh that caused them to blow up in game and have parts of the feet going everywhere.




The .esp contained in this mod is not compatible with Skirmish's mod simply because when I ran the cape and shorts through mesh rigger it added BSDismemberSkinInstance to the cape and short so now those pieces have slots so I had to open the cape nifs and change the slot to the amulet slot and the shorts to the ring slot and then I had to open the .esp up in the CK (creation kit) and change the slots for them from unnamed to ring for shorts and amulet for the cape.


Update UNPB-TBBP conversion You need a UNPB TBBP compatible skeleton and body.


Just added new conversions for MANGA MANGA DM and CHSBHC they are located in the panda conversions zip. All that is in it are the cape and shorts for each body type so you will still need to download one of my original ones and install it then unzip the panda conversions zip rename the files of the body type you want and then drop those ones into the panda folder to overwrite the original files.


Skirmish for the original
Halofarm for the UNPCM body http://mod.dysintropi.me/unpcm/
Gerra6 for the clothing converter and mesh rigger http://www.loverslab...89f-10-26-2014/

Other Files from myuhinny

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