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About This File

Just a simple Harem religion mod.


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What is this?

- New religion called Harem Heaven, which allows 999 wives and 999 concubines.

- Harem Heaven allows only male only succession.

- Head of faith for Harem Heaven is called High Breeder and for regular people he is Harem King.

- Some girls under Harem Heaven faith will become concubine of High Breeder when they become adult.

- Children of High Breeder will take celibate vow from birth. High Breeder can release them from their vow or even take one by themselves.



+ No other mods are required, but carnalitas is recommended to be installed, because user interface cannot show multiple wives and concubines at the same time.

+ Recommended way to start Harem Heaven content is to adopt it through decisions.

+ Most likely won't work with old save games without Harem King mod.


What might be coming next

- Harem breeding orgy
- Coming of age event suppression
- Changeable automatic concubines rules

- Fix stress gain from dying relatives


You can suggest new features or tell which feature you would like to be added next in discussion topic.

What's New in Version 0.0.2


- Fixed marriage maluses when marrying and when married in any kind of polygamous relationship.

- Changed birth events to be just simple notifications in lower right corner. Player cannot rename their children. Mod called Rename Children from steam workshop can be used to rename them, if needed.

- Added new button below vanilla dismiss concubine that can be used to dismiss concubines to lieges court. Vanilla dismiss will still kick them out of court.

- Changed automatically made concubines to be noble girls only with zero bad traits and at least one good trait. Good traits are all beauty, intellect and physique traits.

- Changed default Harem King trait to have +10 same faith opinion and added Harem King Hoarder trait. Harem King Hoarder trait doesn't have any function yet and it should be unobtainable.

- Added new interaction to take any non married Harem Heaven religion following lowborn woman as concubine. This will work outside player's own court.

- Added lower right notification when concubines are added automatically to Harem King's harem.


Should work with saves that have previous Harem King mod.

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