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Playable Flame Atronach? I think yes. 1.2a

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Like flame atronachs? good. like the way they look? good. wanna play as one? good.


Well step right up sir or madam this mod lets you play as a flame atronachs with humanoid animations!


May it might not look perfect with the messed up meshes being converted to work with these animations, the neck, pelvis, spine 1, 2. and 3 being sucked in so she looks strange in the front but from the back she looks fine..


The hands however looks really odd. but if you play in first person it probably wont bother you that much, but still.


Please note that even tho you are literally covered in fire you will still get hurt by fire that isnt magic based, like oil traps dragon fire breath and environment fire.


You can wear head gear but some may show clipping, boots and gloves that covers more than the hands and feet might look nice well the others wont.


You can try it out if you want and please tell me how much you like/dislike it.




Firebolt starting spell and also unarmed attacks have fire touch spells attached to em so everything you hit will be set on fire, it may cause problems with brawls tho.. So heads up!


Abflameatronach - Fire resist 100% magic based only, Weakness to frost 33%, Firetrail doesnt seem to work, Flame cloak 3p damage, and Waterbreathing for gameplay reasons.


Destrustion - 10


Archery - 5


One handed -5


Enchanting - 5


Sneak - 5

What's New in Version 1.2a


  • Script edited so it will work correctly meaning that instead of just explosing when you die you get equipped with the death armor but the head part is not visable for some reason.. also added a xpms skeleton.
  • Mesh changed again. added fire skin tone, you will need ece or racemenu to make a better one to match and a couple spell tweaks

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