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Whiterun Brothel Redux, is a remake of the superb, but undervalued work of t.ara, who have all the credits about it, I only removed a bunch of scripts, a bunch of ZAZ, removed dependencies and modified some behaviors, I suggest to have KShaidos and SG Hair installed.

It is my favorite player home at the moment, is huge but simple. 

I suggest to use it with PAS home sweet home, cause the basement is perfect to train slaves and the main floor is perfect to make them work for you :) .

All these gorgeus NPC's can be follower, even if i did not work with their AI, only added to follower faction.


Conflict: Sephina the huntress home is very near, maybe too much, but is only an aestetic problem.


It's not perfect, you know, is more difficult to modify something existing than make it from scratch, and I am not very skilled with CK, but i hope you will like it.





What's New in Version 1.0.1


Modified esp without DDassets



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