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55 Screenshots

About This File



These are two Sims I made myself, Viktor & Tina Williams. They are a young and married couple, not based on a real one, but are far from your traditional monogamous husband and wife. They are both openly bisexual, very experimental everywhere they fuck around and in an open relationship, sharing kinks on cuckolding, polygamy and polyamory. Their life goal? making millions with their own adult entertainment in which they're the main cast themselves and have sex with every potent adult sim, gender doesn't matter, they come across in their lives.


Apart from their hair, base game and Spa Day respectively, and several of his clothing, almost every other item they wear is custom content/mods and neither of those I have made myself: all credits and my sincere thanks for those go to the creators/owners of those respective items! In the screenshots the wide range of clothing and accessoires the two use. I have too much CC from various sources to be able to thank everyone individually.


And yes, they love their fair share of erotic role playing in their spare times, hence all the uniforms.


Usage of Wicked Whims is recommended if you want to have an optimal usage of these two.


I would love to see various media (e.g. screenshots, videos) of them in your games if that is possible.

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