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Hello and welcome,

I startet to create fetish clothes for the Sims, because I missed a lot of it for all this sex animations and gameplay. My focus is on sexy underwear for men. This includes fetish clothing made of latex, neoprene and lycra. And various assesscoris like harnesses, wristbands and so on. Depending on that, I will also make clothes for women if I consider it important.


I have premade a lot of stuff to learn how it works. I'll publish it first for Patreons. So stay curious...


To get a better overview of my creations, visit my website: www.lovebob.eu

If you want to stay informed of my new content visit my website or follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr


I hope you like my creations and have fun with them.




Some important informations:

For the Condome Suit, you need the WhickedWhims default penis mesh! If you have no penis you need no condome!

If you use other penis meshes, it could work if it use the same uv_0 map for texture.


The demo version include only two colors:




The Patreon version include all colors:




Patreons Tier 2+ have access to extra penis meshes to look good in the latex or neoprene or what ever I make!


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


- fixed and issue with the condome suit. now it will work with other penis mods than WW

- splitt the download files

- add latex gloves and socks medium long

- add female fullsuit with mask 1

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