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Xarathos' Armor Workshop - Mass Effect Cosplay for UUNP Bodyslide 2.00

About This File

Series of conversions by me. Older content was mainly for 7BOppai 2.2, moving forward it will be primarily for a body generated using UUNP as a base. Either the 7BO preset or one of my own making. I'll figure out which and update accordingly.


As of 10.02.2015 I'll be mainly converting for UUNP Bodyslide, having reconsidered my previous position on the matter.


Older content has been moved to MEGA because LL decided to eat all the files. If I've failed to upload anything listed below there, let me know.


New stuff SHOULD be uploaded here first unless LL CONTINUES eating them somehow, in which case I'll just upload everything on MEGA instead.


As an aside: if you're looking for more true UUNP bodyslide versions of some of these outfits, ChaJaPa has reworked a few of my converts and has said there will be more to come, so keep an eye on their thread as well!


5. For the Discerning Femme Fatale


a. Lustmord Armor UUNP HDT - Xarathos' Edits - Update 1-9-2016








Converted to UUNP, replacing the body variations with texture variations - recolors, pictured above. Requires the original mod.


12-08, added two new color variants and the garter sliders.
12-28, added slider support to the boots and converted them to NiOHighHeels.
01-09, updated file formats for OS 3.1, reorganized file structure, and added a FOMOD so I can provide more support for optionals later. Changed more keywords for greater consistency, and added an enhanced version of the Lustmord Crossbow to bring it into line with the vanilla system. The Lustmord Crossbow is now an 'ebony' weapon rather than a Daedric one, but stats are unchanged. Keywords may be adjusted further in time. We'll see.


4. Swimwear Department


a. Bikini Trouble UUNP HDT - 10-20-2015









- Converted everything to UUNP Bodyslide
- Moved the bottom to slot 52 for improved compliance with bodyslot standards
- Main outfit equips to Body and hides slot 52.


The latest version of this conversion will be uploaded first to the Nexus page if you want the bleeding edge, but I'll try to keep the files here in sync as well because I love you guys.





3. Vanilla UUNP Replacers


c. Vanilla Conversions and Edits for UUNP Bodyslide - Updated 10-13-2015











Armors and outfits covered:

  • Apprentice Mage
  • Hide (Light)
  • Tavern Wench
  • Studded/Leather (Depending on naming conventions... it's 'leather' in the game but 'studded' in the folder, WHY I don't know, BETHESDA WHY CAN'T YOU BE CONSISTENT)

This pack will be mainly conversions of actual vanilla content, more or less, with a few of my own edits where I feel it appropriate. Will add boots+gloves later.




b. Dark Disciple Armor for UUNP Bodyslide - UPDATE 01-08-16 - Redownload Recommended









UUNP Bodyslide conversion of the Dark Disciple armor to UUNP HDT. Requires the original. Works with either the standalone or the replacer version, so pick your own poison.


This has been updated to match the revisions made in my Shiny Catsuit conversion. The new upload contains the bodyslide files and a pregenerated set of 7BOppai meshes. If you want another body type generate as normal in bodyslide.


You still need the original mod.



a. Xarathos' Picks - Skimpy Replacers for UUNP Bodyslide







UUNP Bodyslide skimpy replacers that I actually like and use will be packaged together here.


The first one is the replacer I've been using for the sleeveless fur mesh for just about forever that I originally found marked 'I Love Cleavage,' reconverted to a bodyslide UUNP HDT file.


No gloves+boots yet. May come later.



2. Fetish Fuel and Lingerie Department


a. Shiny Rubber Catsuits for UUNP Bodyslide - UPDATE 01-08-16 - Redownload Recommended









Based on the original mod located here - converted to UUNP, removed HDT High Heels requirements in favor of NiOverride's "Equippable Transforms" method, and merged the plugins. Also some misc bugfixes, hopefully.


Download the original to endorse it, but everything you need is in the archive here apart from (obviously) the requirements. Bodyslide 2, HDT Physics, XPMSE, and the latest Racemenu/NiOverride.


.8 update changes the file structure + formats for Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio 3.1, which you should update. It also includes the missing slider conversion for the Inflated Leotard (which I hate, but is included for completeness sake) along with everything else I've finished revising thus far in one package.


My recommendation is to delete your previous download of the file and then install this one fresh so that you avoid wasted space. Your call though.


.7 will remain available on MEGA for the moment in case it's needed.



1. Cosplay Showcase


b. Mass Effect Cosplay Pack


ii. N7 Armor





Converted the armor from a Fallout port found on DeviantArt. Glow maps working, gauntlets boots and cuirass for both genders.


And theeeeeeen there's the eyes: those I did from a resource, which I may eventually replace with my own 'from scratch' version. For now, though? They look pretty sweet, I think. They're enabled for vampires, humans, and orcs - at least until I test them with anything else. IDEK.


Moving forward the Mass Effect Cosplay pack will be one download, one ESP. Eventually I may do the same for Dragon Age.



i. Reckoner Knight Armor













From the Mass Effect Wiki:

The Reckoner-Knight armor was originally worn by the winners of Earth's Urban Combat Championship 2186, the Rhode Island Knights. A military-grade version of this equipment was presented to longtime Knights fans at the Alliance's Rhode Island base, in thanks for their passionate (and vocal) support during the EUCC championship matches. Beneath this armor's medieval-gothic facade lie a host of biofeedback systems intended to monitor the wearer's health and combat performance. Micro-servos maximize damage done in close-quarters combat, while a beefed-up power cell feeds energy into weapons systems to increase projectile velocity. Befitting gear originally designed for a full-contact sport, a sophisticated shield system also offers the wearer solid protection from incoming attacks.


The Reckoner-Knight armor was a tie in promo with the Kingdoms of Amalur demo. I've always had a soft spot for it.


The armor is a heavy set, crafted in the ebony tier. The bikini is a light ebony tier armor - both require the ebony perk to make now. I built the male armor from another port that was floating around and made sure every piece in the set now has a male and female equivalent. The visors were originally opaque but I made them transparent instead and changed the appropriate slots. Also, both male and female versions have cut-out body slices that let them be worn with different gloves/boots without having invisible limbs or gaps.


CCO keywords added, and also changed the "vendor no sale" keyword to "vendor armor."


There may be further updates if I notice resolvable issues.


Female bikini has full tbbp+belly bounce support, the female armor has a rigid chest piece but features bounce in the booty.


Added glow shaders, merged into the new Mass Effect Cosplay pack.





ALL OF THE ABOVE has now been updated to UUNP. The initial rerelease of the pack contains:

  • Reckoner bikini, gauntlets, boots, and cuirass (male and female for all)
  • Shepard's N7 armor, boots, and gauntlets (male and female)
  • Illusive Man Eyes (refreshed and updated textures!)
  • Patch for Ningheim support is part of the new FOMOD. Let me know if it works, and if not, I'll change it as needed until it does. It should detect and autoselect itself if you have the Ningheim race installed, and be ignored otherwise.


a. Arkham Cosplay 1.2 - Formerly Catwoman - NOW FOR UUNP


i. Catwoman








Now for UUNP Bodyslide. Updated to 1.2; removed transparent armor. Now requires the latest version of Racemenu, buuuuuuuut no longer requires HDT High Heels for the same effect thanks to NiOverride's "Equippable Transforms" method. Woot.


Original armor located here: Thanks to R0R0N0


Latest version ported directly from the source


Conversion done in 3DS Max 2013 + some minor finishing in Bodyslide and NifSkope.


Changes made:


- UPDATE 10-02-2015: as mentioned above, now for UUNP Bodyslide.
- UPDATE 5-04-2015: converted the mask from scratch, adding the visor, envmaps, transparent visor, etc. Added a second version of the mask; no longer using R0R0N0's original port. Added keywords from Weapon and Armor Fixes + set the armors to use the faction menu. Changed underlying body to latest UUNP 7BO build.
- UPDATE 5-01-2015: converted new version to 7BOUUNP directly from the original Arkham meshes. Helmet still using R0R0N0's port until next version update. Renamed ESP to "Arkham Cosplay" to reflect new status as the first piece of a pack. Changed the male meshes to mostly use the thieves guild master meshes. Balance changes to follow. Requirements remain the same, for the moment, aside from recommending a change to the generated 7BO preset of UUNP as a base body type.
- Original mod featured boots + catsuit as part of a single mesh. Split them into separate Nifs and added "Catwoman Boots" as a separate craftable item.
- Converted armor (boots, gloves, suit) to 7Base Oppai bodytype. Added weightslider support. Yes, that's right: weightslider support.
- Adjusted the boot mesh somewhat and added HDT HighHeel effect.
- Breakdown recipes for everything are included, all items are craftable + temperable ... with the exception of the transparent version, which is not craftable.
- Oh, right. Added a transparent version of the body armor for maximum sexiness.
- Reduced the slots used by as many of the items as possible to increase compatability with other mods.
- All recipes include globals used by Complete Crafting Overhaul - Remade. CCO is not a requirement, but you'll probably want it anyway.
- Remade the gloves using a combination of the original cuffs and the Dawnguard vampire glove. Custom texture is included.
- As of the 2.1 update, now includes ground meshes for all items. Yay!
- 2.2 update: fixed neck seams using my edited version of the 7BO2.2 body. Should be better than ever
- 10-03-2014: tweaked esp. Torso items will now hide slot 52 without unequipping it. This allows them to be worn with the bottoms from my bikini-trouble conversion without clipping.


Thanks again to R0R0N0 for the original armor, and to remymartin1986 for the 7Base (O)ppai body.





Old conversions showcase - items will be moved from here when they've been updated to the new standard and reuploaded to LL.



7. Sexy Standalone Armors


k. Black Rose "Armor"





Not sure what to describe about this, TBH. Requires HDT High Heels.



j. Nightshade Armor





Requires the original mod and please endorse - You need the original textures and ground meshes, the included BSA only includes the new meshes (don't worry, loose files won't overwrite them, the paths have changed). Added CCO keywords and a couple of relevant keywords from WAF as well. Visually dark armor and the like.


Either way, enjoy.

i. Sotteta Huntress Armor by Deserter X





Requires the original mod and please endorse - I didn't include any meshes I didn't edit and you need the original textures. I did include a modified ESP with CCO keywords but the original recipes are still in place so crafting maaaaaaaaaaay be a bit complex xD


Either way, enjoy.



h. Thalmor Viceroy Inquisitor Outfit by KillerKeo





Requires the original mod and please endorse it because friendly etiquette; I've replaced the body meshes only, so far. I'll double check the boots and gloves and so forth later. Meanwhile, enjoy the sexiness. I know I will.


I'm considering making the bra dyable too. Could be sweet. So I don't know, watch for updates?



g. Katarina Armor by Newermind43





Original mod located here, converted to 7BO by yours truly. Please download the original and endorse.



f. Aradia Armors Subsection



i. Snake Rogue Armor [Loverslab Exclusive]:



post-233165-0-01831600-1416249209_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-55031300-1416249207_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-30356300-1416249217_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-91615200-1416249215_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-40729600-1416249214_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-30148600-1416249212_thumb.jpg


Good grief, Aradia does gorgeous work.


Credit to Aradia for original meshes, etc. Loverslab exclusive. Converted to 7BO, added temper recipes, breakdown recipes, HDT high heels.
HDT heels + latest skyrim patch are the only new requirements. CCO Remade is recommended (because it's awesome) but not required.



e. Tembtra Armor by Deserter X





Requested by Redking52


Download (and endorse if possible!) the original UNP version, then overwrite the meshes and ESP.


Everything has been converted to 7BO, and I added CCO support and a chest containing all the armor items you can spawn via the console. You still need the crafting manual in your inventory to craft the items.



d. Seraphine Armor



Original Mod via Nexus


Download either the UNP version or a 7B variant to get the boots right, then replace the torso and glove meshes with mine.



c. Crimson Twilight Armor for 7B(O)ppai



post-233165-0-62609600-1414684949_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-71005800-1414684948_thumb.jpg


Original Mod: Crimson Twilight by BloodFree on the Nexus.
Download + Endorse, then replace the original meshes. Everything was converted - coat, curaiss, boots and gauntlets. You'll need his ground meshes and textures - I have changed nothing there.


You'll also want one of the ESPs I attached, because I made the boots HDT heels, and added Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade support. Both the Light and Heavy armor versions have been fixed, so choose whichever version of the ESP you prefer.


HDT heels is the only new requirement.





b. Huntress "Armor"



post-233165-0-26411800-1412736599_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-09658400-1412736602_thumb.jpg post-233165-0-37789700-1412736606_thumb.jpg


The first of my conversions to support Dye Manager. As such it requires (I presume) the Dye Manager mod (or the UIExtensions mod that apparently includes it) and all requirements of that, in addition to the usual 7BO requirements. The upshot? If you don't like the color, you can change it at any alchemy station in a semi-immersive way, no massive list of duplicate items or cluttered crafting menus needed. How sweet is that? "Very sweet," I hear you all saying. Ahhh, yes. Yes it is. Check out the screens for the results.


UPDATE 10-30-2014: made some fixes to the mesh to resolve a clipping issue. Restored desaturated textures after discovering that they work much better with the dye framework. Originals still included in the BSA (they're used by the ground mesh) so you can restore them if for some reason you prefer not to use the dye framework. However, if you DO wish to use it, this version will be better - the default color has been set as close to the original as I could make it. This is probably the last change I'll be making to this particular file.



a. Hentai Mixed Armor




What's New in Version 2.00


  • Dark Disciple updated to fix ankle gap issues. Thanks to guk for bringing this to my attention. Rebuild from bodyslide.
  • MXW Shiny Catsuits updated to fix a gap issue at the ankles when using the opaque version. Regenerate from bodyslide.
  • Lustmord v5 update with some fixes for clipping, as well as some slight tweaks to the base shape to HOPEFULLY make it a tiny bit more form fitting.
  • Latest Lustmord Armor update 'v4.' Adds an enhanced version of the crossbow and the recipes for it (still needs the dawnguard quest to unlock enhanced crossbows). Files changed over to OS 3.1 formats, reorganized, and added a basic FOMOD to build future options on. Still requires the original mod; cut out some of the unneeded source files etc from the download to reduce file size for now.
  • Added more vanilla converts to the MEGA upload.
  • Uploaded Lustmord Armor for UUNP.
  • Updated the MEGA archive.
  • Updated Bikini Trouble bodyslide UUNP to match latest Nexus release.
  • Vanilla pack updated with the addition of my leather armor edits.
  • Uploaded Dark Disciple for UUNP Bodyslide
  • Uploaded Shiny Rubber Catsuits for UUNP Bodyslide
  • Uploaded Sleeveless Fur skimpy replacer as first part of a collection of my picks for skimpy pieces, IE 'this will be a collection of skimpy armor replacers I actually use.'
  • Uploaded Catwoman UUNP Bodyslide convert as "Arkham Cosplay 1.2." Transitioning to more bodyslide support in the future.

Other Files from xarathos