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Sanguine’s Debauchery Cages 3.72 [August 18, 2020]

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About This File

This is an independent add-on for Sanguine's Debauchery mod.
Ever got enslaved and thought to yourself, well this is not that bad, I can just wait until the nightfall and pickpocket my Master’s key while he/she is asleep and I’am free again. Well no more, this mod adds cages to a some of the bandit locations so now when you get enslaved the Master will put you in a locked cage from 0:00 to 8:00 so good luck escaping from that.
The masters everywhere will thank you, for now they can get a good night sleep to build up their strength they’ll need to whip and do unspeakable things to you all the following day.
I NavMesh out most cages so NPC wont act like retards and try to walk right through them.
This mod also adds some badass NPCs to various locations - configurable in the MCM.

If you do not want any badass NPCs, install the badassless NPC patch (found in the download section) and place it after whatever version of SDc you are using.




  • SkyUI .::. As of SDc 2.5.


For expediency it's best to use a mod manager.


Cage Locations

  • Broken Tower Redoubt      
  • Swindler's Den
  • Serpent's Bluff Ruins
  • Cragslane Cavern
  • Morvunskar
  • Cronvangr Cave
  • Lost Knife Cave
  • Movarth's Lair
  • Karthspire Redoubt
  • Robbers Gorge
  • Blackreach
  • Fort Neugrad
  • Gallows Rock
  • Chillwind Depths
  • Deepwood Redoubt
  • Lost Valley Redoubt
  • Brinewater Grotto
  • Faldar’s Tooth
  • Redoran’s Retreat
  • Cracked Tusk Keep - New jail
  • Cragwallow Slope - New jail
  • Bilegulch Mine - New jail
  • Nilheim Tower - New jail
  • Valtheim Towers - New Jail and Cage
  • Uttering Hills Cave - Cage
  • Fort Snowhawk Prison - reversed doors
  • Volkihar Keep - Changed the prison cells
  • Fort Greymoor
  • Halted Stream Camp - New long cage
  • Redwater Spring - Fixed existing jail
  • Mor Khazgur Cellar - New jail
  • Driftshade Refuge - Cages
  • The Katariah - Fixed jail door
  • Fort Sungard Annex - Fixed jail door
  • Druadach Redoubt Cave - Fixed cage
  • Cronvangr Cave - Cage
  • Driftshade Cellar - Jail
  • Pinemoon Cave
  • Embershard Mine
  • Brittleshin Pass
  • Fort Dunstad - Jail
  • Orphan's Tear - Jail
  • Darkshade
  • Silent Moons Camp - Bridge cage
  • Dragon Lair
  • Winter War - Fixed jail door
  • Shriekwind Bastion - Jail
  • Traitor’s Post
  • Hag Rock Redoubt
  • Knifepoint Ridge
  • Treva’s Watch
  • Dead Crone Rock - Bridge cage
  • Treva’s Watch - Jail
  • Bleak Wind Bluff - Jail
  • Mistwatch - Jail + cage
  • Bannermist Tower
  • Pride of Tel Vos.
  • Bloodskal
  • Strident Squall
  • Bloodskal Barrow
  • Dawnstar bandit camp
  • Irkngthand
  • Orotheim
  • Moldering Ruins
  • Haemar’s Cavern
  • Darkfall Passage
  • Yorgim Overlook
  • Riften Warehouse
  • Kolskeggr Mine
  • Halted Stream Camp Interior
  • Broken Helm Hollow
  • Volskygge Interior
  • Hob’s Fall Cave
  • Korvanjund Exterior
  • Bristleback Cave 
  • Broken Tusk Mine
  • Castle Karstaag Ruins
  • Moesring Pass
  • Frossel
  • Benkongerike
  • Bruca’s Leap Redoubt Exterior
  • Dragontooth Crater
  • Druadach Redoubt Exterior
  • Broken Tower Redoubt Exterior
  • Faldar’s Tooth Exterior
  • Mistwatch Exterior. 
  • Treva's Watch Exterior
  • Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood) Exterior
  • Dead Man’s Drink (Falkreath) Exterior
  • Vilemyr Inn (Ivarstead) Exterior
  • Frost Fruit Inn (Rorikstead) Exterior
  • Old Hroldan Exterior
  • Four Shields Inn (Dragonbridge) Exterior
  • Moorside Inn (Morthal) Exterior
  • Braidwood Inn (Kynesgrove) Exterior
  • Nightgate Inn Exterior
  • The Frozen Hearth (Winterhold) Exterior
  • Whiterun Entrance
  • Windhelm Entrance
  • Riften Entrance
  • Markarth Entrance
  • Solitude Entrance
  • Rimerock Burrow
  • Pinewatch Sanctuary
  • Fort Amol
  • Broken Oar Grotto
  • Drela’s Cottage
  • Blue Palace
  • Stony Creek Cave

More to come!


  • jbezorg – for the original SD (this one is hard core, i.e. every morning the Master would whip the shit out of you when letting you out of the cage). Master!


  • skyrimll -- for bringing back the cage scene in SD+ and continuing the work. Thank you skyrimll!



  • nameless701 -- for the idea. 



Update Log

  • 3.72

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Jail and badass necros to Rimerock Burrow.

          <> Jail for Rigel Strong-Arm’s convenience. (Pinewatch Sanctuary).

          <> Jail and badass necros to Fort Amol.

          <> Cage to Broken Oar Grotto. 

          <> Jail to Drela’s Cottage. 

          <> Jail to the Blue Palace. (Actually it’s just a jail door (to limit conflicts with other mods) in the basement where all Imperial Jarls are ‘visiting’ after the war.) 

          <> Jail and badass bandits to Stony Creek Cave, as suggested by @donttouchmethere.

          <> More things to Movarth’s Lair.


  • 3.70

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Jail at the exterior entrance to;

<> Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood).

<> Dead Man’s Drink (Falkreath).

<> Vilemyr Inn (Ivarstead).

<> Frost Fruit Inn (Rorikstead).

<> Old Hroldan.

<> Four Shields Inn (Dragonbridge).

<> Moorside Inn (Morthal).

<> Braidwood Inn (Kynesgrove).

<> Nightgate Inn.

<> The Frozen Hearth (Winterhold).

Added .::. Cage/jail at the entrance to; 

<> Whiterun.

<> Windhelm.

<> Riften.

<> Markarth.

<> Solitude. 

  • 3.61

Patched .::. Major initialization bug, as pointed out by @Lupine00

  • 3.60

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Cage and badass Forsworn to;

<> Bruca’s Leap Redoubt exterior.

<> Dragontooth Crater.

<> Druadach Redoubt exterior.

<> Broken Tower Redoubt exterior.

Added .::. Cage and badass bandits to;

<> Faldar’s Tooth exterior.

<> Mistwatch exterior. 

<> Treva's Watch exterior. 

Changed .::. Reworked;

<> Robber’s Gorge.

<> Movarth’s Lair. 

  • 3.50

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Two cages and badass necros to Hob’s Fall Cave.

Added .::. Badass bandits to Korvanjund Exterior. 

Added .::. One jail, one cage and badass Rieklings to Bristleback Cave as suggested by @Celedhring

Added .::. One jail and badass Rieklings to Broken Tusk Mine.

Added .::. One jail, one cage and badass Rieklings to Castle Karstaag Ruins.

Added .::. One cage and badass Rieklings to Moesring Pass.

Added .::. One jail, two cages and badass Rieklings to Frossel.

Added .::. One jail, one cage and badass Rieklings to Benkongerike.

  • 3.43

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Cage and badass bandits to;

<> Halted Stream camp interior.

<> Broken Helm Hollow

<> Volskygge interior.

  • 3.33

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Cage and badass Forsworn to Kolskeggr Mine.

Added .::. Cage to Swindlers’ Den. 

  • 3.30

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. Jail cell to Riften Warehouse as requested by @deadmetal.

Changed .::. Yorgim Overlook - reversed existing doors. 

  • 3.22

Patched .::. Nothing. 

Added .::. A chaurus/slave pen in Darkfall Passage. So now when captured by the Falmer, they will lock you together with their Chaurus for more fun (if you have SDP installed). Also if you have Estrus Chaurus+ installed, you'll become their breeding slave.

Changed .::. Nothing

  • 3.20

Patched .::. Some of the NPC spawning code. 

Added .::. 2 cages and vamps to:

<> Haemar’s Cavern.

Added .::. 2 cages to Bard’s Leap Summit. 

Added .::. 'Meat' for vamps. 

Changed .::. Nothing

  • 3.15

Patched .::. Some minor bugs.

Added .::. Cage and vamps to:

<> Moldering Ruins.

Changed .::. Nothing

  • 3.14

Added .::. Cage and badass bandits to:

<> Orotheim.

Changed .::. Nothing

  • 3.12

Added .::. Cage and badass bandits to:

<> The bandit camp close to the Guardian Stones.

<> The bandit camp between Helgen and Pinewatch. 

<> Irkngthand.

Changed .::. The event that triggers the NPCs spawning. Perhaps the new event will work more reliably for all. 

  • 3.02

Added .::. Cage and badass bandits to:

<> Dawnstar bandit camp.

Added .::. A patch (WIP) that should disable the badass NPCs even in the latest versions of SDc. Do not use the patch if you like to keep the badass NPCs in your game. 

Changed .::. One of the cages at Red Eagle Redoubt.

  • 3.01

Added .::. Cage to:

<> Bloodskal.

<> Strident Squall.   

Added .::. Jail to Bloodskal Barrow.

Added .::. Badass bandits to,

<> Bloodskal inside and out. 

<> Strident Squall. 

  • 3.00

Added .::. Jail and badass bandits at Pride of Tel Vos. 

Added .::. Necros to Fort Kastav. Available only before fort liberation. 

  • 2.93

Added .::. MCM toggle for the teleportation FX used when a Badass NPC dies, as requested by @atreyatan.

Added .::. A separate .esp that is Badass-less :classic_happy:, as requested by @Ursur1major

  • 2.92

Added .::. Badass bandits to the following locations,

<> Fort Neugrad and Dunstad. Available only before choosing a side.

  • 2.90

Added .::. Cage to Mistwatch.

Added .::. Jail to the following locations,

<> Mistwatch.

<> Bannermist Tower (reversed existing doors).

Added .::. Badass bandits to the following locations,

<> Mistwatch, available only after vanilla quest is completed.

<> Bannermist Tower.

Added .::. Badass necros to Brittleshin Pass.

  • 2.80

Added .::. Cage to the following locations,

<> Traitor’s Post.

<> Hag Rock Redoubt.

<> Knifepoint Ridge.

<> Treva’s Watch.

Added .::. Long cage to Dead Crone Rock.

Added .::. Jail to the following locations,

<> Treva’s Watch.

<> The bandit camp just north of Whiterun. Yes, the one with the horse.

<> Bleak Wind Bluff.

Added .::. Badass bandits to the following locations,

<> Traitor’s Post.

<> Wreck of the Winter War.

<> Knifepoint Ridge.

<> Treva’s Watch, inside and outside.

Added .::. Badass Foresworns to Bleak Wind Bluff.

Changed .::. Reversed doors in Cradle Stone Tower, to convert it to a jail.

  • 2.77

Patched .::. Removed staffs from the dead Forsworn, as suggested by @RJLbwb.

Patched .::. NPCs spawning not limited properly by the settings in the MCM, as pointed out by @bicobus.

Added .::. More variety in spawned NPCs.

Changed .::. Forsworn 'Use SDc Armor' check in the MCM will now add only weapons to the spawned Forsworn, no armor and it is now checked by default.

  • 2.76
Warning .::. Stay away from Dragonscale armored NPCs. Their weapons are quite potent.
Patched .::. Cracked Tusk Keep jail rendering problem.
Added .::. Jail and vamps to Shriekwind Bastion.
Added .::. Badass bandits to the following locations,

<> Pinewatch

<> Driftshade Sanctuary

Changed .::. NPCs stats. Might be weaker/powerful now, not sure.

  • 2.73

Patched .::. NPC counter not counting correctly when a large number of NPCs are loaded at the same time.

Patched .::. Not all available vamps showing up in the Redwater Den.

Patched .::. A deleted navmesh showing up in TES5, as pointed out by @Otaku2013.

Added .::. New MCM option to enable NPC load for each cell.

Added .::. New MCM option to limit how many arrows the NPCs get.

Changed .::. Nothing.

  • 2.70

Patched .::. Reversed the way jail doors open in Fellglow Keep, to make them compatible with SD.

Patched .::. The badass forsworn not respecting the MCM limit.

Added .::. Badass bandits to the following locations,

<> Bilegulch Mine

<> Embershard Mine

<> Uttering Hills Cave

<> Fort Snowhauk

<> White River Watch

Added .::. Badass necromancers to the following locations,

<> Cragwallow Slope

<> Morvunskar

<> Fellglow Keep

Added .::. Badass vampires to the following locations,

<> Bloodlet Throne

<> Redwater Den

<> Mara’s Eye Pond

<> Movarth’s Lair

<> Pinemoon Cave

<> Broken Fang Cave

<> Cronvangr Cave

Changed .::. Nothing.

  • 2.60

Added .::. Badass forsworn to the following locations.

<> Lost Valley Redoubt

<> Serpent’s Bluff

<> Broken Tower Redoubt

<> Karthspire Redoubt

<> Bleakwind Bluff

<> Red Eagle Redoubt

<> Dragon Lair

<> Druadach Redoubt

<> Bruca’s Leap

<> Harmugstahl Exterior

<> Hag Rock Redoubt Exterior/Interior

<> Hags End

<> Lost Valley

<> Dead Crone Rock

<> Wilderness

Added .::. Since there is really only one kind of forsworn armor, I added a MCM option to have the badass forsworn use SDc armor, i.e. Ebony, Dragonscale. Lore fans can turn this option off to get the default forsworn armor.

Added .::. Bedrolls to most cages.

Changed .::. Broken Tower Redoubt cage to a cozy jail cell.

  • 2.5
I have added an MCM menu to help control those bad ass bandits added by this mod as requested by @Punga and in not so many words by @nightwolf, and others. :classic_wink:
<> MCM option to disable/enable bandits on cell load. Will not disable bandits already loaded - to protect your Master.
<> MCM option to limit the number of bandits spawned per cell.
It has some limitations, i.e. if you set the limit to 3 bandits and leave the area (by fast travel or going in an interior and out again) without killing them, when you come back 3 more bandits will spawn. This will continue up to the number of bandits set for that area, usually around 10. Also, if you set it to say 4 bandits and fast travel to Silent Moons Camp and all 4 bandits were loaded (you can see this in the MCM 'Debug' page) and then walk to Halted Stream Camp (basically next door) no more bandits will be loaded for that camp. You would have to fast travel there for those bandits to load or reset bandit count from MCM 'Debug' page.
<> MCM option for the bandits to use high level armor/weapons i.e. Ebony, or vanilla i.e. leather.
<> MCM option to reset the mod.
<> MCM option for logging.
<> MCM option for screen messages.
<> MCM option to show SDc version installed.
<> MCM option to track and reset the No. of bandits that have been loaded in a cell. SDc bandits only.
<> MCM options for future expansion for vampires, forsworn, necromancers etc.
<> MCM option that will fetch you a Mars chocolate bar.
  • 2.1

Added PC leveled badass bandits (to ensure your enslavement :classic_tongue:), to the following locations,

Swindler's Den

Halted Stream Camp

Orphan's Tear

Silent Moons Camp

Valtheim Towers

  • 2.0

Fort Snowhawk Prison - reversed doors.

Volkihar Keep - Changed the prison cells.

Fort Greymoor

Halted Stream Camp - New long cage.

Redwater Spring - Fixed existing jail.

Mor Khazgur Cellar - New jail.

Driftshade Refuge - Cages

The Katariah - Fixed jail door.

Fort Sungard Annex - Fixed jail door.

Druadach Redoubt Cave - Fixed cage.

Cronvangr Cave - Cage.

Driftshade Cellar - Jail.

Pinemoon Cave

Embershard Mine

Brittleshin Pass

Fort Dunstad - Jail.

Orphan's Tear - Jail.


Silent Moons Camp - Bridge cage.

Dragon Lair

Winter War - Fixed jail door.

Older Updates


  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 1.2

         Added a cage to Fort Neugrad

         Cleaned some of the NavMesh.


  • 1.3

         Gallows Rock

         Chillwind Depths

         Deepwood Redoubt

         Lost Valley Redoubt


  • 1.4

         Fixed two cage doors swinging the wrong way. :blush:


  • 1.5

         Brinewater Grotto

         Cleaned more of the navmesh.

         Added a heat source in the bridge cage, for all those Slaves left out in the cold. :classic_wink:


  • 1.6

         You guessed it, more cages.

         Faldar’s Tooth

         Redoran’s Retreat


  • 1.6a

         Added the SD patch described above.

         This patch will be maintained at the location bellow.



  • 1.7

         Got some jails.

         Cracked Tusk Keep - Jail

         Cragwallow Slope - Jail

         Bilegulch Mine - Jail


  • 1.7a

         Minor adjustments to 1.7


  • 1.7b

         Reversed swing on two jail doors.


  • 1.8

         New jail in Nilheim tower.


  • 1.9

         New jail in Valtheim Towers also, new cage.

         New cage in Uttering Hills Cave.




What's New in Version 3.72 [August 18, 2020]


See changelog. 

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