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Boobsector - Starsector Portrait Mod 1.2

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About This File



A collection of 504 female portraits (and a couple of futanaris) for Starsector, ranging from humans to various humanoid fantasy species. Mostly not very setting-friendly. All portraits can be used by the player and player officers, as well as npcs.



1. Extract the archive

2. Copy content into the "mods" folder in the game directory (create the "mods" folder if it doesn't exist)

3. Activate the mod in the launcher



This shouldn't conflict with any other mods you have installed, but let me know if you run into any problems.


If you are using a mod that adds new factions, and you want the new portraits to show up on those, download faction_patches.zip, and follow the instructions in the readme. It doesn't contain patches for all of the factions found on the starsector forum mod page, but it's very easy to create one yourself.



Personal Ami  (27 portraits)

The Maestro Noob (28 portraits)

Dandon Fuga (24 portraits)

Lera Pi (15 portraits)

Nyuunzi (13 portraits)

Soranamae (26 portraits)

Tarakanovich (21 portraits)

Veralde (6 portraits)

Anolea (9 portraits)

Aroma Sensei (8 portraits)
Evulchibi (36 portraits)
Gatery (6 portraits)
Moulinbrush (6 portraits)
Ottomarr (28 portraits)
Tagovantor (6 portraits)
Vempire (39 portraits)

Bigrbear  (31 portraits)
Demon Lord Dante (12 portraits)
Prywinko  (21 portraits)
Sciamano240 (32 portraits)
Tigrsasha (23 portraits)
Mavezar (32 portraits)
Deilan12 (55 portraits)



Full Preview:




New in V1.2:







What's New in Version 1.2


- Even more boobs!

- Added patches to make (a few) mod factions use the new portraits, including a guide on how to create your own patch

- Fixed a missing entry in the portrait list

-Added patch to replace the vanilla portraits

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