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xazPrisonOverhaul KlapMod

About This File

Hello, I liked this mod very much (in fact it's one of my favorite mods ever). I made some changes that I want to share in case you want them too. The changes can be downloaded there: http://www.loverslab.com/files/download/135-xazprisonoverhaul-klapmod/



After downloading and installing the official Prison Overhaul mod, make a backup of xazPrisonOverhaul.bsa and xazPrisonOverhaul.esp in your skyrim Data folder and overwrite them with the ones contained in the .rar



It's my first time modding


Change #1 - Whipping

  • In the original mod you are whipped every day and you can "cheat" by going back to sleep right after you wake up until it's time for your release, potentially never being punished. When not "cheating" for long prison sentences the whipping can take a prohibitive amount of real life time.
  • In my mod you are whipped only once, shortly before your release.
  • There is no way to cheat it: you won't be released if you haven't been whipped. If you sleep past your release time, you will be whipped when you stop going immediately to sleep and release shortly after (~1 skyrim hour).
  • This also allows for better RP. A guard whipping every single day is a bit strange.

Change #2 - Different Punishments

  • In the original mod every crime consisted in the same punishment, the only difference is the length of time you spend in jail. You will be whipped even for stealing an apple.
  • In my mod there are different crimes.
  • Misdemeanor vs Felony: If your bounty is less than 240 you will spend less than 24 Skyrim hours in jail and the crime is considered a misdemeanor; you will not be whipped. If it's more than 240 it's a felony, and you will be whipped.
  • Violent vs Non-Violent: If none of your crimes were violent you will not be forced to wear the gag during transporation (but you will still be bound). The guard will be sympathetic and won't strip search you; you will find yourself wearing the vanilla prison outfit with a lockpick in the backpack. If any of your crimes were violent or you previously escaped from jail you will be strip searched and put in your cell naked, without even the lockpick.
  • If you were not strip searched and you escape the next time you are caught you will be stripped completely naked and the guard will comment trusting you was a mistake. [This feature does not always work 100% in that the guards won't always attack you on sight until you commit further crimes after your escape.. If someone wants to help fix this, please do]

Change #3 - More Dialogues

  • There is a lot more text from the guards explaining to the player what's going on, for better RP.

I hope you enjoy it. The original mod author is welcome to incorporate the changes into the official addon and expand on them if he wishes to do so.

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