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After finding and enjoying richard19840706's Private Needs mod I found that what I really wanted was for NPCs to be included as well the player. Originally I was thinking that each NPC could track their needs much like the original mod does for the player. However that turned out to not really be practical as I learned more about the Creation Kit. I considered trying to add it into the AI routines but still don't quite understand Packages and ReferenceAliases enough, so in the end I had to opt for the random approach. For a while I was using a cloak spell to add a magic effect to nearby NPCs to control their needs. Unfortunately that proved to be too much for the Papyrus system and started causing major scripting delays. In the end it had to just be a single effect running on the player which would pick a random NPC at random intervals. Which is where the mod is at right now.


The Mod


When activated this mod causes NPCs to urinate and defecate at random intervals. They can also wet themselves.


All timers, chances, animations, locations & more are all configurable via a SkyUI Mod Configuation Menu.


By default it will ignore followers but this option can be toggled.


It will detect if you have SexLab installed and ignore any NPCs in the SexLabAnimating faction.


Also included are Powers for your character which can be used to make an NPC pee/poop/wet on command.


If you want your character to take care of their needs as well then check out the original mod "Private Needs" by richard19840706


Despite the title of the mod (which is based on the original) NPCs do not currently take care of their needs in private. At the moment they will just go where ever they are standing. Running to a private location is something I hope to add in the future.




In addition to this mod you will also need:


SkyUI for the configuration menu



ZAZ Animation Pack



For the defecation system a CBBE body is recommended along with custom skeleton with "SKIRT02" node.


I've been testing with "The skeleton of female models By Ning (Perfect 3-2)" http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11064/

"XP32 Maximum Skeleton" should work as well http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26800/




Based on, and includes code from "Private Needs" by richard19840706


Poop code by pamfolette, based on work originally by jbezorg


Poop meshes by pamfolette


Other poop assets from the Manure mod by jonx0r


Thanks to mastercchris and everyone else involved for the great Zaz Animation Pack


Thanks to Deathmaw for beta testing

Other Files from slayster