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About This File

This is my conversion of xinafay shoes to UNPB. The feet textures use UNP compatible UV map and meshes have a working weight slider.


So far this conversion contains:

  • Ballet heels (red and black, with straps and strapless + barefoot)
  • High heels (red and black, with straps and strapless + barefoot)
  • Thigh high boots
  • Slave heels
  • Stilts
  • Pony boots

What's left to do:

  • Ultra high heels (and its barefoot variant)
  • "Low" heels

All of my conversions are based on UNP Topmodel conversion by idontkn0w123! So it's really conversion of a conversion ^^ My work is mostly creating weight sliders, fixing clipping and correcting small errors. I'm doing this to learn using 3Ds Max so I can (hopefully) start making my own custom outfits in the future! n_~


Not all shoes from xinafay's pack have been finished yet. I will start working on "low" heels and ultra high heels once their Topmodel versions are available.




  1. Extract the archive
  2. Drop the "Meshes" folder in your "Data" directory



  1. Go to: Data\Meshes\xinafay\shoes\ and delete the files that came with the archive





  • Ms Leeches
  • xinafay <3 for creating the original High Heels pack for CBBE
  • idontkn0w123 for allowing me to use his own conversion as base for this one! If you like this mod please give a kiss to idontkn0w123!
  • Autodesk for 3DS Max 2012 used to create this conversion
  • TheFigment for 3DS Max nif plugin
  • Nightasy for amazing tutorials
  • Koffii for helping me understand lots of things about modelling <3

What's New in Version 0.92


  • 0.9: First public release, most shoes finished
  • 0.91: Pony boots added!
  • 0.91: Ballet heel foot mesh redone!

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