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A.K.A. Fully Automated Luxury Nudist Space Communism.


This is a mod with three major features, each with its own section below.


This is both Ironman and—if you don't use the optional insult fix—Achievement compatible. I assume it works fine in multiplayer but I have no idea what it'll do when one player has it and another doesn't. Try it and let me know. Better yet, run a Nudist Communist Xeno-Compatibility build in a game with Stefan Annon and let me know.


To install, unzip the files in your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod folder. Situational Nudity is currently intended for Stellaris version 2.7.2.


Situational Nudity


Pops, leaders, and rulers will be naked when:

  • they're slaves,
  • they're part of a hive mind,
  • they have the servile, docile livestock, or nerve-stapled traits, or
  • you're running Shared Burdens. Fully Automated Luxury Nudist Space Communism. I wanted a way to easily get a nudist empire without running a hive mind and this civic made the most sense to me. Clothing is IMO one of the biggest indicators of socioeconomic status and I can absolutely see a communist paradise doing without it. I'm not claiming it's realistic, just that it makes enough sense to me and I think it's fun.

Humans and humanoids 2 through 5 will all be fully naked, courtesy of Nessa's artwork. Unfortunately I can't undress every portrait because the portrait artwork literally isn't finished most of the time. I should also add that all of the nude portraits are pretty tame aside from Nessa's additions. There's also no fancy nipple rings or chains or extra clothes or anything crazy. Just the regular Paradox clothing and good honest nudity in the appropriate conditions.


You'll get to enjoy the following portraits naked (ignoring the ones that already are):

All of the other portraits are either already naked full-time or literally aren't drawn with bodies. If you're an artist, I'd love some help with this (please?). Some of the portraits are damn close to finished already, they just lack arms or they get cut off or something. Or just add reasonable looking titties and nipples to some of the nicer looking portraits, that's cool too.


Credit for this section goes to Nessa for both the idea (Real Human Slaves) and for the artwork.




Situational Nudity also includes, updates, and polishes the following mods:

Might be worth clarifying that I haven't just cobbled them together with a few minutes of copying and pasting, I've compared each of them line by line to vanilla and cleaned it all up. Superfluous files are removed. Errors from the error log are all cleaned up. I redrew clothing to ensure all clothing is a perfect match for vanilla, so the royal outfits have been added everywhere and all of Silfae's females have every single item of clothing the men do. It's intended to be as seamless and vanilla as possible. The animation lists have been matched with vanilla, pops now have appropriate clothing types (many of them had old tile-system code just commented out, so all female pops would dress alike...) I'm no artist but I also cleaned up Silfae's cat female graphics a bit. Lightened the eyes and matched the males in color, along with minimizing the 'thick eyeliner' look they had. I'm an obsessive man. I am both proud and ashamed.


I'm not claiming credit for any of the above and I respect all of their work.


No Bad Hair


We got a lot of new hair in a patch and not all of it was great. Situational Nudity removes 3 of the 4 new human hairstyles, 7 of the 8 new elf hairstyles, and the silly male elf bowl cut. All of the recolors and new clothing are kept.


Known Issues


  • You might still get insulted for wearing clothing, even if you aren't. You similarly can't belittle other empires for wearing clothing. You can fix this by downloading my optional fix, but it comes at the cost of achievement compatibility.
  • This is the only line in error.log I get from this mod, and I don't know what causes it. In testing I haven't noticed any issues in-game but I'd love to hear from anyone that knows what this is and how to solve it, if it's even caused by this mod ([empire_design.cpp:831]: Failed to migrate government type [gov_despotic_empire] to authority for empire design. Mods?).
  • Not all instances of your pops will be naked. For example, pops on your species screen will remain clothed and the 'pop growing' image will also remain clothed. I don't think this can be fixed either, at least not without making the portraits entirely nudist (which I don't want to do).
  • A few of the portraits actually have an existing nude portrait for pre-sentients, often with extra details. Shoulder flaps that stick out, for example, or more feathers. The cthulhu humanoids should have bulkier shoulders. Your naked pops won't look like this, both because I haven't drawn those into the portrait and because I'm pretty sure they'd peek out from the clothing. Since I really want normal empires to not look weird, I don't think I can fix this. I'm open to ideas.
  • When you go to the empire portrait selection screen some of the humanoid pops will have their naked outfit selected. I have no earthly clue what's happening here. I replicated this bug with a LITERALLY EMPTY mod folder, it still defaulted to outfit 5 with ONLY my EMPTY mod enabled, outfit 1 without. Who the hell knows.
  • Because the naked outfit doesn't show up at the end of the clothing list, your existing empire rulers might be coincidentally naked (or they might have the wrong outfit). I've included a fix for the Commonwealth of Man (their leader was a little more spartan than the developers intended), but I can't fix your own empires.
  • Your existing communist and hive mind empires probably won't have naked rulers. You'll need to change their outfit yourself. Or maybe that's a feature, only Dear Leader gets to wear clothing in socialist paradise.


Questions & Answers


Q: Can I have any of these modules by themselves?
A: No, it's an all or nothing affair.
Q: Why are the communists naked? That makes no sense.
A: Mostly because without this feature I can't play with a nudist empire that's not a hive mind. The best solution to this would be to let any empire be nudist if you undressed your default ruler, but I don't think this is possible. At least not while keeping things achievement compatible.
Q: Is this compatible with X?
A: I have no idea, but I edit a bunch of vanilla files. I recommend you copy my mod to your desktop and then copy the other mod over top of it (eg their gfx folder over my gfx folder). If it wants to overwrite files, it's probably not compatible.

Q: Do I need every DLC?

A: I have no idea. I have all of them. I'd assume it'll work even if you don't have some.

Q: Why is this on Lovers Lab but not the Steam Workshop?

A: I don't feel like fighting with admins about whether my mod is appropriate or not, mostly. Also the subject matter invites inappropriate discussion, even if the actual graphics are pretty tame. It's also nice that if an artist does decide to contribute I don't have to weigh how appropriate it is and it can be discussed.

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Re-uploaded Situational Nudity Insult Fix, this time with a corrected path.


Situational Nudity Insult Fix.zip

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