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rework of mojave schol girls


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I would suggest:


1) Check the page/thread to see if the author has commented on permissions. If it says something like 'up for adoption' etc, then go for it.


2) If it doesn't say anything about permissions, send them a personal message and ask.


3) if you get no reply after 1 month then go ahead and upload your version, but clearly credit the original author and say you'll take it down if they have a problem (its unlikely they will).

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Well, if you are talking about this mod: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15824-sexout-mojaveschoolgirls/?hl=schoolgirls

This was made by me ...


You (and anyone else) has my permission to make with this mod anything he wants.


I realy have no time to create the mod(s) I want to create:

I had planed to make this a kind of clothing-fetish mod but never found any includable free to use clothing, and without a check of the PCs clothes (school-uniform, maiden, nurse etc.) the whole thing got senseles (for me). (The whole 'creature thing' with geckos and bighorner was just a playground to figure out how things work in sexout. In my last version of the mod they are deleted, the bighorner are in 'Miss Moo'. By the way: Has anyone recognized, that bighorner are SHEEP and NO CATTLE? :) :) )


Here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15824-sexout-mojaveschoolgirls/?p=578668 can you see the new version I was working on in a very early stage.


So if you want to take over/rework/recreate the mod: Do it! :) And as soon as you have a beta, make a new download-topic and I will ask the admin for closing the original one.

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