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C5Kev's "Top Her In Copper" Witch Elf Armor UUNP

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Hello Folks!  One ore that's quite rare in Skyrim is copper. Yes, it exists, but for some reason, it just isn't in great abundance in the area which makes it highly prized.


Gaia has on a rather attractive (light) heavy armor, beautifully finished in polished and patinaed copper and bleached linen wraps. And don't she look nice? The armor has a rating above that of steel, but below that of Dwarven materials - but does require Dwarven ingots to upgrade. It's a good, well-rounded and easily upgradable package. Sorry, no weapons are included, but what makes this armor unique is the little "fellow" on Gaia's midriff.


So what IS that odd little thing?  Well, notice the eyes - as if something were "On"?  Now I don't understand all the inner workings, but I'm told that inside is something called a radio frequency osillator (Tesla coil) and a capacitor. The polished copper horns pick up electrical energy from the surrounding atmosphere that is then stored within the capacitor. When No-Goodniks come near, the stored energy is discharged from the capacitor to the Tesla coil (thus raising the voltage) and transmitted invisibly to the copper plates of the armor. So why doesn't Gaia get zapped as well? Don't know, go ask someone at the College. But it's a darn good defense and the bad guys and gals just plain love it! It makes them feel "tingly" all over - all "goosebump-ly" and they get a real charge out of it!  And now your Dragonborn can have this great armor for their adventures!  Neat, huh?


You  will need the Steel smithing perk to create and temper the armor, which can be crafted at a forge and Dwarven ingots to upgrade. But for cheaters such as myself, I just use the  AddItemMenu  mod to get the armor right away.  The "HS" version file requires the Heels Sound   mod by ApoKrytia for the "clicky" shoes. Be sure to have that  already installed.  If you prefer not to use Heels Sound, select the  "NoHS"  file.   


Simply   install my mod using your favorite mod manager. Once doing so, start  up BodySlide and select "C5Kev's Witch Elf Armor UUNP (HS or NoHS)"    from the "Group Filter" drop-down. Check the "Build Morphs" box and   click "Batch Build" to make your armor parts. That's about it.   

Any problems or issues, just let me know...


Mesh Credits:
Armor: "Witch Elf Armor" by Squizzo


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