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About This File

This mod is for all my fellow ABDL fans out there. ^^

These pacifiers are for Monster hunter world.


As any of my long time fan(s) may know I'm part of the ABDL modding community & I REALLY like pacifiers...

I also really like sharing with people & so I just wanted to share what I was able to create,

I know there's a small amount of people like me out there playing MHW who wished this kind of mod was a thing so here I am. ^^



Hunting Pacifiers ^^
Pacifiers for stressed out hunters with tooth grinding problems, to keep them calm & their teeth safe & strong. 😜


This mod will replace the Thermea helmet with an adult pacifier.

Update.1 - I've added an alternate golden version of the pacifier,
                    the shield is gold & the pull ring is the colorable part instead of the shield.

There's 10 pull ring colors to choose from, White, Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, & a Golden version.
The pacifier shield is colorable in the armor color menu(s) unless u use the golden pacifier, then the pull ring is colorable.

Choose a color/folder & Just toss the "nativePC" folder into ur MHW folder.

Credit goes to AsteriskAmpersand for the MHW Mod3 Importer-Exporter & CrAs T MRL3 Editor.
Credit to the creators of Blender.

Huge thanks & credit to the MHW decryption team.

Enjoy ^^

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