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La Buge Hoobies (LBH) CBBE BodySlide Preset 1.0.0

25 Screenshots

About This File




A CBBE Bodyslide preset to equip player or NPC females with a slim, curvy figure and huge boobies... uh"Buge Hoobies".


There are two variants in this BodySlide Preset:

  • La Buge Hoobies v1 (Natural): Adds a gravitational effect to the "major assets" of the body.  This is best used for nude or loose fitting clothing, such as swimsuit, lingerie, etc.
  • La Buge Hoobies v1 (Boosted): Lifts and squeezes the Hoobies together for that "OMG! IT'S THE FRIGGIN' PRYDWEN!" cleavage effect.  This is better used for tight-fitting or binding outfits.

In the Screenshots section, Piper is modeling different outfits for your viewing pleasure and for a visual comparison between the two variants.




To manually install the preset:

1. Extract the file from the compressed package and copy/move it to ..\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets

2. You'll need to locate your Fallout 4 installation directory/folder that precedes the above path.


You may, alternatively, use your preferred Mod Manager client to install it directly from a file.




In order to use this BodySlide Preset, you will need to install the following mod and design tool:

  • Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 
  • Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancere





New Screenshots




Q:  What mods were used in the posted screenshots?

A:  Links to the mods used in the production of these screenshots may be found in the support thread for this preset.  (Link below)



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