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Trying to upgrade from previous versions to 0.6 is NOT recommended. Better to use a clean save or new game.


The Ancient Profession is part prostitution mod, part lore-friendly quest mod. It's my attempt to make prostitution as legitimate an in-game choice as joining the College of Winterhold or the Thieves Guild, and it's my attempt to make role-playing a character who truly starts from nothing a little more possible (still a work in progress). The mod adds the following:


  • Quests. This is a SexLab mod, so the quests will almost always include some kind of sexual element. The early quest content centers around you obtaining licenses to work as a prostitute in each of the nine holds of Skyrim, and they are designed so that low-level characters can complete them. The quests will branch out from there. I intend to design the quests around role-playing, not combat, because I want to be able to play a character who simply isn't a combat bad-ass right at the start of the game. I also intend to keep the quests as lore-friendly as possible while still expanding beyond what's officially part of the lore.
  • Prostitution. There are existing prostitution mods, of course. This one is just designed to fit in with the quest mechanics of the rest of the mod, and I want the interactions with clients to be a little more to my personal taste. My intent is to also implement at least one brothel that you can join, with its own quest line and benefits, as well as other choices that may have their own trade-offs.


I hope that players enjoy getting to know the characters in the mod and find the quest lines interesting to play.


At this time, and for the foreseeable future, this mod is intended for female player characters only.


Up-front warning: Although rape is not the focus of this mod, your path through some quests can lead to the player character being raped. This mod will also contain some references to creature-related content, though all scenes of that nature will be optional.



This mod is currently an EARLY ALPHA release. All version upgrades are likely to require clean saves for now.


I often add features and make updates to existing quests, and right now I'm not worried about making sure you can upgrade an existing save seamlessly. Until the quests get more finalized it is VERY LIKELY that quests won't work if you try to upgrade in an existing game. If you want to keep up with new versions, keep a clean save from before you install the mod, or be prepared to start a new game.


I am looking for people willing to test and provide feedback.


Note about LE compatibility:


Because of the amount of time it takes to develop the mod, I don't plan to support Skyrim LE at this time, simply because I don't have time to test the mod in both versions. The mod does appear to mostly work if you extract the BSA and put the loose files in your Skyrim directory, then delete the BSA. But note that I AM NOT SUPPORTING THIS RIGHT NOW.


How to start the quests


Option 1: Go to a Dibella's Garden brothel and speak to the madam. There are locations near Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm.


Option 2: Go to any innkeeper and ask, "Do you have any work that doesn't involve risking my life?". Then ask "May I...sell myself in your inn?". If you are in Skyrim, this will start a quest.  While you can start working as a prostitute outside of Skyrim, such as in Raven Rock, it will not start a quest there.


Option 3: Speak to a prostitute.


Option 4: Speak to Benjen Black-Briar in Riften.


Planned features


  • Different employers, with different advantages and disadvantages (partly implemented)
  • Ways to build skills through safe training - that is, not putting your life on the line - in a way that's not just clicking a message box and paying some gold. (partly implemented)
  • More quests and a more complex prostitution system (the prostitution system is now partly implemented)


Bugs and known issues


There are a lot of them. This is my first attempt at Skyrim modding. Some of them I already know about, and some of them I don't. A few things you should know right away:


  • There are about 16 playable quests right now. Sometimes, somebody might tell you that they will get in touch with you later, but that is not implemented yet.
  • The Whiterun and Falkreath quests are placeholders.
  • The prostitution system is in early parts of its implementation. Every man you solicit will accept, and they will always say the same thing. I will add some variety and chances for acceptance or not later.
  • The Windhelm quest has multiple paths through it, depending on your allegiance in the civil war. It will do something different if you are unaffiliated vs. an Imperial vs. a Stormcloak. It even handles you changing allegiance partway through.  While I tested the hell out of this quest, it's complex. I'm sure I missed something.
  • When training with Fasta, she may stand there with her firsts in the air or a spell on her hand without casting it. She is supposed to cast a spell at you, but sometimes won't. The quest should detect when this happens and use another way of applying the effect to you.
  • Vanikseth gets stuck multiple times on the way to his workroom. This is an issue with the vanilla navmesh between where he starts and where he's going. I will address it at some point, but he should automatically "jump" past the parts where he's stuck.
  • If you work as a prostitute in an inn added by a mod, you may get a bounty just for walking out the door of the inn if you didn't pay the innkeeper his due first. This is caused by the mod not giving the inn a parent location with the keyword LocTypeHabitation on it, and the mod author would have to fix it. This happens with Skygerfall, for example.
  • After the special Dibella's Garden party job, if you do the job again, the cell may not reset properly unless you leave the brothel first.
  • Extra "innkeeper" NPCs added by Immersive Wenches may provide an option to start working in the inn that won't work because they aren't room renters.
  • Immersive Wenches NPCs may let you start working in The Bee and Barb during "Restraint of Trade" when you're not supposed to do that.


There are more. These are just the ones I think are likely to confuse people.




Just extract the archive into your Skyrim SE Data folder or use a mod manager to install it.


Hard Requirements (install them or it won't work)


  • SexLab SE and any of its dependencies
    • Some of the quests do require creature animations. I intend to always keep creature-related content optional. If you start going down a quest path that won't work without creature animations enabled, the mod will tell you.
  • PapyrusUtil
    • This is installed with SexLab, and it's fine to use that version, but this mod directly uses it now.
  • Fuz Ro D'oh for Skyrim SE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109)
    • Dialogue will go by too fast without it
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 
    • The mod will load without this at the moment, but I think some of the quest conditions rely on bug fixes from the patch.


Soft Requirements (install them if you want to)


The mod will load the following to provide the prostitutes more outfit variety than the dull vanilla tavern clothes:



As of 0.4, you can add or remove these outfit mods at any time, and the mod will use them.


Recommended mods not by me





I have not tested this mod extensively for compatibility, but I do usually play with plenty of mods. I have seen no conflicts in the ones I use, and in general I try not to modify vanilla assets more than absolutely necessary. That said, there are certain planned features that will introduce the possibility for compatibility issue. The biggest of these is brothel locations, as this will require me to edit the Tamriel worldspace. I may also be forced to modify a few vanilla scripts to integrate the mod better.


Definitely compatible


  • SexLab Jail Rape. I tested this explicitly with the one part of the mod that might conflict, and there is no issue.


Not recommended 


  • Any other prostitution mod. Other prostitution mods will be unaware of the licensing and employment systems in The Ancient Profession and will provide a way to sidestep its game mechanics. If they implement player approaches, you may also get weird interactions. And if they provide solicitation dialogue, you may have to remember which mod does which thing.
  • Sisterhood of Dibella. Version 0.6 is probably the last version that will be mostly compatible with this mod. My original intent was to have these coexist, but I have since decided that I am probably going to provide quest and faction opportunities with the Temple of Markarth, where this mod and The Ancient Profession will probably no longer work together.


Not compatible


  • If there's a mod out there that changes the rental bed at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood to a different bed, this mod won't be compatible with it. There are technical reasons for this that you probably don't care about.
  • Radiant Prostitution if you have the "NPC Scene" options turned on. Some of the characters in The Ancient Profession wear the tavern clothes outfit, and this can cause quest-breaking interruptions.


What's New in Version 0.6


This release adds 2 quests, expands a few others, fixes several bugs, and adds an MCM menu.




  • Two new quests: "Political Favor" (Benjen) and "An Evening of Theatre" (Dibella's Garden)
  • There is now a grace period if you leave the area after an inn session without paying
  • The cut that innkeepers take has been reduced a bit
  • "Restoring Faith" quest has been expanded a little
  • There is now another way to complete "Morthal Prostitution License"
  • Windhelm brothel now has a map marker
  • You can now get food items from the bartender during the party in the downstairs room at Dibella's Garden, where previously you could only ask for drinks, which should make the quest still playable in case you've used up all the food and the cell doesn't reset for some reason
  • The "Join Dibella's Garden" quest is no longer started just by talking to a madam and will instead wait for you to say you want a job
  • MCM menu with a few options and stats
    • Optional "spoiler" quest markers to point the way to objectives that require searching, and option to turn off quest markers altogether
    • Option for how long the inn session grace period is
    • Option to control same-sex solicitation chances if you want a greater chance for women to accept solicitations
  • Bug fix: Code for updating your account with Benjen would actually touch stuff for the Dibella's Garden account
  • Bug fix: You could do special jobs for Dibella's Garden in holds where you didn't have a license
  • Bug fix: Extra innkeepers added by Immersive Wenches report you when you started an inn session with another innkeeper in the same inn
  • Bug fix: If you had married Senna and moved her to a home away from Markarth, it would be impossible to get Sassa to follow you to her and complete "Restoring Faith"
  • Bug fix: Map marker for Whiterun brothel would drop you behind the brothel
  • Bug fix: "Markarth Prostitution License" quest wouldn't mark all objectives completed correctly if you'd already done "The Heart of Dibella"
  • Bug fix: Player could solicit other prostitutes when working at inns
  • Bug fix: Objective and dialogue to talk to stewards about other prostitution licenses would not show after completing Dibella's Garden interview if you already had a license when you did the interview
  • Bug fix: When calculating how much you owed Dibella's Garden, Benjen, or an innkeeper, the scripts were rounding the values of what you owed each time it added them to your debt, resulting in increasingly large errors in debt amounts as you entertained more clients


Full details


  • Make it possible to convince Numeeva of Intius' guilt by showing written confession
  • Allow player to override female solicitation chances if they want a very lesbian world
  • Expand Restoring Faith quest to make Sassa's crisis of faith seem more significant
  • Create an MCM menu
  • TAPQDGJobs01 dialogue and journals shouldn't assume player ever wears clothes
  • Add configurable "giveaway" hint quest markers
  • Add map marker for Windhelm Dibella's Garden brothel
  • Whiterun and Windhelm party rooms need to reset properly
  • You should be able to get food items from the bartender during CMNF party
  • Whores will remark about you picking up food at the CMNF party
  • Prostitutes will do that "if you see any strong men around" scene at the brothel
  • Code to update Benjen account messes with Dibella's Garden values
  • Brothel customer script hard-codes form ID of dispel potion for some reason
  • Provide a one day grace period if you leave an area without paying the innkeeper
  • Reduce innkeeper cut in general
  • Missing word in dialogue if innkeeper catches you lying without enough gold
  • Player is able to do CMNF party in brothels where she isn't licensed to work
  • There are still lots of gaps on the floor in Vanikseth's workroom
  • Extra innkeepers added by Immersive Wenches report you as trespasser in legit inn
  • Dialogue prompt in TAPQBenjen01 says "tried to have sex me himself"
  • Dialogue can sometimes show "..." prompt in TAPQBenjen02
  • Add "Political Favor" Benjen quest
  • Don't start TAPQJoinDG just by saying hello to the madam
  • Improve TAPQJoinDG dialogue for vaginal skill demo
  • Sassa will not follow you to Senna if Senna lives at non-Markarth player home
  • Whoring controller should keep player legality variable updated automatically
  • Matilde melts into wall while waiting for CMNF party to start in Whiterun brothel
  • Endon speaks as if Adara is his first child but vanilla dialogue suggests he has a grown son
  • Make Fjotra go to Inner Sanctum during TAPQRestoringFaith scene
  • TAPQMarkarthLicense doesn't complete objectives correctly if you already did T01
  • Add "An Evening of Theatre" Dibella's Garden quest
  • TAPQPlayerApproachControllerScript not checking value for None before using it
  • Player can solicit other whores during inn whoring sessions
  • If player has license when completing DG interview, miscellaneous license objective won't show
  • Rounding errors on debt calculations due to integer truncation
  • Letter about Sassa refers to her "golden" hair but she has auburn hair
  • Fast travel to Dibella's Garden Whiterun puts you behind the brothel
  • WillingToFuckKhajiit not set properly during TAPQBenjen01
  • "Talk to Erikur" objective doesn't complete after the day wait
  • MinFloat function returning max instead of min


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