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BDOR Eclipse UUNP HDT Cloth Bodyslide Conversion 1.1.0

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About This File

Second in the line of projects, Zephobear presents: a UUNP Bodyslide Conversion Build for the glorious DM's BDOR Eclipse Outfit by Team TAL!

Self explanatory enough, here's the first release version of said armor conversion! Complete with HDT Cloak and High Heel Stuff! (Took the most work trying to get the feet mesh right ._. )


1. [LE] DM BDOR Eclipse by Team TAL

2. Bodyslide and Outfit Studio for UUNP

3. Everything required by the original mod!

1. Install to unpack in your preferred Mod Organizer

2. Activate ESP that enables armor weighting

3. Build with your custom body preset on Bodyslide

3. Enjoy!

Known issues:

1. Rudimentary First Person Function

2. Still figuring out what other issues might arise, leave your comments on the support forum page for insights! Be glad to hear 'em!


Update and/or Plans:
1. Circlet support?: Never done head outfit conversions before, and I wanted to have this released so bad... but I'll see about it though!



1. Some of the screenshots might depict previously outdated versions, but were pretty enough to me to include!


Credits/Mods used:

To TeamTAL for the original outfit mod




Check out my Patreon for more descriptive project updates(Here's the page for this one), and a support platform!
Catch me on Twitter for live updates and stuff maybe!

Peak of what's to come!:



Link to my previous mod!: Bloodborne Doll Cloak UUNP

What's New in Version 1.1.0


1.1.0 - Major(Lewd) Update!
Added HDT/Non-HDT Butts Option ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!  You'll get the prompt to choose after Batch Building.

New Armor Parts! Seperated Pantsu, and Bracers ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ). The Final Form! ...Until we find something to troubleshoot. :v


Previous Versions:



First person bug with invisible hands and armor fixed. Made weight enabled conversions for the first person models. Something to keep in mind for next time I guess. :v



Fixed the cape-butt clipping on my side. +_+
Presumably should apply with every other body preset...

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