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Kyne's Goat - LE Backport - UUNP Conversion 1.0.1

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About This File

LE Backport and UUNP Bodyslide Conversion for the Kyne's Goat original outfit by SunJeong!

Doesn't technically require the original mod, but you know! Praise be and all!

No Heels Sounds by default for now since I don't use it but uhm... maybe soon? :v


All Credits go to SunJeong for the lovely outfit. ❤️



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What's New in Version 1.0.1



  • Quick Gauntlets Bone/Clipping Hotfix. Install along with the main mod, then be sure to rebuild the gauntlet part! :I



  • Initial Release
  • Converted ESL->ESP, Form 44->Form 43
  • BC7 DDS textures to BC5
  • Nifs backported with necessary optimizations to be usable for LE
  • Re-added NIO heels effect
  • First Pass UUNP Conversion


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