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About This File

I do not take credit for this mod

the original version for SE seems to have been deleted so i decided to use BSA Browser which fixed the CTD issue for me


I'm not a modder by any means

just wanted to share this file


Here is the original mod if you don't know what Sexlab tools is about (Only Works for LE)

MAKE SURE TO UNCHECK UI EXTENSIONS in Wyre bash or SSEDIT as it conflicts and will cause CTD


I highly recommend this mod for everyone to download this to

improve your Skyrim sex life



UI Extensions


To make it work together

Disable the ESP in wyre bash or SSEDIT etc

What's New in Version 3.0.0


Adds translations support

Hopefully will stop ctd for certain users


If you downloaded the previous version just delete the files and replace it with the new version

Use any Mod manager to do this

May be a pain in the ass to do it manually if you have a lot of mods

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