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  1. Nice work! I'm glad you picked this up because Martial Milk quickly veered away from this path, which it seemed was what most people wanted to see (and I didn't have the desire to make myself).
  2. Did you find the solution you sought? From the error shown I don't immediately recognize what sort of change you were aiming to make. Sadly, in a practical sense, support has kind of died off or is at least on indefinite hiatus. I have a very large update I've been working on since the last one, but it ballooned along with life continuing to divide my time. The update has been aimed at adding physical content- characters, dungeons, quests- and integrating skill acquisition into all that. I have some of each of those, but much like the mod itself, that exploration turned into the half-creation of about three dozen characters and exploration of their stories and experiences. Throughout all that, my initial designs for the mod have been altered and more closely fit the vision of my other mod "Loss of Humanity" which technically doesn't exist yet (outside of this ballooning into it very imperfectly. I also started a few dossiers on the characters and other content elements to maybe do some periodic dev updates to get my ideas out for people to see and to keep y'all apprised of what's up. I might get what I had made together and see where that goes- maybe it'll reignite my motivation.
  3. That is/was/has been something on my mind as the premise behind origins of the abilities comes from lactating breasts being the only possible tools available. I looked into it for a while, though offhand I don't recall what I found. I've been onto a bunch of different things but I occasionally mess with the mod here and there. Oh!- I recall now that I had been looking for nipple casting in general while restrained. I really wanted a mage in a straitjacket who hovered around. At the time, I found basically nothing supporting it because of how DD disables weapons, I think. Where there's a will, there's a way, though. I just haven't had enough will myself to make that particular functionality a reality.
  4. Certainly! and thanks! 💜 Ilaereth.jslot IlaerethMorph.nif EDIT: Those might be from my revision of the face I posted. Here are some shots of that.
  5. Yup! Martial Milk is basically built on top of that. At the moment, it doesn't actually require it, but it is heavily urged to go with it. Martial Milk is functionally the milk skills system on one hand and an interactive narrative about transformation and mastery of the curse on the other hand. The latter is more or less a trial run and teaser for my future mod Loss of Humanity; it explores the involuntary, grotesque transformation element on as many levels as I have the constitution to implement.
  6. Aye. I currently have an 'essential' job, so I go out for that. Stuff is moving on several fronts. I've been having a bit of difficulty focusing on singular tasks for the mod, so I keep making a bit of progress here and there without getting terribly far anywhere. That said, I keep doing things more related to LoH than MaMi- Ilaereth here being an example. I have a horse-cursed and a skeever-cursed character in Martial Milk (along with several bovine characters). I'm building a/the transformation system for this mod in Martial Milk. I have characters at varying stages in the cow transformation (my own layer on top of BAC); it uses racemenu to alter body sizes and proportions as the rest of the changes progress. The past couple days I've been iterating on Ilaereth's horse features. Earlier today I was just referred to Bad Dog's Horse Race mod, so I've been digging around in that to see what I can do for my own transformations and if it would be a good supplementary mod. So far it's awesome and worth checking out, but it is probably not a directly useful reference as I'm not aiming for "horse person" nearly as much as "person vaguely and grotesquely becoming horse-like." Also, here's another iteration of Ilaereth after looking around at the horse race mod.
  7. I had not. That's pretty rad. Might have to implore Bad Dog's help for some horse ears. 👂 👀 👂 Since the design in Martial Milk (and Loss of Humanity) is about transformation, I am exploring ways to change from [default race] into a hybrid with a particular animal- horse, cow, and skeever being at the top of my list currently.
  8. Here's Ilaereth, an equimorph character in Martial Milk.
  9. Here's Ilaereth, an equimorph character for Martial Milk. Facially, she's probably at a mild level of transformation. Note that her hooves will be horse hooves in the end- just using the BAC hooves for now/for reference.
  10. It has a dark and murky past, and thanks! I originally had a fully Nord design, but as I deliberated on the history of the place and on how the milk pumps are themed as Dwemer creations, I felt it appropriate that the Dwemer should have a hand in its design- both as subterranean architects and as the same heartless bastards who betrayed and doomed the Falmer.
  11. Yes, actually. I am continuing the story framework- level design; characters- behaviors, dialogue, etc.; integrating progression into the skills. There isn't a ton to show off in-game because I've been fleshing out some characters. This personal project is an exploration of several topics, so it will likely meander to its destination. Here are some images of the new Kor Vila (I remade it for reasons- not that anyone saw much of the original )
  12. hey im just wondering about the loss of humanity mod ive been playing the being a cow mod which is awesome but i want most possible transformations like ur idea.  just wanted to know roughly when u or somebody could make those mods

  13. Olaf: What has happened to Skyrim while I've been dead?
  14. Hey, yeah! I've been taking a break from it for a bit. I was planning to do incremental releases, but at least for the next one, it's going to be a lot of content. Content creation has been a little bit of a slog so far as I'm creating framework for things in the future and really nailing down the main drive of some quests. While systems and scripting are kind of my strength, my content-creating muscles are noticeably weaker. I might put together some preview content soon to tease what's on the horizon. Here's a little bit for the moment. 💜 May I introduce you to... Kor Vila I can answer some questions about it, but I'll (hopefully) keep most things for the release.
  15. I do enjoy the crawling anims, but I also would like to see some rendition of quadrupedal locomotion. I'm using xpmse to shorten legs and lengthen arms, but there's currently no animation (that I've found) to put that to good use on all fours.
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