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[Release] UNPC-XB HDT + TBBP + FUTA + BPP by IDzeroNo v1

About This File



These is a body edited by me with all working parts and no breast crush (getting the working skeleton.)



How to use FUTA: Better for Advanced User.

Use TES5Edit to delete your bodies Race(ArmorAddon/CS-skintexture) and use Nifskope to set the texture paths in the .nif all; thats all:)

Just the femalebody_0+1


Futanari Textues Included.


Thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/31110-release-unpc-xb-hdt-tbbp-futa-bpp-by-idzerono/


Notes: Tested on XPMS by 32 with HDT extension , tested no CTD Longs hours of game play.



1. HDT

2. HDT Heels

3. BBP


5.XPMS + HDT extension

6.No Glitch

7. Full on Race Futa. (I play as Female that bangs Females)! You Have Been Warned.



Download These Amazing Music | Mod Information Below


[onorezdiLP020] Gekokujo (May 23, 2014)






Req: Female Body that uses (BBP) UNPB - preferred


If you want to use PC Exclusive Armor Path for PCEAr version.


(Just others mods)

1.)Daedric Chainmail Bodyslide CBBE TBBP by Kuunkulta

2.)Smithing Gear BAT File for making weapons and armor etc by Six6Star

3.)ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

4.)Immersive Armors by Hothtrooper44

5.)In Russia Броня для CBBE/UNP/LB

6.)Skyrim(スカイリム) PC版 Link




First and foremost , I have been given permission.


Turns the Daedric armor into a Beast Bouncing Scale Armor










Armors Converted

Daedri BBP CHSBHC/UNPB/CBBE comparability


Replacers for Female Daedric and Female Dragonscale armors. All credit goes to the original authors.

I've modified the meshes from Daedric Chain for UNP and UNPB Dragonscale chainmail

Also fixed the lower version on the Dragonscale armor, and put panties on the Daedric armor.


Credits and thanks:

architeuthisinfitialis for UNPB Dragonscale chainmail

MAK07 for Dragonscale version

Unknown Author for Daedric Chain for UNP

lustrianna for LustDesign - Female Daedric Armor Replacer

crispiniscool for HDLU - UNP UNPB

calyps and xp32 and mrtroublemaker for UNP BLESSED BODY UNPB - With Optional BBP Breast Physics

dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body


My Other Mods:

1.6 More Paintings

2.ACBBE Unique Bodies Fix-PATCH

3.Argonian CBBE plus Tattoo

4.Astrid Body Fix Alternate Burn

5.Completely Standalone BBP Iron Armor for PCEAr

6.Completely Standalone Dark Brotherhood for PCEAr

7.Daedric UNPB BBP and BBPx for PCEAr or not

8.Dark Soul Menu Replacer

9.Dark Soul Menu Replacer 2

10.Dragon Scale Bluish Retexture

11.Dragonscale UNPB BBP and BBPx for or not PCEAr

12.Galaxy Coloring

13.Make Ria essential

14.Shadow Form Race Fix friendly

15.Skeleton Retexture Redish

16.Skyrim Music

17.Start As Orc

18.Start As Series - Female - Timer Saver

19.Sword of Zero

20.Tattoos for CBBE-ACBBE body-Freckles and Tanlines for Barbarian Skin

21.Tera Armor Re-texture for Skull armor in Yellow

22.UNP Leather Clothes Blue

23.UNP Leather Clothes Green

24.UNP Leather Clothes Red

25.Viera - Cerwiden Appearance Patch FF Final Fanstasy

26.Wallpaper Replacer 1

28.WickedBlade Retex

29.Xbox 360 Controls for Sky Ui 3 dot 1

30.Xena - warior princess for CBBEv3 retex

What's New in Version v1


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