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[Sims 4] [WW] La Bamba Club Animations (with sound) *NEW UPDATE* 11/12/2019 1.2.0

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About This File

You are cordially invited to





About the file

This file is an animation pack for The Sims 4 Wicked Whims mod.

All animations include full sound effects to add realism and immersion.

This is a WIP package that will be updated in the future.


What is La Bamba Club?

La Bamba is an exclusive Gentleman's club for elite sims only. The club is located on the diamond strip of Oasis Springs boasting the best "entertainment" in the world.

The VIP club is only for the most eccentric and elite individuals. More will be revealed about La Bamba in time, but for now enjoy these animations.


Animation List (NEW!)




Floor/Beach Towel

Vaginal - Reverse Cowgirl MF 1

Vaginal - Reverse Cowgirl MF 2

Vaginal - Reverse Cowgirl MF 3

Vaginal - Reverse Cowgirl MF 4

Vaginal - Prone Doggy MF 1

Anal - Prone Doggy MF 2

Anal - Prone Doggy MF 3



Anal - Bed Side MF 1

Vaginal - Bed Side MF 2

Vaginal - Bed Doggy MF 1

Anal - Bed Doggy MF 2

Vaginal - Cowgirl MF 1


Lounge Chair

Vaginal - Missionary MF 1

Anal - Doggy MF 1

Vaginal - Doggy MF 2


Dining Table

Vaginal - Doggy MF 1

Vaginal - Doggy MF 2

Vaginal - Doggy MF 3

Anal - Missionary MF 1

Vaginal - Missionary MF 2



Vaginal - Doggy MF 1



Vaginal - Doggy against wall MF 1

Vaginal - Doggy against wall MF 2



NEW 1.2.0 Animation Previews








Animation Previews (turn sound on)





Bed Side Sequence MF (4 Animations)






Couch Doggy MF (1 Animation)



Bed Cowgirl (1 Animation)




New Table Animations (2 Animations)





Reverse Cowgirl Sequence MF (4 Animations)






Floor Prone Doggy



Lounge Chair Missionary




Dining Table (2 Animations)




Window Doggy (2 Animations)




Meet the La Bamba Girls (NEW!)


Cortney Mason

Age: 20

Loves: Horror Movies

Dislikes: Avocado on Toast

Origin: Los Angeles, US



Cecilia Chambers

Age: 27

Loves: Dogs (especially large ones!)

Dislikes: Poor hygiene

Origin: Los Angeles, US



Tai Lee

Age: 22

Loves: Spiced Chocolate

Dislikes: Immature people

Origin: Las Vegas, US (Half Vietnamese)



Sabrina Grey

Age: 24

Loves: Gentlemen

Dislikes: Harry Potter

Origin: London, UK



Lara Hills

Age: 22

Loves: Fast cars

Dislikes: Her natural accent

Origin: Texas, US



More revealed soon...





Coming Soon

Body details, clothing, more animations and La Bamba will be coming eventually. 

La Bamba girls coming soon...



Place the package file in your Sims 4 mods folder.

Make sure Wicked Whims is installed, you can download it here.



Noir and Dark - Futanari Penis or Pornstar Cock

Noir and Dark 3D pubic hair



La Bamba Girls Tattoo Collection


Special Thanks

R-Lo for helping me solve some blender problems when animating!

Turbodriver for creating Wicked Whims!

Azmodan22 for also helping me.

Thank you to Simdulgence for helping me work out sequences.



Got any feedback? Don't be afraid to comment, I'd like to hear your input!

Leave a comment here


- The Club Master x





What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


- 5 brand new animations! (check the description for previews)

- More sequences!

- Fixed some issues with previous animations.


Thank you for your patience! I have more animations semi-ready but I'm a perfectionist so I'm not releasing them until I'm happy!

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