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  2. fallout 4 hairy girls mod maybe
  3. I'm a 56 year old gay man. I'm into leather, latex,and light BDSM both in RL and the cyber experience. I bought the game when it first came out, but hadn't played for nearly two years. A short time ago I started seeing amazing videos popping up on the porn sites. This rekindled my interest in the game and I rushed get access to the new mods. Spening all of mt free time for the last week downloading as much as I could that had even the slightest tie to my interests, and pulling an all-nighter trouble shooting the mods, I've got it running with some glitches, but it's still amazing. I'm hoping to find other people to share info and maybe make some friends. BTW... does anyone know why all my gay men turned into Futanari when I open the game after character creation... ( and my old ones too, from before the Mods, , when I tried to open them ) ...or why the Futanari's glitch out with all different colored patches, and when I sort of fix them they come back with different faces and bodies. Aya.
  4. Hi, Sedra here, 27, extremely submissive female Love humiliation and degradation, piss play, cocks, very big fat cocks, breeding, being punished...
  5. I'm Nicholas or Nick for short.. Some things I like are: female domination preferrably with older women. Im 23 years old but I usually date older women because it turns me on. I like for them to be bossy or dominant/ non submissive.. things in the bedroom would be casual sex, facesitting, bondage, and her beating me up telling me im worthless. I also think I have a fetish for pluz size women. I don't know what it is about curvy women..the big ass...huge thighs...and grandoise personality
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Posted just now I would like to see more fetishes in the Sims 4 game. These are more specifically bdsm related. I was thinking of a mod with an evil substitute teacher who is into bdsm. You have to do perform duties to prevent him/her punishing you. The second mod idea is a harem mod which includes: romance, drama, and other functions implemented. The last one is a fight arena mod, in this mod you can direct your sim into a fight squad, face off against other sims or npcs, If the sim loses they will subject to humiliation from the spectators. You will also gain or lose popularity along with stats with each battle. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading!
  7. I would like to see more fetishes in the Sims 4 game. These are more specifically bdsm related. I was thinking of a mod with an evil substitute teacher who is into bdsm. You have to do perform duties to prevent him/her punishing you. The second mod idea is a harem mod which includes: romance, drama, and other functions implemented. The last one is a fight arena mod, in this mod you can direct your sim into a fight squad, face off against other sims or npcs, If the sim loses they will subject to humiliation from the spectators. You will also gain or lose popularity along with stats with each battle. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading!
  8. I do share my girlfriend (and she shares me)! It's totally fun. 🙂
  9. If I had the time, ability and self confidence I would have a go - but until then, Submissive Lola seems to be all there is? I'm thinking mods where you can be a sub or slave through genuine choice, and treated as a valuable treasure owned by your dominant, (albeit one they occasionally send to make money by clearing out a cave/bandit camp etc). Where they control your inventory and maybe even dictate how you fight - by banning use of all magic bar illusion for example, and telling you always to use a shield and never steal. Edit: I saw PetCollar, something like that with some missions added.
  10. Okay...I love piss. I love to see a guy pissing...it can just simply be standing at the toilet/urinal/bush/tree, or out in the open. I love to watch them piss on themselves or on others. I love the feel of my own piss in my wet pants or on my body. I love to be pissed on by other guys. I also am slowly learning to love the taste of piss (not morning piss, but after you've "opened the seal" at least once recently)...my own and others (I drank my husband's many times and have attended piss parties where I've pissed on others, had guys drink from my cock and have had a drink directly from strange men's cocks at those parties). i also love to be nude in front of other guys and jerk off in front of them.
  11. K, I live with prudes, and I live kind like sterilized world where if you said what you liked okay if I said what if sperm was made in lotion people puzzled do I have boyfriend I going say no because my chances at romance I always get thirty second image of my father coming with ax chopping someone head not really what happens the dude has to be a millionaire <- yeah not my preferences...you can make your millions out nothing just got stop think about something you really want to create and wham but my folks don't want self made start up dude I was mad when they told me...they wanted me find someone who already ceo I was like you know all that time he spending is with his company not me...right? SO for me fetish wise and intro: I came loverslab to mod my sim4 and skyrim to make sexier can't do because prudes are everywhere... they get offended all the time. Skyrim game is not on PC sadly its on PS4 I am not sure all mods will work. Some people said they do work. sim4 mods do work just I haven't updated recently...I am working great and heavily comic so taking while for me focus. Pregnancy, sperm love, touch and feeling yeah but seriously I don't have sample of it...do I hunger to taste it yeah...but just do have boyfriend who willing be with me handle bs of my parents no... We have all strange dreams I assume: I had one possible haunting dream these days because crazy abortion law, women no longer existence...what if that happened... they had rely on created synthetic androids who looked like female body and had replace female body but had use animal uterus to make do with loss of female gender crisis. All because Trump couldn't disband one idiotic party, he could nominate Independent party two party system would have worked. Nomination method could been done by non-party system, they could watch how election system went and see how fat government went or how small it went and see which side they liked...but there wouldn't be eradication process of mankind, censoring of possible of humanity from every written world via internet and book. Death policies...don't work with Pro-life era. Democrat policies far far demonic left should put lid on it or they really could be glue that hold pandora closed unless they are lemmings that open that box and get sucked in. I don't know which happens first lemming fall of cliff or open the box and die...someone tell me...seems to me Lemmings should democrat mascot. Not donkey -stubborn critter that is misunderstood, it should be independent party mascot...forget democrats...democrats got earn their right own new mascot that doesn't have animals and people dying just because they need money and space, America has space just people we Americans feel they have stop using the current space of person living it. Go somewhere else use non occupied lot instead what happens you have democrat taxing higher than before kicking other people out just so they allow people in so what point have democrat elected...all they do tax tax, tax to point where in Russia I have good feeling they would get hunted down like dogs...if they tried to con people there. People would be told the fucking truth what is what...people here if they told low informed people what happened what really happened they be like what...shocked, in denial. take them three months figure out the person told them same thing but if you watch music man its same thing what you want to hear and what you don't want to hear....they selling you snake oil literally. If Mascot for democrat party was snake oil salesman would vote for him? Or would run him out town? Q2: what do they get out when abortion law is passed, money or bribery power for democrat senators...power is what I think every time the measure is passed they get power pushed...what I see life being drained, people dying...it doesn't matter to them all matters to them is new vacant lots have opened up. So keep that in mind everyone if your pervert and your like me you feel sad in this era... Maybe what coming next is Sperm tax? I would be so sad...maybe what they should do in honor those men who get sperm tax they should shave the head of all women who got abortion donate hair to women who have none or cancer patient survivors who need it? Keeping men low in sperm would help the women who are in cities and rural towns....it also police men who have sexual diseases and get them treated really? I don't think they are big on that? Or for women make certain their healthy you get picture.
  12. Oh, and also. Just in case anyone reads this, is local, and is considering reaching out to me (I'd love to make it a reality). I am also totally willing to do the same for a nice woman. I am extremely oral. I absolutely love it. And I've been told by multiple women that I am quite amazing at it. Just throwing that out there. In case...
  13. Mid 50's male here. I consider myself bi but with very limited experience. Unfortunately. I've been a dom in a few relationships, plus a bunch of reasonably vanilla ones. I switched with 2 different women and it was great, I think it made me a much better dom. I've never had a real relationship with a guy, sadly it's a part of my interests/kinks I didn't think of exploring in my earlier years. So I guess a rather large fetish of mine would be to find a somewhat younger fit male with a beautiful (and cut) unit, to "persuade" me to submit to him. Oral and anal. And then maybe it could become regular, and also reciprocal at least for oral. I actually have a fantasy of finding someone online who is local to me, and willing to come over to help me fix up my Skyrim mods. They tend to get messed up as I don't like reading everything and just click to download, lol! Anyways, he comes over, fixes everything, shows me some great tips on how to do things, shows me some great mods to add. Then he says "So about my payment"... and unzips his pants. I pretend to be shocked, while really I'm quite excited. He says "You didn't expect all this for free did you?" and slides his cock out completely. It's a decent size, but oh my, it looks absolutely perfect! He talks me in to just one slow lick, so I get on my knees. I start at his shaved balls and begin licking. It excites me beyond belief! And I decide to go extra slow. When I get to the tip I don't want to stop. Obviously he doesn't either, and suggests I take just an inch or two in my mouth. I slowly do that, and grab the base of his shaft. It's so warm. I take more than a couple inches into my mouth, and he smiles. Because he knows he's going to get paid in full and more. Much, much more.
  14. I wear a respirator at work sometimes, kind of kills the sexiness for me. ? My favourite breathplay item is a leather belt, although I've just started experimenting a bit with bagging. People panic like crazy when they're bagged.
  15. Hello, I'm Mark. I'm a master/dom in real life (when I have time, which isn't much lately), and I love bondage and breathplay. Definitely wish there was more hanging-related stuff in Skyrim mods. Even more than my own fetishes though, I love other peoples fetishes. Exploring someone else's fetish is just about the most fun thing there is, in my opinion. ?
  16. what a pitty... the original picture is lost in space so I take this picture. I'm loving leather, boots, metal (oh yes at my cock too), poilice or firefighter cars. woof
  17. Orcs are not known to cooperate. But's important to share that cum. To reach the goal, sometimes you have to have a persuasive argument.
  18. Hello there. My name's Michael and I'm into many crazy and kinky things. I like anything BDSM related, i absolutely adore latex suits and latex masks, handcuffs, ball gags, tying etc. Also, I'm into the very weird stuff too. I like Succubi, and by "I like" I mean that I would willingly serve as a personal slave to one. But my weirdest fetish of them all is probably whisper. I-I just don't know why. To sum it up, I think about myself that I'm a pretty Dominant type, but if there is a woman that is more dominant than me or she's a Succubus or she's whispering to my ear, I kindly fall on my knees and become the Masochistic madman that I'm. P.S. You could probably figure out that I'm a straight man
  19. Jami is what my friends would call me if I had any. I'm a straight-leaning bisexual (I prefer men, but god DAMN some women are just irresistible). I'm super into forced role-play, and am quite honestly a bit obsessed with extreme age-play for women; I have a probably unhealthy obsession with significant age-gaps, but always with the male older. I'm a moderate masochist in that I don't want any cigarettes put out on me but I'd love a baseball bat up the bottom. Oh, I prefer anal sex to vaginal a hundred times over.
  20. Ingela here. I am a submissive lesbian trans woman who prefers other trans women and cis females. We like rope play (being tied up) and love being dominated by an Alpha female or trans female. Not sure if those are fetishes - its just what we like - but those push all our happy buttons.
  21. Ello. I am Jhinjer A.K.A. Vivian. Seeing that this is a fetish thread, I might include a few of my own. -I love seeing girls in sweatpants.......it's sexy to me to the point of arousing. [Yes, weird for a female to think this way.] -I love the ejaculating strap-on's the ones you can over fill and make it look like a one person bukakke. -Fur clothing and blankets. [I think this is extremely common.] -Being called "Mommy". It's a massive turn on that stems from my time as a Mommy Dom/me. Yep, a few to get your mind going for the time being.
  22. Hi, I'm Abbey. I'm new to interacting here, instead of just browsing and downloading. Some of my many fetishes include knotty toys, pee play, feet, crotchless clothes (on any gender, really), hirsute-ness (again, any gender), I tend to have a thing for stockings too (not on guys on this one, though. There's just a strange juxtaposition about masculinity still appearing masculine in feminine garments for me. Lol. I know, I'm weird. ::squirms:: I know there's more, but I'm high and I have things to do so I'll leave it at that for now.
  23. I have several fetishes that feel all encompassing whenever I am absorbed in one of them. -I'm hugely into facesitting. It's a wonderful thing. -Sucking on a girls strap-on -I'm also a huge fan of Futanari / Shemales. Not being fucked, but sucking cocks. -Cuckolding Thigh high stockings / latex on a woman drives me to a wonderful insanity. And yoga pants. I consider myself a straight male, even with the cock sucking fetish.

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