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  1. Seems like some of Nomkaz's mods have something like this. Some of them don't. Probably POP's conversion had this...
  2. Booo Not a chance to ever give that Nomkaz person another chance? Or at least release his last SE conversion? I understand that You're strictly against any kind of monetization of mods but, from what I've seen, all that Nomkaz did was creating a patreon site when one can support him. It's not like it's obligatory or there are any paywalls for anything. And big modders like Kimy did something like that before him/her. Besides why not renegotiate the terms? After all, he/she did what was a proper thing to do which was immediately removing the conversion from LL when he/she
  3. Thanks a lot for the response and for the list! Your modlist seems a bit modest to me (not many Simple Slavery mods and no Sexlab Survival just to name a few) so that might be one of the reasons for the stability of Your gameplay (though I'm surprised that hydra slavegirls don't give You ctds from time to time). I think that there are lots of people out there with their modlists exceeding 200 items. I had a modlist like that once. And what used to happen was random ctds in random locations at random times. Sure, there probably always is a way to find a walkaround that but it requi
  4. Hi! Thisssssssssssssssssssssss ❤️ I'm sorry to hear that. SE conversion would be awesome I'm surprised that the argument of higher stability doesn't cut it O.o I've spent quite some time trying to achieve stable gameplay but it almost always seems futile. Maybe I just want to many mods to run at once. Which brings me to my request - could You share Your modlist with us?
  5. Aaah. This sounds like something went wrong in my game. Maybe some triggers didn't trigger and some quests are not running like they should. Thanks a lot for the descriptions!
  6. Thanks for the response! May I ask how long did it take You to get enslaved? Days, weeks, months? And do You maybe remember how big was Your debt when it happened?
  7. Hi, I have a little problem or maybe I don't understand something. I have a debt of 70000 septims right now and am still in enslavement (enslavement is when my character just refers to the follower as "Master" right?). I didn't turn on endless mode or modified the debt limits, so something should have happened to me by now, right? SS enslavement or I don't know.
  8. Well, for starters just the basics: - Customizing at what bounty level which punishments apply - Customizing whether the bounty is payable or not. And maybe on which levels - Ability to disable DCU arrest dialogue option altogether? This option might be there though - I don't remember and I can't check right now
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there will be more customization options for crime handling?
  10. Is there a possibility for MCM option to disable devious allies' help with getting out of the restraints, preeeeeeetty pleeeaaaase? Because it makes Devious Followers' release game useless
  11. Well yes, because skipping the sentence with waiting seems like cheating. On the other hand, escaping has it's consequences measured in additional bounty. And it's easy to break that single lockpick while tampering with the locks. Maybe recaptured felons could be treated as guilty of major violent crimes which would mean being cuffed all the time without a chance of escaping? And finally, escaping feels immersive and it is a bit of a shame to be unable to do that.
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