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[Screenshots] My little plaything

Agent Tex



It is true, I am her plaything. I'd let her do anything to me, anything ;) 




Phoenix Bal

<Humming a sweet tune>

mS9KoRom_o.png hllJ6SSV_o.png

Phoenix Bal

Hmm this book is not for me... oh well, I think I'll go play with my pet


Phoenix Bal

I hope shes been a good girl


Phoenix Bal

I'd hate to have to punish her


Phoenix Bal

Oh who am I kidding, I hope shes been a naughty girl so I can punish her hehe


Phoenix Bal

Well.... have you?


Phoenix Bal

The silent treatment?


Phoenix Bal

Oh sweetie you look so pretty but as your Mistress I have to enforce my control over you so I'm going to decide what to do with you now.


Phoenix Bal

Hmm good posture, good eye contact, you've drooled all over yourself but thats acceptable, pussy is... wet but untouched. Hmm well well Ari you've impressed me a lot. Either your really fast or you've been like this since I left you two hours ago.


Phoenix Bal

Well I was especting you to be a bad girl, we've been married for so long I know you can not go more then 15 minutes without touching yourself. I was hoping to punish you, I had this whole idea of twisting your nipples till tears came down your face, maybe slap you a little but... well Ari this deserves a reward not a punishment


Phoenix Bal

You want to eat my pussy maybe lick my bum? Do you wanna cum Ari? Maybe you want me to twist your nipples after all?


Phoenix Bal

But... I have another idea. A nicer idea infact I'm going to draw you just how you are Ari, and hang it on my wall for everyone to see. Keep that pose, I'll get my drawing board, this is going to be fun


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