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Compiling Scripts - Mod Organiser / Creation Kit - Round 2



+1 for your effort




this is not necessary anymore because of this: http://forum.step-pr...ionkit-from-mo/


CGi is also working on a program which will allow you to compile scripts with NP++, Sublime whatever under your current MO profile.

Re: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/199/entry-938-compiling-scripts-mod-organiser-creation-kit-sublime-text-3/


After all that work I did, and I was sure I had tried this method and it failed, I tried it again because someone was saying it does work. Turns out it does. I was on the right path. This is what I truely wanted when I started off on this quest. I don't want to build my crap in my editor. I want to right click and compile in creation kit.

nope, i redact my last comment.


if you do this, the hacked hook.dll, your .pex file still ends up in the mod organiser overwrite directory instead of your proper mod.


You don't want to dick around with the Windows SDK though like that thread tells you to do. Instead you want to download some shit, paste some shit, and get back to work. So here is my copy.


Get This Shit.

  • My hacked PapyrusCompiler.exe
  • This hacked hook.dll from that thread.




Do This Shit.

  • Replace your Skyrim\Papyrus Compiler\PapyrusCompiler.exe with mine. Replace your Mod Organiser\hook.dll with theirs.

  • Launch CreationKit via MO.

  • Enjoy Right Click > Compile on Papyrus Script Manager.


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