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Unleashed Hate - Chapter 2





Shortly after the dying screams of the bandits stopped echoing out of the fog it slowly dissolved and Tia ran down the hill. She knew that her sister was fierce, yet fear cought her that Marina might had gotten hurt. After all she alone with neither a weapon nor any protection attacked about half a dozen heavily armed men. Marina might had overestimated her abilities, considering that she thought lowly about any mortal this was actually somewhat likely.


On the ground the street that has been covered in blood appeared again and revealed the first corpse. The man had a painful expression on his face and his hands were still around his neck, covering a big hole that used to be his throat.

Tia gasped as though the mist two slightly glowing amber eyes stared at her. Releaved by her prior fears she smiled and ran towards Marina, wanting to embrace her. A hand to her forehead stopping her in her motion let Tia fall down on the tiny lakes of blood and with a painful expression she looked up at her sister. Marina just shook her head and stroked with the hand that just stopped her sibling her own hair. "What do you think you are doing?"

Without waiting for a response Marina closed her eyes and again inhaled the cold air of the night. She felt how her blood calmed down again, yet it left her with a slight twisting feeling that didn't let her blood to calm down fully again. After taking a deep breath she decided that sooner or later she'll have to investigate whether this is just the remains of the battle's heat or something different, maybe even dangerous.


With a single tear in her eye Tia got up from the ground again. The feeling of being rejected by Marina definitely hurt her more than the impact on the ground, but she knew that with time she'd get used to having her younger sister around.

"See if any of them has something useful for us." Marina pointed at the dead men around her and Tia noded. Most of the gear they carried around was rather useless to them, the armor wasn't suitable for their sizes and all swords and axes they carried around were very dull and hardly sharp enough to cut a loaf of bread.

Tia shook her head and looked at Marina. "Nothing. These mortals only carried valueless trash."

Marina laughed and kicked one of the corpses to look into the lifeless eyes of the dead man. "You pathetic creatures are truly of no use."


The demoness gestured her sister to follow her. "Seems we need to get our map from somewhere else. Get up, we'll see where this road leads to. Sooner or later we will cross an inn or anything similar."

Tia followed Marina just like ordered as she started to walk on the road. Again she looked the pitch black markings covering Marina, and again she wondered how much she had to endure to gain these scars. Would she ever be able to compensate the hate that pain has given her over the centuries? Could she help her sister in any way? Or will it slowly consume her?


Marina on the other hand felt no hard feelings in this very moment. She knew that her sister was rather worried, but she herself looked forward to what she'll see in this world. After all it was her playground now and the first mortals she killed already caused her to smile. For her it has been fun to tore their throats and cut their flesh, seeing the blood spilling on the ground made her feel rather joyful; but less because killing itself made her feel good, more the fact that there were six pathetic mortals now that already served her as pay back for her hate caused the happyness. Marina smiled, knowing that there will be more who'll serve her in this way. A lot more.


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