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Mayumi's Cuckolding Report Two!



Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report Two features eleven sex scenes, four fewer than the previous title.

The first game had video tapes of your wife cheating. You were in the room watching her cheat. In this game, you are never in the room and never get to witness her cheating until after you beat the game. Instead, your wife’s anal virginity is stolen by another man, and she gets double penetrated in a threesome without you. This game was way too focused on Mayumi.


I loved that her wedding ring is visible in almost every scene! Without her husband’s permission, she takes a raw creampie in her asshole from a man she barely even knows! This complete betrayal of his trust only turns her on more! She simply loves cheating on her husband, even when he’s clueless about it!


A big issue with the hentai content in this game is that the characters are always nude. In the previous game, the wife kept her clothes on, or had her panties pulled to the side. In this game, she is always naked, which means there’s less escalation and build up to the sex. Lack of foreplay is a huge downside here.






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