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Rina (Character) + Personal Outfit +18.



-Rina Red-


I make characters but i won't add them backgrounds unless i add them in a story, maybe Rina will be in one soon, we'll see...

Hope you like her! if you want more of here let me know!.


°Khajiit Woodsman outfit°

This is an outfit i made with the assets of very skimpy outfits yet amazing mod:

RYSE- Damocles and Boudica v2 [UUNP and CBBE]

i got rid of most of the armor pieces and retexture a great part of the armor textures, leaving the tiny leather details untoched

I'm looking some place outside tumblr to contact the owner of the assets, if he/she gives me permission i will upload the armor mod here!


Here are some pictures of Rina and the Woodsman outfit.


SFW Pics



NSFW +18




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7 hours ago, Agent Tex said:

Thats one naughty pussy ;) 


Haha nice work, your game looks super good 

It is indeed! òw<


Thanks i enjoy making thse pictures, i do love how my game looks! you can see in my comment above yours the three mods i use to make it look amazing, i hope you can get some use out of them!

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