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My Girlfriend's Amnesia



My Girlfriend’s Amnesia features over 100 porn scenes in total. 40 of them include fully uncensored sex between two or more characters. Each scene has at least one animated section. There are over 3000 unique images to find.


Sex positions range from doggystyle to cowgirl, to more exotic positions. The writing is always hot, with heavy emphasis on the cheating fetish that is central to this game. Animations are well made, and always exciting to watch.


The women in this game can be named. It adds a sense of roleplay. If you’re a degenerate memester, you can just name your girlfriend Hitler, and bang her sister Stalin! Personally I named the girlfriend after my high school crush, just for shits and giggles.


This game offers both sides of the cheating fetish. You can watch as your girlfriend cheats on you with the local construction worker, or you can disable that content and focus on banging chicks before she gets her memory back!


My favorite scene is when you have sex with your girlfriend’s sister right next to her! Your innocent forgetful girl is sleeping quietly, while you’re dropping a load right into her sister’s pussy!

Important note! The content with the girlfriend cheating is disabled by default. You need to download a patch to restore the content.


The three endings are affected by your choices. Do you stay a gentleman and remain with your girlfriend? Do you leave her for her sister? Or do you just love cheating on her with lots of women? The choice is yours.




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