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A message from a newbie :3



Hey everyone, this is actually my first blog, and i am quit new to modding Skyrim and playing on PC. To start, i would like to just tell a little about myself. (Please no hate, be nice on the internets :3) I am a femboy, (a very girly boy), and i'm a furry. My fursona is a slightly short and pale girly shark. As seen in my pic. I love to make new friends, but i'm a bit shy. I also love Skyrim. I am new to pc gaming but ive got a few solid days of gameplay in, so i can figure out a limited number of things having to do with modding Skyrim. If there is anyone on the site who are fans of playing as argonians or orcs, i will probably be very good friends with you. :D I hope to find out more about the skyrim modding community, and be a bigger part of it in any way i can. I hope to talk to all of you soon, and wish you all a blessing from Talos. (lol) :lol:


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Greetings and welcome to LL and the wonderful landscape of a modded Skyrim.


Before today, this one had not heard of a shark fursona, thus khajiit wishes to give you many thanks, for broadening horizons to new wonders. Curiosity demands that this one asks why Khajiit are missing from your list of favourites?


But in any case, welcome to this place and modded skyrim, may the Moons guide you. ;)

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Welcome to our little club.


Though i have only a human and elf as a main characters I like to play sometimes as my brute argonian who cleaves with a dual wield 2h through everything.

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